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Lets have a look at all these decent workers who WWF aren't using:

-Jerry Lynn


-Tommy Dreamer

-Steven Richards

-Justin Credible

-Chavo Guerrero jr.

-Billy Kidman

-Dlo Brown

-EZ Money

-Mike Sanders

-Shannon Moore

-Jamie Knoble


they are just a few, I mean all those guys are doing about as much as Carlton Palmer did when he played for England.


I really pray they get some decent spots or feuds when/if the roster splits ever occurred. And some development guys get brought up, and some decent freelancers get signed i.e.

Steiner, Rey, Juvi, Crazy, Jarrett, Eddie


yes i know, now im just dreaming, but well its better to dream of that then watching regal v edge in a waste of time on a pole match. yes i do believe 245 brit regal needs brass knux to beat 5'4 ppl like tajiri?!



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Which begs the question, do the WWF sign guys simply so that somebody else doesn't get them. Keep a huge roster of wasted talent, just so that somebody else doesn't snap up all that talent, use it properly and become a threat.


There's constant talk of new guys coming into WWF, but lets be honest with everything Vince has available already do they need more talent? Sure I'd like to see them sign a number of guys, primarily Rey and Juvi, but they can certainly survive without them. They already have the wrestlers there to have a great cruiserweight division. And Scott Steiner, Savage, Goldberg etc. do they really need more main eventers? Would love to see them sign Steiner, but they can live without him.


Did he sign Hogan to boost his ratings, or to damage XWF's? If you think Flair's the dirtiest player in the game, you're looking in the wrong direction, it's Vince. Can't knock him for it, great businessman who's dominated the sports entertainment industry, but from a fan's point of view there are so many guys at the moment I want to see on tv, but can't.

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Goddamnit Jaydens right. If the WWF doesnt see people like Tommy Dreamer as important, its denying companies like the WWA a decent talented wrestler. Its ridiculous, and the WWFs own monopoly could end up being the real cancer leading to its fall. I dont think it will ever die, just maybe go through the horrible 1995ish period of popularity.


Vince McMahon needs to stop being a poohead, to put it politely eh.

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yeah you can't blame him for doing it, but the lack of competition and variety isn't a good thing for the industry. wwf got lazy once before when wcw were at a low, and look what happened. wcw came back, were on the verge of putting them out of business and wwf was forced to react. and oh how they reacted. if future lows create that kind of response i don't mind, but who's gonna kick their asses into gear? czw/xpw/wwa/xwf/xpw/mecw? yeah right. wwa is the only one that looks like it could make the step, but it would conceivably be years before they were able to compete with wwf. the problem is what guy from any of those promotions wouldn't jump at the chance to work for the wwf? wwf has whoever they want to have, and the rest have to try and make something out of their leftovers.
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guys to answer why people like palumbo, bossman, godfather, goldust get ring time over people like raven, credible, lynn etc is just look at them.


6'5,6'6,6'8'6'5, big muscular guys v par 6 footers all bit over 200.


Thats your answer, talent is bottom, its all about how they look.

surely they''ve given you enough examples over the years


andre, bundy, hogan, warrior, earthquake, kamala, ...

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Originally posted by Jayden

Which begs the question, do the WWF sign guys simply so that somebody else doesn't get them.

Well done Sherlock, didn't you notice that the only reason they signed mr perfect was to keep him away from XWF, a few months ago they wouldn't take him.

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Yeah, I've said it numerous times in this thread, and I'll say it again. You can't blame Vince for trying to make his company the most successful, and keep it that way.


From my personal point of view it's disappointing because I want to see these guys, but that has as much to do with ECW and WCW failing in their own business affairs, as it does with Vince

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