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Just interested to get everybody's take on the McMahon family as performers. Now OFF-camera, I for one have never been able to like Vince since the Bret Hart/SS '97 thing, and I've come to intensley dislike Stephanie since she became head of the creative team. But as performers, I find that I can still enjoy all of them in different ways (with the possible exception of Linda).


Vince himself has had some matches which are very fondly remembered by yours truly, in particular the cage match against Austin in February '99 and the match against Shane at WM X-7. His match against Hogan at WM XIX was also excellent, and even when he has a crap match (e.g. vs Steph, vs Gowen) its still not bottom-of-the-barrel stuff.

But its in skits and stuff that Vince really comes into his own. His facial expressions are the stuff of legend, he has the psychology part down so well, and he really does come off well as an evil sumbitch. In fact, "Mr. McMahon" is one of the best characters I've ever seen. All in all, I feel that Vince's character is an integral part of things, and long may he continue.


As for Shane, like Vince, he's had excellent matches. I've already mentioned his match against Vince at WM X-7, but his feud with the Big Show was good as well. But I never really got onboard for his last major role on tv, the whole feud with Kane cos I felt that Shane was a bit selfish in those matches, getting way too much offence against a man being portrayed as an "unstoppable" monster. It also dragged a bit. But Shane is an excellent performer, and personally at least, I've been wanting to see more of him lately.


Finally, Steph. I don't buy her as a face, but in her days at HHH's side, she was a good addition to most storylines. But as a face, I just can't take to her. She's off tv right now, and I find myself not really that worried about it.


The only thing about the McMahon's is overexposure. It was getting a bit boring there for a while with so many of them involved in so many different storylines. Less is sometimes better as far as they go, so hopefully they'll continue to play a part (Vince and Shane especially) without becoming boring again.

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these are the reasons i like the mcmahons on tv and how they are at their prime on tv


Vince- the Evil boss gimmick screweing people out of matches and title shots, his facial expressions are hilarious at times, probably only matched by regals, the way he usually always gets him cumupance is also very funny


Shane- god i wish hed choose on tv full time or not at all. Personally i love shane matches because lest face it hes not the best wrestler in the world but he damn sure has great matches with his uniqueness. I remember August 2001 and a match he had against the Rock-amazing. Shane also likes taking big bumps but i think that migth eb the reason he stays off air for long periods as if he does it week in week out the fans get bored with it


Steph: Being a complete bitch and showing her body lol, I think the way she played her charcter in 2001 was excellent stuff mainpulative and just the way Steph should be played


Linda- Kepp her off air, she doesnt do much on air

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I agree with all.


Vince has playing the role of a complete bast#rd down to a T. His faces are good but I love his voice, no one can say 'Hell in a cell' like him. He growls the words out making it sound like the most evil thing in existance.


As for Shane I remeber him doing an amazing dropkick from the top rope to the other side of the ring in his match at Wrestlemania 17. He is great.


Since Steph got a tit job and dropped her daddies girl image she has looked really, really, really HOT! Although one thing I would say is that her voice is possibly the most annoying noise in the world.


Linda, well really what is the point of Linda. Poor old Linda she just doesnt have it.

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I like Shane because he WILL take his bumps and go for it. (Love that flying elbow drop. Shades of the Macho Man.)


To her credit, Evil Stephanie is good at what she does, irritating us all. And she IS nice to look at.


Evil-Owner Vince had his run but that time passed and, thankfully, Mr McMahon realized it eventually.


Linda may be a good CEO but she couldn't sell ice water in Hell. No TV time for YOU!!!

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Linda is pretty wooden. Must be kept off TV.


The Mr McMahon character was good although I think its run its course, like Vince himself said.


I still enjoy seeing Shane appear on television and I'd like to see him reappear soon.


Stephanie I'm not sure about. I think shes very attractive but then if I want to look at her I'll just check the Internet for pictures. Her voice is irritating, her acting sucks and she basically doesn't really have much use. I wouldn't have her in any main role on TV, maybe just appearing occasionally in special appearances.

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I think that really all the McMahon family should do is appear for a special apperance now and again... there is no pressing need for them to be interjected into an angle...


See Vince knew after the Ddouble Cross that the heel owner act would draw and pay off big time.... Shane was used wisely but his ego in his fued with Kane and also winning the Euro title was crazy... he should take bumps in special angles where he is the victim, not the star...


Steph is thankfully gone... after the excellent McMahon/Helmsley era I don't think she can match her glory days, both in actual usefulness or looks (shes got a bit chunky ain't she?)


As for Linda at least she knows her best postion... in the Titan Towers helping run the business, not on our tv's... and Linda divorce him already!

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