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Chavo Sr. Fired (Smackdown Spoilers)


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Found this on prowrestling.com


-- Chavo Classic (aka Chavo Guerrero Sr.) was fired by WWE this afternoon, after no-showing two house shows in consecutive days.


-- The straw that broke the camel’s back was no showing last night’s show in Springfield, IL, but there was a big chance that he would’ve been gone by this Sunday anyway.


-- Classic, who is currently the Cruiserweight champion, was originally written into tonight’s Smackdown! tapings, but those plans will obviously now have changed.



From what I have read Rey beats Chavo Sr. on Smackdown in a very short match to get the Cruiserweight belt.



This news brought to you by the Highlight of TWO!

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This is a shenanigan!


He's about the only thing on Smackdown! that's worth watching these days (except his brother). It might not be such bad news though, we might get a proper cruiserweight division now. We also might get monkeys flying out of JBL's ass.

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I worry about the CW division now. The WWE tainted it with Jackie, tried to try something different with the Chavo Classic storyline to cover over the hole left by Jackie and now they've left that in midprogress. Mysterio needs a big fued with someone to get that title over big time, or the old fashioned tourny. Chavo Jnr will hopefully be the guy to fued as the fallout of this but once again it gives the ball back to the WWE to get this CW division up to scratch.....meaning they'll dump it on Velocity and Jnr will probs be dumped as a trainer.


I'm just glad they didn't go the Al Wilson storyline route....shivers.....

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This really is gutting news.

If I thought I had just gotten over the France/England outrage, then this has just continued to ruin my week

Chavo Snr really is...classic, it'll be a shame to lose him now.

It just means Chavo Jnr will lose whatever storyline he had going with his dad and start over with something new, which hopefully will be concentrated on more competition for the cruiser title, with top contenders like Rey having decent matches instead of fouling the name of the title with Jackie.


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Quite glad to see him go, if he's called Chavo i don't like em.

If they keep Chavo Jr away from the title and put Kidman, Paul London, Ultimo(If he's still there) into contention, and Akio too, and Spike.




he was robbed at Mania

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lol its been an excellent week


france beat england

its been rumoured bradshaw will leave wwe after GAB,

i preordered the bad blood dvd

and now chavo snr ahs been fired


all we need now is for jj to beat sting this afternoon and then switzerland to get 3 points against england

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Chavo snr was a great wrestler in his prime I mean how many luchas in the 70's and 80's did somersault topes, moonsaults and moonsault body blocks... Become a draw in Los Angles, Tokyo and Mexico? And he was also one of the first top have the German Suplex in his arsenal... he is truely classic, shame the WWE dumped on his rep.
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Does this mean Chavo Jr. will bring back his stick horse, Pepe!


20 years ago...


Chavo Sr.: Damn' it Chavo hito', I tol yous not to do that again!


Chavo Jr.: But Papa...


Chavo sr.: No buts! Chavito!

I tol yous that if yous do that again yous will be sented to your room, vato ese!


Chavo Jr.: Thats not fair eh! Yous can't do that Papa!


Chavo Sr.: That's it Chavo get to your room!

You will stay in there, with nothing but your Damn'd stickhorse!

:lol :lol :lol Thus the saga begins! :lol :lol :lol


"Now that's Twisted!" :devil

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