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wZw Final Line up for Hartlepool


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Matches Announced are as Follows: (Subject to change)


Minx Vs Lexx

Minx is fastest becoming one of the UK’s most popular wrestling females working on shows the length and breadth of the country, anyway wZw commissioner has decided its time that the fans got what they wanted a woman’s match and this will be a standard one fall match up, win by pinfall, knockout, submission or countout. As usual Public Warnings for this match will be in force.


Bomber Mills Vs “The Satanic One” Richie Saint

Bomber Mills 15 year martial art veteran is making major moves in wZw since joining forces with the C.O.D.E. His anti hardcore stance has upset many in wZw and after an altercation today at training with Richie Saint a match has been signed. Richie is the hometown boy in this match and will no doubt be a firm fan favourite. Win by pinfall, knockout, submission or countout. As usual Public Warnings for this match will be in force.


Carbon Vs “Livewire” Anthony McIntyre Vs Stevie Lynn Vs Shady Nattrass

The birth of the Cruiser Division Title will happen, the title will be battled for in a Fatal 4 Way Ladder Match, the title suspended 16foot above the ring and the winner will be the first to pull down the title. This ladder match is no DQ match up.


“Spitfire” Tony Warrior Vs Domino

(Special guest referee – General Trent Steel)

Number 1 contendership match, the winner of this match will face General Trent Steel on a future show. Spitfire from Middlesborough is known as the man with 1000 holds and 1001 counters and has in a statement said he is going to maim Domino and tear him limb by limb. Both men have recently been doing some TV work and are ready to face on in the wZw Ring. Win by pinfall, knockout, submission or countout. As usual Public Warnings for this match will be in force.



J Nattrass Vs Highlander

Highlander hates the Nattrass Boys with a passion and offered to take on the Tag Team “The Nattrass Boys” in a Handicap match, unfortunately XL Nattrass suffered a viscous attack which left him with severe ligament damage. He did not get to see who attacked him. Win by pinfall, knockout, submission or countout. As usual Public Warnings for this match will be in force.


Full Pack & Drew Galloway Vs T2K (Wolfgang & Darkside) & John Britain

This 6 man tag team action see’s the 3 pretty boys of Full Pack and Drew Galloway take on what can only be described as one of the nastiest triple tag teams in wZw’s History. WZw’s very own John Britain and BCW’s Darkside and Wolfgang are ruthless and the ref had better keep a close eye on the corner action or the fans will be non to pleased.


Iceman Vs ??????

Still no news on who Iceman is facing in this no holds barred contest for the wZw extreme Title. Iceman’s challenge has been answered but Commissioner Graham will not disclose who the opponent is until the evening of the show.



-Venue Details:

Belle View Sports Centre, Kendal Road, Hartlepool, TS25 1QY

Saturday 19th June 2004

Doors Open @ 6.45 Bell Time @ 7.15 - 10.00


-Ticket Details

Adults - £6.00, Kids £4.00, Family of 4 - £18.00

Ringside Adults - £8.00, Ring Side Kids - £6.00, Ring Side Family of 4 - £24.00


Tickets are available from the venue this coming Wednesday 2nd June from the venue and are available online via the wZw Shopzone website http://shop.wzwuk.com or you can call 07986 431206 for more details.


-More details of the show, wZw and the Nu Breed Pro Wrestling Training Academy can be found at http://www.wzwuk.com or http://www.nubreed.co.uk


-This is a family orientated show, how ever parental guidance is advised. Pro Wrestling is a dangerous sport and the moves, stunts should not be attempted by un trained members of the public. If members of the public do it cause serious injury or even death.

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Ohhh thats so origional NOT...


Iceman is a hardcore and technical wrestler, a fully trained and insured wrestler too.


Grow up and stop being an ar$e


I think he was asking if he was on that Backyard wrestling show on Channel 4, which I think he was.

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BTW what does he look like because I watched that documentry where they kept on showing ECW clips even though they were talking about british backyard wrestling That was a good programme. And what did I say wrong wrestle zone why do u have to call me an offensive name?? I was only asking
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No I meant on Backyard Wrestling on PS2!!!!!! I remeber reading british hardcore wrestler Iceman I think??? I didnt mean Is he a backyard wrestler


My appologies, just some people seem to assume because Iceman is the UK Hardcore Icon he is a backyarder.


Once again sorry :worship

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