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Talk Wrestling Online Newsletter - Issue #65 (Columns: Eugene + Bad Blood Preview)


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Talk Wrestling Online Newsletter

- Issue #65 - 13th June 2004



Hey everybody,


This week you are lucky enough to have a guest editor for the newsletter, and it's none other than me, Chris2K! Pab's been busy with other commitments, so I've stepped in for this week, with Pab coming back from next week. As I'm sure you all know, tonight is the night for the third-ever 'Bad Blood' PPV, and will feature the HIAC match between HHH and Shawn Michaels. Hopefully tonight's event will be a good one, and you'll all have fun watching it. But don't forget to take part in the Prediction League, head to the TWO Chatroom for Colin's quiz and the PPV Chat, and to tell us what you think of the show in the Official Bad Blood Thread!


This week's newsletter features all your favourite things. We have Saracen on the US News, Goldy on the UK News, a Bad Blood preview from me, and another great column from Stephen. Enjoy the newsletter, and have a great week in the sunshine!


- Chris2K

Guest Newsletter Editor



PPV Quiz and Chat



As is our monthly tradition here at Talk Wrestling Online, we will be holding our monthly PPV Quiz and Chat night. Head over to the TWO chatroom at 8.00pm to enter our highly popular quiz, with your host Colin!. Then from 9pm until 1am, why not stay along for a good ol' chat about the PPV with all the TWO regulars? The more, the merrier.


WWE Bad Blood 2004 Quiz and Chat

Sunday 13th June

(UK Times)


Quiz: 8.00 - 9.00pm

Chat: 9pm - 1am


For more info see:



PPV Prediction League


Post your predictions below – anyone can enter!





* Hell in a Cell

Triple H v Shawn Michaels


*World Heavyweight Championship

Chris Benoit v Kane


* Intercontinental Title

Randy Orton v Shelton Benjamin


*World Tag Team Championship

La Resistance v Benoit/Edge


*Women's Title

Victoria v Lita v Gail Kim v Trish


* Chris Jericho v Tyson Tomko


* Eugene v Coach


Bad Blood Discussion Thread


Discuss the PPV in the below thread:



Preview article @ Wrestling 101


T3C: WWE Bad Blood 2004 Preview - by Stephen Ashfield


How to order the PPV




Live on Sky Sports 1 at 1am.




See: WWE.com - Bad Blood





New @ Wrestling 101



- T3C: WWE Bad Blood 2004 Preview (By Stephen Ashfield)


- UK Scene #126 (By Adam Sibley)


- TRS: The New Generation (By Robert Heard)


- The British Connection Interview (By Goldy)


- WWE: The Monday Night War Review (By Dan)


- ST: Goal Setting (By Saracen)



Forum Focus Special



This week, Dra reported on the outrageous stunt performed by Bradshaw at a house show in Germany. Everyone seemed to have an opinion on it, and here are a few of them:


What an idiot, maybe they should lock him up and keep him there and save us from watching him for a few weeks. - Andrew gets the first reply in, and keeps his feelings short and to the point!


Who the hell cares? So he acted like a prat in Germany to pull cheap heat? Big deal, its only wrestling and nobody got killed! Why get so wound up over nothing? - WWFBeltMark seems to take it all in the spirit in which we presume JBL intended it to be.


Just when you thought ol' Bradshaw couldn't be any more of a jerk he just goes one further. - Crippler obviously thinks Bradshaw's on a succession of insulting people...


I appreciate everything said positive about wrestling, but what is escaping you is that what JBL did is ILLEGAL. It's not just a tactic for cheap heat - it is breaking a real life law, and is in very bad taste considering it is indeed D-Day today. - DraVen points out that JBL's timing couldn't have been any more badly chosen...


I am still completely dumbfounded at how people seem to condone this. Cheap heat is when you insult the hometown you're at, tell the crowd they suck, insult a country or stereotype a group of people. Making nazi signs is just beyond comparison. - Chris2K makes probably the best point in the whole thread ;).


Yes, what he did is wrong in real life. In Germany, whatever time of the year, what JBL did is illegal. Personally, I find it pretty funny and am not bothered in the slightest. But I'm just pointing out the facts. - SCSA takes a more diplomatic approach to the issue.


