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Which Wrestler would look funniest with a Bald Head


Who will look funniest with a Bald Head?  

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  1. 1. Who will look funniest with a Bald Head?

    • Triple H
    • Shawn Michaels
    • Eric Bischoff
    • Undertaker
    • Booker T
    • Rob Van Dam
    • Edge
    • Chris Jericho
    • Ric Flair
    • Eugene
    • Al Snow
    • Other (please state)

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I put other. I think the Hurricane would look pretty freaky bald, oh wait, he already looks freaky. How about Molly Holly. No. everyones seen that already and knows.


Yeah Eric B. would look pretty bad bald.


If a wrestler is big and buff, they can pull off the bald look. Anyone with muscles bigger than your head can, but smaller guys like Bischoff, Hurricane, that little F.B.I. guy, they wouldn't be able too.


I see Bischoff taking great pride in his hair, so I think it would be great if he went bald.

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Slic Ric would look oh so funny and as he is so vain it would probably mean he would wear a hat most of the time, imagine Ric Flair in a beanie, oh it hurts to think about it my sides are splitting.


Pink. :thumbsup



Flair lost a hair match a few years ago in WCW. I think his son was the one who beat him and shaved his head. I remember in WCW magazine they had an interview with him and he had a really short crew-cut. I'll try to hunt down some pics.




OH MY GOOD LORD! :eek :eek :eek




Ric Flair at age 24 (1973)

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We all know what Edge looks like bald from the mock-up picture that WWE did before his Hair Vs Hair match with Kurt at Judgment Day 2002. Kinda like Justin Credible, really.


Hardcore Holly will be next to go bald. Not because he'll lose a Hair Vs Hair match, but because Father Time is punishing him for the crappy Brock Lesnar feud.

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