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Best for making someone look good


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Ok if you dont understand it then listen up


basically who in your opinion can take nearly anywrester and make them look like main event material


my picks in no order are


1.Bret Hart

2.Shawn Michaels

3.Kurt Angle

4.Chris Benoit

5.Triple H(Aslong as he loses by pin and not by DQ or any other dirty tricks like Evolution i mean he did wonders for Shelton)

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Best laugh i've had all day' date=' :xyx[/quote']


Its called opinion...


I'd say Benoit, he has got a decent match out of just about everyone (with the exception of Billy Gunn, but seriously, who can get a good match out of him? :P )

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Yeah well my opinion was that his opinion was funny, why?, for the obvious reasons that have been posted way to many times in the past that can't be arsed to go thru again. If people don't like other people commenting on their opinions then shouldn't post them in a discussion forum.


On the subject Rock, Foley and Angle stand out as guys who you now the other guy will come out looking good afterwards. Especially Angle.

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Back in the 1980's, I'd say Flair was one of the best at making people look good, since about 1993 however, he cant even make himself look good.


The people who can seemingly have awesome matches with anybody are:


1. HBK (Best all-round talent ever IMO)

2. Kurt Angle

3. Chris Benoit

4. Eddie Guererro (JBL, enough said!)

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Well HHH used to be a goood carrier until he came back and needed carrying... Michaels could work a good match but never let you get the postion you wanted backstage... Rock and Foley and Angle and Benoit are the most unselfish and skilled carriers...


Jerry Lawler in his 1970's and 1980's prime was a good worker... Rick Rude made the Warrior look really good as well, thats an achievment, Bret and Owen as well and Dynamite Kid....


Ric Flair as pointed out like Michaels... let you look alright in the ring but underminded you in the back and then lost his game... Eddie is a good carrier... hmmm trying to think of more...


Oh yeah special mention to Paul Orndorff... his matches with Hogan are the best Hogan had over the title in my opinion...

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for me theres a top 4 and they are with reasons


1. Triple H- he can make or break you really with his pull backstage and if Triple wants you to look good he wil make you look good and if he wants you to look like a pile of crap then he will.


2, Shawn Michaels, altho he couldnt make Mark Henry look good, i mean who could, he still is probably one of the best in wwe ever, altho i think nowadays they prefer to keep Shawn in high profile matches at Ppvs not just to preserve him but i think to make his last years in wwe top notch matches and so when we look back at Shawn we cant say he had bad matches lol


3 Kurt angle- in ring perfection. nuff said really


4. Chris Jericho- the man is the most under-rated underused talent wwe have ever had, he could put on a good match with a corpse. I mean his match against HBk at WM xix may have been the best Chris Jericho match ever iMO, but i think if they give Chris the push he deserves and a run as World Champ then I think we havent seen the best of Chris Jericho yet.

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HBK - ring veteran with the reputation.


Foley - this guy can (and has) put everybody over from the Big Show (he needed it) to the Rock and Randy Orton.


Jerry Lawler, Tazz, Michael Cole, Jonathon Coachman - Although not wrestlers these guys have over the last few years helped put over more people than any wrestler on the entire roster. Think of the interviews these guys have done where they have been laid into or made to do things that wouldnt/shouldnt happen. Or justhelped in a comedy way (Puppies, the coach prays with the Rock,(yo G!) etc)


for me these last four guys get the biggest nod from me.

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