Find out what JBL had to say himself in Saracen's US News...



Forum Threads of the Week





krisbaillie addressed the issue of Women's Wresting, a topic that always seems to come up, but is different every time.






It's France vs. England tonight, and BRM got the ball rolling with his thread about that match. Can England win? Let us know in the thread!






TWO Member of the Week



Well I get the chance to give out the award, and this week it goes to...


Evil Gringo! He has been really impressing me recently with his very knowledgeable posts in the US Forum, and has shown himself to be a very dedicated wrestling fan, as well as a very good contributor to TWO on the whole.


Well done to Evil Gringo!



US News - by Saracen





- Christian


For the first time in his six-year WWE career, Christian finds himself on the sidelines, unable to compete because of a disc problem in his lower back.

The Toronto native prides himself on having the longest consecutive streak without an injury – or at least without one significant enough to force him to miss ring time.


“I’ve never missed any time for an injury,” Christian told WWE.com. “It’s hard for me to call [WWE officials] and admit that I’m hurt. It was like, ‘Man, I don’t want to call them.’ It’s just a hard thing for me to do.”


But the former Intercontinental Champion could not even stand up and was experiencing numbness in his right leg. He knew he had no choice but to see a doctor.


The problem started May 8 during a live event in Lafayette, La. That night, Christian said, he “tweaked” his back.


- WWE in Italy


I’m sure a lot of you knew that Rico was Italian American, the Italians knew, as well as John “I’m from the backstreets rapper” Cena, received a very warm welcome from his Italian blood during the WWE European tour. Not surprisingly, the Full-Blooded Italians, Nunzio and Johnny “the Bull” Stamboli, also received some of the loudest ovations of the night. During all three of their matches, fans chanted “F-B-I,” “Johnny-da-Bull” and “Nun-z-io,” while holding up signs painted like the Italian flag, with each colour of the flag containing one of the groups three letters.


The Italians almost completed a clean sweep in their journey through the homeland. In Milan, Nunzio and Stamboli defeated Chavo Guerrero & Chavo Classic, and Cena got a victory over Rene Dupree, while Haas and Rico beat Hardcore Holly and Billy Gunn. Then the next night in Pesaro, Haas and Rico upended the Dudleys, Cena beat Luther Reigns, and Johnny “the Bull” made his paisans proud when he overcame the “Reflection of Perfection” Mark Jindrak –his stable mate, Nunzio, wasn’t as lucky in Milan, as he and Spike Dudley wound up with the short end of the purse when they lost to Chavo and Chavo Classic.


- La resistance


Sylvain Greneir of La resistance have said on WWE’s web cast Byte this! That it was the greatest honour to defeat the tag team of Chris Benoit and Edge, especially under the French Canadian colours. They won the crowd in Canada as the French Canadian aspect put its opinion forward, when they won it created an almost unprecedented response, which took the WWE superstars, by surprise. It really brought home how international WWE has become.


Bad Blood sees a continuance to this tag team feud, according to Byte this!


- WWE Hall of Fame


To celebrate the induction of Jesse 'The Body' Ventura, Greg 'The Hammer' Valentine, Don Muraco, Big John Studd, Junkyard Dog, 'Superstar' Billy Graham, Sgt. Slaughter, Tito Santana, Harley Race, Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan and Pete Rose into the WWE hall of fame, a DVD has been released of the classic matches that some of these legends have performed in, so keep an eye out for it!


- Bradshaw


There is an article on the WashingtonPost website about JBL and his actions in Germany:


CNBC Wrestles With a Bad-Boy Image

- By Lisa de Moraes


Three weeks after announcing it had hired WWE wrestling bad boy John "Bradshaw" Layfield as a financial analyst for the network, CNBC said yesterday it was shocked to learn that JBL was in fact a WWE bad boy and it sacked him for doing the Nazi goose step and stiff-armed salute during a World Wrestling Entertainment match in Munich.


That, Layfield told The TV Column, is something he'd done before when performing in Germany both for WWE and for a German wrestling outfit, and is among the "reprehensible" things the character he plays has done.


