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A couple of questions bout ROH


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i dont know if anyone will be able to help me but thought id try anyway.


i was watching the wrestling channel last night and they had a supercard special. i turned it on towards the end of a tag team match. the wrestlers involved were CM Punk, his partner called Steele something or something Steele, Raven and Ravens partner. it included a table and ended with Raven pinning the guy called Steele.


anyway my questions are what was the name of Ravens partner? also towards the end of the match he (the man with whose name i dont know) had been thrown out of the ring and was lying on the floor clutching his knee in what appeared to be agony. can anyone tell me if this was a legit injury or not?


thanks for any help on this matter. its not of any great importance i was just curious


cheers peeps

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Nicked from TWC website:


Jun 6 2004 - ROH Night Of Champions (Taped Mar 22 2003)

Matt Stryker v BJ Whitmer v Alex Arion v Dixie

The SAT/Quiet Storm v Special K (Izzy/Deranged/Angel Dust)

Backseat Boyz v Ring Crew Express (Kevin Dunn & Mean Marcos)

[#1 Contenders Match] FWA Champion Christopher Daniels v Doug Williams

Homicide/Da Hit Squad v Samoa Joe/CW Anderson/Jack Victory

Mase & Hotstuff Hernandez v Carnage Crew (Tony DeVito & HC Loc)

ROH Tag Team Champions AJ Styles & Amazing Red v Mark & Jay Briscoe

Low-Ki v Jody Fleisch

Raven & Colt Cabana v CM Punk & Ace Steel

ROH Champion Xavier v Samoa Joe

ROH Supercard Flashback: Slim J vs Amazing Red (Taped Mar 15 2003)



Dunno about the leg injury but Cabana was screaming in agony!

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