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Big Brother - Week 3


Who leaves? You decide.  

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  1. 1. Who leaves? You decide.

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Last Friday's fake eviction saw Emma and Michelle entering the secret Big Brother bedsit. A hidden room with a television and headphones where they can see and hear all that goes on within the house. They've already decided to give Victor cold showers. Which he wasn't too pleased about :lol .


The housemates have a football themed task this for this week. They're designing mascots for some of the countries involved in Euro '04.


So this week should be a fairly exiting one. As long as Michelle stops saying the word "chicken", i'm getting sick of it now. :tdown

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From the BB website


Big Brother told the Bedsit Babes that if and when they are returned to the House they should get their story straight as to where they've been and what they've been doing.


Big Brother will not be telling the other housemates anything about their stay in the Bedsit and what affect they've been having on the main House.


The girls see it as a choice between warfare and espionage: Shouting or subtlety.


Emma's first reaction was - go straight in there and confront Victor. But Michelle urged a little caution. "But I've got issues!" shouted Emma.


Michelle believed it would be more interesting if they kept their cards close to their chests and used the information they have to wind up their enemies.


Michelle showed a strategic side she'd previously hidden, leading Emma to agree to manipulating the situation in the House, rather than storming in looking for a row.


But Emma still had doubts. "I don't want to be like them. I'm not like them," she said.


... it's just all getting too much for Emma


Knowing that housemates had heard about the Bedsit, they decided to say they've been in a hotel called The Bedsit, for a week, doing nothing but watching films.


Who is going to believe anyone would call a hotel The Bedsit is another matter.


Keeping the truth to themselves when they want to confide in Nadia and Marco, is also problematic.


But the biggest test is whether two plain-speaking Northern lasses can be duplicitous enough to pull the wool over the eyes of their more cunning housemates.

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There will be no more live feed tonight. Victor is OUT, the producers are calming everyone down and have been doing so since about 2am, Shell has been removed from the house for the time being, and Jason and Vanessa are threatening to walk.


What a night.

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Wow it was brilliant TV. So gutted that it was not on TV as i couldnt be bothered to switch E4 on.


Victor should be thrown out for pushing a woman.. wait a minute.. he pushed nadia :P

It was pure entertainment, i was laughing so much at Jay threatening to beat that skinny marco after he was dancing in his face.. hilarious.

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From the BBC website:


Police called in to Big Brother


Police have launched an investigation into a drunken row between contestants in the Big Brother house.


Officers from Hertfordshire Police were called to the house in the early hours of Thursday after calls from viewers.


Live coverage of the Channel 4's reality show was cut in the early hours after violence broke out in the house.


Digital channel E4, which screens the show throughout the night, suspended coverage between 2am and 3am while the situation was defused.


Producers eventually sent in security guards to divide the warring parties.


Video tape


A spokesman for Hertfordshire Police said in a statement: "Following an number of calls from members of the public regarding an alleged incident in the Big Brother house last night Hertfordshire Constabulary can confirm it will be obtaining a video tape of the incident later today.


"Our officers are currently in liaison with members of the Big Brother production team to see whether further action needs to be taken."


A Channel 4 spokeswoman said: "The local police have made enquiries about events in the house last night following a handful of calls from members of the public. At present they have given us no indication of any issues arising from last night's broadcast."


The row erupted after Emma Greenwood, 20, and Michelle Bass, 23, returned from a bedsit where they had been able to spy on others for the past five days.



Hurled abuse


They came back to the house during a fancy dress party, with the fight breaking out a few hours later.


Emma and another housemate, 23-year-old student Victor Ebuwa, had to be separated after they made threats towards each other and he poured white wine over her.


Meanwhile fellow housemate Jason Cowen, 30, threw furniture and hurled abuse at other contestants.


Emma has clashed with Victor in recent weeks, and was furious when he later branded her racist and stupid.


As the live feed was cut viewers saw only a pre-recorded loop of images from the house during the hour.




A Channel 4 spokesman said: "The welfare and safety of the housemates is always our overriding concern, and with that in mind, the production team decided to intervene last night at a point where they felt the confrontation between the housemates had reached an unacceptable level.