"We find his behavior to be offensive, inappropriate and not befitting anyone associated with our network," the NBC cable financial network said in a statement about Layfield, who wrote the book "Have More Money Now: A Commonsense Approach to Financial Management."


"They hung me out to dry," Layfield told The TV Column.


to incite the German audience to root for his opponent, Eddie Guerrero, during the Munich match.


"I'm a bad guy [on WWE]. I'm supposed to incite the crowd. I've done [the Nazi gestures] for decades. I really didn't think anything of it -- I know how bad it is, I've lived [in Germany]. I've been to Dachau, seen those places where they exterminated millions of Jews."

was like [California Gov.] Arnold Schwarzenegger playing a cyborg. . . .


To read the full article, click here


Please, make of it what you will and call a close to this nasty situation.


- Bradshaw...again


On the Howard Stern radio show, in the midst of a conversation about censorship, Stern compared Bradshaw's conduct during a match in Germany to an episode of the 1970's British Comedy Fawlty Towers. The Stern radio crew laughed about a wrestler also being a financial analyst. He said pro wrestling is popular around the world with "idiots everywhere." He then sided with Bradshaw, saying that it was scripted and he didn't deserve to lose his CNBC job. Provided by Keith Lipinski, Jamie Grant, and Pat McNeill.


- Smackdown


Last night's Smackdown drew a 3.0 rating, down from the 3.3 it drew last week. The NBA finals on ABC drew a 10.5 rating, well ahead of thte 2.5 rating of the NHL Stanley Cup Playoff game last week on ABC head-to-head with Smackdown, which may partially acccount for the drop in the rating. The peak rating came for the fourth quarter hour, a 3.2 for the Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs. Rey Mysterio match and in the eighth quarter hour for the Paul Heyman-Undertaker angle.


Average rating for WWE May rating from TWO is: 6




Heres the PPV preview for June 16th



The ongoing war between the 3Live Kru and NWA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Jarrett escalated again on Impact, as the champion promised he was bringing three mercenaries to the Pay-Per-View on Wednesday to destroy 3Live Kru! Will Ron “The Truth” Killings even make it to his June 23 NWA World Title shot against Jarrett? Who are the three hired guns? Tune in and find out!



Kid Kash has made it clear he’s gunning for AJ Styles and the X Championship, and this Wednesday night on PPV the K-I-D’s monster assassin Dallas will get the first crack at The Phenomenal One! Easily the biggest opponent AJ Styles has ever faced, can his extreme X style overcome the power of Dallas? Can Styles find a way to keep Kid Kash at bay during his bout against Big D? Tune in and find out!



Wednesday night on Pay-Per-View, the world witnessed Raven challenging Sabu to a fight in the House Of Fun Match, but it was the promise to his legendary uncle The Sheik that kept Sabu from fighting his former friend. Despite Sabu’s oath, Raven persisted and even attacked Sonjay Dutt, who was delivering a message on behalf of Sabu! The question is, will Raven continue his demands until Sabu relents? Tune in and find out!




New NWA World Tag Team Champions America’s Most Wanted are in the for the biggest challenge of their careers this Wednesday night on Pay-Per-View as they defend the gold against the unstoppable combination of The Alpha Male and Abyss! Can Harris and Storm remain the top tag team in TNA, or will The Alpha Male and Abyss make AMW’s fourth title reign a short one?




The ongoing war between Team NWA and Team Canada comes to a head this Wednesday night on Pay-Per-View as both sides will face each other in a Flag Match! After Team Canada brutally attacked Jerry Lynn Wednesday night and manager Scott D’Amore shredding the NWA flag, Team NWA is hellbent on revenge. Will this be the match that ultimately ends this ongoing war? Tune in and see!




The rules are simple this Wednesday night – win, and you get to put your opponents through the Ultimate Humiliation! In recent months, the New York Connection has stopped at nothing to humiliate and degrade Pat Kenney, Sonny Siaki and Desire. Time and time again, the NYC used their numbers game to attack Siaki and Kenny, but all that changes this Wednesday night as both sides compete in the Ultimate Humiliation Match! The question is – what humiliation will the losers be forced to do?


- AJ Styles


On AJ Styles. Recently, the new X Champion sat down with referee and TNAwrestling.com writer Andrew Thomas for an exclusive interview on his return to the X Division, the six sided ring, Impact and more!


