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whats the best


whats the best video game  

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  1. 1. whats the best video game

    • raw (xbox)
    • raw2 (xbox)
    • here comes the pain (ps2)
    • grand theft auto3 (xbox) and (ps2)
    • grand theft auto vc (xbox) or (ps2)
    • deathrow (xbox)
    • halo (xbox )
    • other

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Agreed f2k, crap list.

I'd choose Vice City, but I chose other being Driv3r.

I know you all say its not better than Vice City but I gave my reasons in my thread and you all cant accept that Driv3r is better because you dont want to admit it and buy it, you're happy sticking with what you've got until San Andreas is out. Fair enough, you're missing out.


(Go on buy it, you know you want to)

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Just games off the top of my head that would make a list of mine. Sonic the Hedgehog 1/2 (Sega of Japan were onto a good thing until they handed the development over to Sega of America for Sonic 3 onwards....darn them.) Shenmue 1/2. The Panzer Dragoon Series, Zelda: A Link to the Past. FF7, Metal Gear Solid/Metal Gear NES, Super Mario Bros 3, Bobble Bubble......I could list all day. But hey guys remember its all opinion and ths guy list is his opinion, whose to know he didn't just start playing video games a year ago? I've been going about 13 years myself and even I know I have missed out on some gems before my time.
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