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loser leaves town


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Guest Michael
JBL -vs- John Cena


Looser leaves town and the WWE forever.


I don't like either of them, so it's a win-win situation for me.


Yes I agree. Eddie Gurrerio has just about reached his prime. Ric Flair also needs to throw in the towl. And give Shawn Michaels about two more years and he should be start thinking about packing his bags and going home. And JBL should not be far behind.

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Undertaker vs Rhyno in a "Loser Goes to NWA/TNA" Match.


Undertaker will NOT sell to Rhyno, but will allow Rhyno to get a couple of signature moves out. I like Rhyno so getting out of the WWE would be a mercy for him.



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Steve Austin v Scott Hall in a drink you under a table match.... Loser has to go to rehab...


I hate to admit it but


Hahahahahahahaha :lol


Heeheeheeheehee :P


Hohohohohohohohoho :lol


{Wiping away a tear}

That was extrmemely funny!!! :xyx

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I would like to see Slick Ric concentrate on management. bringing up the younger guys and schooling them on how to do it RIGHT. In order to do so he needs to lose a retirement match. Oh wait, he already lost one of those a few years ago.


It wouldn't bother me to see Rikishi in a loser has to shed 100 pounds match with Dusty Rhodes.

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Career-Ending Matches


Anyone remember the match between Ultimate Warrior and Randy Savage. Randy Savage lost but was re-instated a few months later at Survivor Series 1991 to face Jake Roberts so to be honest theres not a lot of point to them as no-ones career actually ends they just disappear for a few months/weeks or transfer to a different promotion.The only time that they are useful is to end a long running fued.I'd like to see career ending matches either between HBK and HHH or even Stone Cold and Vince McMahon or how about a First Time Ever Fatal Four Way Carrer Ending Match between Vince McMahon Vs Stone Cold Vs Shawn Michaels Vs Triple H I think that'd be a classic but would never happen Just an Idea!!!!

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