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Are we seeing the death of the old school?


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As an avid reader of page 716 on skytext it has come to my attention that Vince has told the wrestling world that his association with Austin, Hogan and Goldberg is finished and also his Mr McMahon character is over and done with :evil.Instead he is putting his efforts into bringing on newer and younger talent, he also freely admits that he has no idea what the fans want and isn't sure that even they know. With Undertaker now being the last bastion of the old school guard is this the dawning of a new age within the halls of Titan Towers and if so, who will the power brokers be. We all know about HHH and Steph but what of Shane and Linda :worship are they now going to make their own powerplay so to speak, or is there another link that has yet to be established in this strange wrestling world? My own opinion is that a new and more destructive force has yet to show his face and he will be Linda and Shane's Next Big Thing.



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Dylan Mcmahon knows what the people want!

:lol :lol :lol Good one. Props bg


If Vince has truly come to see that he is out of touch with the fans then a promising new era may be on the rise. Trouble is, he'd have to do more than listen to his "yes men".


I , for one, would like to see the T&A aspect played down. I love a beautiful lady, especially one who can get it done in the ring, but you gotta have more than big fake boobs to do so.


I'd also like ro see a return to REAL faces who lived by the rules and fought for what's right. Sadly, I don't believe that we will ever see that time again.

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Yea I agree with MachoMatt, I to would like to see the return of reel baby face's, but can you see someone like John Cena in a face role such as what Bret was??


In my opinion wrestling has become too raunchy and I'd even go as far as to say it's smut tv and there is too much emphasis (tell me if that spelling is dodgy!!) on the divas of the WWE.


But I suppose we have to take positives away from this and the match at Badd Blood for the womens title was surprisingly better than I expected.

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Faces of the Future


Hey MachoMat real heroes are a different breed and only come along once in a while, but yeah I too yearn for the old face morality and someone who can carry this gimmick is a rare human being indeed, even Hogan had to turn heel and whilst Brett never intentionally turned heel the US fans turned him themselves but lets hope eh! :thumbsup

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