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TAP Midsummers Nightmare - Friday 18th June 04 *Feat. FCW Talent*


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For further information on venue and opening times check out http://www.tapwrestling.co.uk


Her is the card for the show, plus some background information on the matches...


Falcon vs. Snake

(Guest Referee: Jack Storm)

"It seems Jack Storms threat of never wrestling again, after being cheered at the last show, comes true as he dons a referees shirt for this match between Falcon and Snake. Snake has been on a role as of late and a win over the likes of Falcon would be a huge boost for his career. He'll have his hands full though as Falcon is not an easy opponent to beat and considering Snake defeated the guest referee, Jack Storm, at the last show, the odds are stacked against him."


Adam Thorn vs. Simon Cann

"Adam Thorns quest to take down The FanClub continues as he faces TAP Jnr Heavyweight Champion Simon Cann in one on one action. If Thorn can win, he is one step closer to getting his hands on Jamie James"


Spindoctor vs. Jack London

"The King Of Spin suffered a huge loss at the last show, losing his TAP UK title in his first defence. Spin is certaintly irate, and seeing as he can't yet get his hands on Stryka, has decided to go for the next best thing, Strykas FanClub teammate Jack London for a measure of revenge"


*Loser Leave TAP Match*

Jason Detroit vs. The Judge

"A huge match with everything on the line. The last show saw Icon and Detriot pick up a win over Judge & Falcon. Sick of Judges whining about the loss decided to challenge him for a Loser Leaves TAP match. When this is all said and done, we will not be seeing one of these talented stars in TAP again"


MTX vs. Nathaniel Creed vs. Simon Hull

"These 3 men seem to keep bumping into each others business so TAP has decided to settle this in the ring with a 3way match between these big men. After Creed injured Hull, who then disrupted Creeds match with MTX, who he had challeneged, and Hull accidently hit MTX these 3 will be looking for revenge over the other 2. Don't expect to see armlocks in this sure to be brawl."


SpUd/El Ligero vs. Steve Stryka/Rob Hunter

"SpUd would be TAP Jnr Heavyweight Champion right now if it wasn't for Strykas interference in his match and SpUd will be looking for payback. This match is also emtionally charged as it has the return of two TAP stars. Former TAP Heavyweight Champion El Ligero makes his return and will be sure to be wanting to climb up the TAP ladder, to get his revenge, and belt back from Jamie James. Meanwhile Rob Hunter will also be returning. Originally thought to have retired, Rob returns to the TAP ring as Strykas partner, making this a dangerous duo"


*TAP Heavyweight Title*

Jamie James (Champion) vs. Chris Botherway

"The last event saw Chris Botherway's mystery opponent turn out to be none other then Jamie James and though Botherway couldn't get the job done, this time it's different. This time Botherway knows who his opponent is and more important, this time Botherway has a chance to become TAP Heavyweight Champion and after a loss at the hands of The FanClub leader last time, he'll be more then eager to take Jamie down"


provided by: whitejasper of http://www.tapwrestling.co.uk

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