AT: AJ, start off by telling us how long you’ve been in the wrestling business


STYLES: I do believe it’s five years.


AT: And where did you get your start?


STYLES: NCW (National Championship Wrestling) which later became NWA Wildside.


AT: Two years into your career, you got an opportunity to compete in WCW towards its end. Talk a little about that experience.


STYLES: Well, it was an honour to get a contract to compete there. People always ask me what it was like in WCW the last few months, but I was only there for a few matches so I wasn’t familiar with all the circumstances. But I was just glad to get that chance.


AT: Were you a big wrestling fan growing up, and if so who were some of your favourites?


STYLES: I very rarely watched wrestling believe it or not, because we didn’t have cable and it was very hard to pick up on the television. Later on in my teens I got to see The Road Warriors and enjoyed them, but again it was a matter of what our antenna picked up.


AT: When you first told your family you wanted to be a professional wrestler, how did they respond?


STYLES: They supported me. Anything I’ve ever done as far as athletics they’ve supported me. They really didn’t have any objections to it.

To read the full interview, click here.





UK News - by Goldy



Hey everyone, welcome to this week's slightly shorter edition of the UK news. I would like to thank Saracen for helping me out last week and doing a grand job of it to! There hasn't been many shows this week but we still have plenty of news to be getting on with.


- Wild Wrestling


Wild Wrestling - Forfar - 5/06/04

  • 'The Guv'nor' Carl Conroy def Allan 'The Terminator' Grogan
  • DOA def Jamie Impact & Vinikama
  • Red Lightning def Tex Benedict & Drew Galloway
  • Shaun Harkin def Jay Phoenix
  • 'The Eliminator' Stu Natrass def The Highlander
  • Justin Richards def Stu Pendous 2 -1.

- Celt Kennedy


To start with I bring you the sad news that this week we lose yet another very talented wrestler from the world of UK wrestling. After last weeks announcement that the FWAs Flash Barker retired due to injury, this week it's the turn of FCW's Celt Kennedy to hang up his boots. During the past few years Celt has worked for many promotions in the UK, including FCW, K-Star, wZw and RBW. This is a very sad loss to the UK scene and I know Celt will be missed not just in the ring but also in the lockeroom. Everyone at Talk Wrestling Online/Wrestling 101, wishes Celt the best of luck with his next endeavors. If you would like to know more about his decision to call it quits you can read Celt's latest commentary now up at http://www.celtkennedy.co.uk .




Anyway this means that the FCW Heavyweight Championship is now vacant! It will be decided at FCWs next event to take place at the Baggeridge Social Welfare Centre, Lower Gornal, West Midlands on Sunday June 27th. There will be a three on three match up involving:


Laken Xander, Spud and Morales vs "Tomcat" Kevin O'Neil, A-Star Athlete and "SOTN" Rob Hunter


Whoever gets the pinfall in the match will be crowned the new FCW Champion. I shall be at this event and am really looking forwards to it, hope to see you all there! For any further information regarding this event head over to http://www.futurechampionshipwrestling.co.uk .




In light of the many requests that United Kingdom Pro Wrestling has received regarding the availability of wrestling videos, a decision has been made to release some of the raw footage from UKPW's library. The footage will not be of the quality that you would expect from a commercially released tape but it will feature plenty of matches from several of UKPW's recent events and will have a running time of almost three hours.


Copies of the tape will be on sale at UKPW's upcoming event in Hackney, London on Thursday June 24th 2004. The video, entitled "UKPW Raw Action", will also be available to purchase online at http://www.ukpw.com . More information will be available soon, including a complete list of matches as well as a special offer for anyone wishing to pre-order their copy.




The next AWW show is Thursday 1st July, starting at 7.30pm, doors open from 7pm at:


Ruskin Hall

Victoria Road




Tickets are £5 each or £18 for a group of four. For directions, tickets or further info email Stu278@hotmail.com here is the card so far, subject to alteration:

  • Snake & Marc Hogan vs The Bouncer & The Judge
  • G.B.H. vs the owner of FCW, "Tomcat" Kevin O'Neil
  • Laken Xander vs Rob Hunter
  • Number1 contenders match:
    Spud vs Jack Storm (with Katie Whitehouse)
  • Championship Match
    British Born Steel defending against Morales

Also not forgetting that the Ladies of AWW will also be in action too adding to the heat of this summer event!




