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From here: voxonline


VOX: What does ‘MRA’ stand for?

Sean: Actually, it’s a secret. It’s between me and my friends, the people who know about it. You would be amazed at how many time I have been asked about it. There have been hundreds of letters every week on the Lava thing, and I get asked at least ten times a night about it. Honestly, if I told you, you would be line, “Aw, who cares?” But it’s just between me and my friends, and I’m going to keep it that way. Sometimes, it seems to get under people’s skin that I won’t tell them, but that’s just the way it is.


We'll never know... :?

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Some options...


From here

Moral Re-Armament: The Moon's Beginning

Wells' League of Nations proved a failure. The American people, among others, did not buy it, and the Senate could not be brought to ratify it. But the war for world empire, under the guise of "universal peace," had only just begun.


In 1921, an international arms-control conference took place in Washington, D.C., the first of a series known as the Washington Disarmament Conferences. Frank Buchman, by outward appearance an insignificant American Lutheran preacher, was invited to attend and given an audience with two Englishmen. One was Arthur James Balfour, head of the British Empire delegation and Lord President of the King's Privy Council, who would sign the treaty twice, once for the King and once for the Union of South Africa. The other was Balfour's longtime associate from the days of the Coefficients Club, H.G. Wells, who was attending the conference as reporter for an international array of press syndicates.


Out of this meeting within a meeting came the founding of an organization to be headed by Buchman, that came to be known as Moral Re-Armament (MRA). Moral Re-Armament was, and remains to this day, an influence-peddling and control operation, run as a pseudo-Christian religious cult, much like the later Moon cult which it spawned. In more ways than one, Frank Buchman was the Reverend Moon of the 1920s and 1930s.


"MRA" is also an Australian Record label and a MILLION other things it seems. It's probably something totally random.

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