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Wifeswap - you know you want to!


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The BAFTA award winning Channel 4 observational documentary series Wife Swap – is looking to find outgoing and fun wrestling parents and/or families who might want to apply for the show.


The programme works by two families exchanging mums for ten days. It offers the chance to walk in someone else's shoes and to see how another family does things. In addition, it offers the potential to have a positive effect on another family.


The series offers some amazing publicity opportunities with over 7 million people watching the last series.


If anyone is interested in applying for the show, please contact Kam (kam@talkwrestlingonline.com) and he will pass on the relevant details.



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By wrestling family' date=' you mean actually be a wrestler rather than be a massive fan of it?[/quote']


They're more concerned with the family, so I dont think it would matter too much as long as the family is talkative, fun and outgoing.


Interested? :)

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Hey Danny' date=' Saracen ive got no problems wiv being a kid if were gonna go for it, as long as im breast fed![/quote']


Much as I like you Marcus me old mucka... there is NO WAY you are getting your lips near my nipples!


It might chafe....



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