From Monday, July 26th, the World Association of Wrestling will begin a run of five weekly shows at the new Atlantis Resort in Great Yarmouth, ending on Monday, August 23rd.


The highlights of the shows will be an eight man, single elimination tournament to crown the first Atlantis Cup Champion. This tournament will feature some of Britain's best up-and-coming wrestlers, and the winner will become the number one contender for the WAW Eastern Counties Championship.


The August 2nd show will be highlighted by a special appearance from none other than former WWF superstar Jake "The Snake" Roberts. The Snake man is now a regular on WAW shows, putting in some great performances against established WAW stars. Other stars confirmed for the upcoming shows are WAW British Champion The Zebra Kid, Women's Champion Sweet Saraya, "Rowdy" Ricky Knight, and many more of your favorite WAW stars.


Tickets for the shows are £8 for adults, and £6 for children, and can be

obtained in one of the following ways; By telephone on 01493 844447 or in person by visiting the Atlantis Resort on Marine Parade in Yarmouth.For the latest information on the shows, log onto the Atlantis Resort website at http://www.atlantisresort.co.uk or the WAW website at http://www.wawrestling.co.uk .




The FWA's Carpe Dieme show is nearly here now, it takes place this week on June 18th at Brent Town Hall, London. Here is the final card for the show.

  • James Tighe v Low-Ki
  • World of Sport Guest Match:
    Steve Gray v Mal Sanders
  • Aviv Mayaan v Mark Sloan
  • Nikita will face the person who has placed a £10,000 bounty on her head
  • Burchill v a Member of Hampton Court
  • Flash Barker's Retirement Ceremony
  • Alex Shane & Hade Vansen v Jack Xavier & Steve Corino
  • Zebra Kid v Doug Williams

Sounds like it's going to be a great show! You can get your tickets by either calling the Box Office at:0208 937 6206 or via The Wrestling Channel and presumably they'll be available on the night of the event from the venue. Tickets cost:

Ringside Gold (1st Row) £35

2nd Row £25

3rd & 4th Row £20

5th & 6th Row £15

7th, 8th, 9th & 10th Row £10.


For any more information check out http:http://www.frontierwrestling.com.


That's everything for this week, be sure to head over to Wrestling 101 to check out the latest installment of Adam Sibley's UK Scene column as well as Saracen's latest Tarent and my own interview with none other than FCWs The British Connection tog team, all very good reads even if I do say so myself ;-)


Thank you for reading.



TWO Newsletter Main Event

Eugene - By Stephen Ashfield



I’ve been thinking about this article for a few weeks now and finally I’ve put my feelings down on paper (well typed them into a PC actually). Just what do I think about Eugene Dinsmore?


At times I really like him but there are times I think it’s just another case of WWE dealing with disability and making a right pig’s ear of it. We’ve already seen numerous ‘blind’ stories, most recently, Nadia (still on the missing list at present) which in the end was used more to break up her and Jamie Noble, than anything else.


Before that we had the real-life disability of Zach Gowen. Sure he’s brave to wrestle with just one leg but Vince simply turned his storyline into a barrage of insults and mockery as he did everything to stop him getting a WWE contract. If those comments had been on any UK Station the show would have been off air in days,


Now it’s the turn of the mentally disabled as Eric Bishoff does his favours for Eugene who probably (I think) is autistic, a bit like the Dustin Hoffman character in ‘Rain Man’ Out he comes and rather than being sympathetic towards Eugene he’s there for laughs. He impersonates other wrestlers, accidentally sees Gail Kim in her undies (yes we know you’ve had a boob job now put them away dear) and shoots William Regal (remember the days he was famous for wrestling instead of just pulling faces) in the unmentionables. All a great laugh wasn’t it Vince?