"Our on site security team diffused the confrontation and the housemates were calmed down and sent to bed."


She added: "The Big Brother production team has been talking to all housemates individually over the course of today with a view to sorting out tensions in the house and are closely monitoring them.


"They will be encouraging the housemates to work through their issues as a group. If they do not feel this is feasible they will consider an alternative course of action to guarantee the welfare of the housemates."


The current series of Big Brother has already caused controversy, with housemate Kitten Pinder being evicted after just one week, having received three formal warnings from producers over her behaviour.


The tension in the house has seen ratings soar, with Wednesday night's main Channel 4 show attracting 6.3 million, not far off the 6.7 million who tuned in to see the launch night of the fifth series two weeks ago.

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I dont get this show, they show hours and hours of absolute tedium, and the moment something exciting happens they switch the feed off.


basically this is a situation waiting to happen, its only a matter of time before fighting etc takes place, lawsuits start getting filed and tv stations decide its too dangerous to broadcast reality tv shows due to the possibility of legal action.

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Its like thhis the people in charge of Big Brother wanted this to happen on a smaller scale, it was designed for it...


Victor should go for hitting a women, I don't care how much she provoked him, he's just sore because his and Jason's joint game plan has gone out of the window and the girls they thought they'd got rid of are back...


Jason really is big and hard ain't he... starting on Marco, wow, great move mate, how about you pick on someone your own size, get a sense of humour and get over yourself you steroid taking meathead....


Oh and Vanessa and blonde Michele annoy the hell out of me... all they do is bitch and moan, and Vanessa, your a white South African, you don't have to worry about food love, you lot stole it off the blacks for a hundred years....


And a final thought... when will Michelle see that Stuart is using her as part of his game plan? He don't care about her at all, she's a roll in the hay for him, she witters on and he ignores it for as long as he can then stick his tongue down her throat to shut her up... and the Slick thing, what was that about?

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Ok the eviction planned for tonight has been put back till next friday.


I just want to know how Jason and victor think there gameplan will work, do they think the public will belive they are geniuses and not vote them out. Stuart is just as bad but is not making himself look such a arse in the process.

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Yes, Victor and Jason are idiots. If you have a game plan... you dont talk about it. You dont let the public know it and despise you for it. I absolutely hate Jason now, and I never really liked Victor for the fact that he's cocky and extremely arrogant.


there will be no eviction tonight from the official BB site

Big Brother producers have decided to postpone this evening's eviction.


The housemates are continuing to work through their differences and producers wish to give them sufficient time to come to a resolution as a group.


Emma and Victor will be given the opportunity later today to discuss their relationship away from the rest of the housemates.


This week's nominations still stand and votes will carry over to next week. There will be no nominations next week.

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He should be taken from the house and arrseted for assault... he struck her and embrassed her on tv! And shes being isolated and punished!


Jason and Victor won't last long and lets all club together to get rid of Vanessa... she is a two faced, prick teasing... well you get the idea.

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From Digital Spy: Big Brother


Emma has been evicted from the Big Brother house, Endemol and Channel 4 have confirmed.


In a statement, the producers said:


"We don't think Emma is any more to blame for the events of Wednesday night than anyone else, but we believe this is the best course of action to ensure the welfare and safety of all the housemates, including Emma.


"The house is calm as all the other housemates appear to be working through their issues, but we're concerned that Emma's return might increase the risk of a repeat incident.


"Emma has accepted our decision."


Emma will follow "normal eviction procedures" and will be interviewed by Davina. There will not be a post-eviction press conference. No transmission date for the Davina interview was specified in the Channel 4 statement.

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I'm majorly p*ssed about this. It's not Emmas fault Big Brother stuck her in the Bedsit to see and hear the other housemates slag her off, what did they expect her to do after seeing what some of them said about her??


This is sooo unfair on the poor lass. :(

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lmao how i laughed, god Jason has to win

Victor lmao hes better than nasty nick- losing victor = losing ratings

and emma lol well she started it so deserves to be locked away and so does Michell for abusing the good name of chickens

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