Vince loves dream stories and that’s all this is. Eugene dreams of being a wrestler and of course without any experience whatsoever he can suddenly take on Kane. But Vince never thinks how serious an issue this is and not something to take the mickey out of. Yeah it was sweet seeing him with The Rock but how long can this story go on for? Just where will it lead? Possibly with a tag title reign with the turning face William Regal. Eugene wins a title, the ultimate dream, a belt round his waist but this can’t go on forever can it? What do you think?


Then again he is in my FWL team so he can beat Benoit for the World Title if he wants.


Anyway I have some important news about a major project I’m working on (nothing to do with Wrestling 101 or Talk Wrestling Online). At the start of August, I’ll be launching a new wrestling fanzine called ‘Piledriver.’ I’ve been lucky enough to recruit some of this countries top wrestling writers (though I’m still looking for more, so give me an email at Stephen@Wrestling101.com if you’re interested) namely Adam Sibley who writes the UK Scene report on this site, Julian Radbourne (2Sheds Review), Stephen Anderson (purewrestling.com) and WAW boss Ricky Knight is on board too to give the wrestler’s point of view. I’ve also got Linda Robin on board whose ‘Linda’s Thoughts’ column seems to be on every American wrestling website. Scott Denning has contacted me wanting to write for the fanzine and so far I have two people writing tributes to Kendo Nagasaki.


So what’s going to be in the first edition? It’s a mixture of British and American coverage. Here’s what I’ve got lined up:

  • Interviews with Ted Dibiase and American Indie wrestler Johnny Ova
  • The Rock talks about his 2004 film releases ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ and ‘Walking Tall.’
  • Tributes to Andre the Giant, Flash Barker and Kendo Nagasaki
  • The History of Summerslam
  • FWA: Past, Present and Future
  • The Southern Wrestlers Reunion Event
  • Strictly Smackdown and Totally Raw – reviews of the past few weeks shows
  • The PPV Report
  • News from the UK and USA (Including ROH, CZW, NWA etc)
  • DVD/Book Reviews
  • TV news including previews of two wrestling documentaries on The Biography Channel
  • Website reviews
  • Show reviews from the UK

There’s bound to be more as there’s still over a month till copy deadline. The first edition is out in the first week of August just in time for Summerslam.


The fanzine is going to be available through subscription. It’s going to be A5 b&W and at least 40 pages. Twelve editions cost just £15 (the vast majority of which is printing/distribution costs). BUT the bonus is that each week there’ll be an email update with some news, a Three Count column and news from advertisers etc. If you’re interested, contact me at: Stephen@Wrestling101.com Cheques should be sent to Steve Ashfield, 29 Graham Road, Southampton SO14 0AX and made payable to “Solent Rainbow” A receipt will be sent immediately and the weekly emails begin the week after you subscribe.


I really can’t wait to get the first edition out, plenty of ideas for the coming months. Oh and if you’ve got something to sell or there’s a video/book whatever that you’re after line ads cost just £1.50.





Bad Blood Preview - Chris2K



Well it's June again, and it's the first year anniversary of the first ever single brand PPV, Bad Blood. Last year we had the Hell In A Cell between Kevin Nash and HHH, and this year it's the same kinda thing... or is it?


Let's kick off the preview with what is likely to be one of the opening matches:



Chris Jericho vs. Tyson Tomko



On one side you have your generic WWE big guy. It's tall, muscular, slow, and uses a powerbomb as a finisher. Matt Morgan failed. Nathan Jones failed. Batista failed before he went to Evolution. I can't see Tomko fairing any better. The fact that it's Jericho, easily one of the best workers in the WWE, who has to carry this lump is ridiculous. Yes, ok, it fits in with the storyline with Trish and Christian. BUT END THE STORYLINE! It should've ended the Raw after WrestleMania, but since then, we've had re-matches, cage matches, handicap matches, and someone new brought in for some bad matches. It doesn't make any sense to me.


Prediction to win: Chris Jericho. For my sanity's sake.



Victoria vs. Gail Kim vs. Trish Stratus vs. Lita



The Women's Title is giving the Cruiserweight title a run for its money in the 'nobody cares about it' department. Except the Women's Title has suffered from crap dancing and no matches, rather than crap booking and bad matches. This can be emphasised at the way this match was made; it was due to be Victoria vs. Gail, but because Gail is about as over as a ring technician, they chucked Lita and Trish in to get the crowd interested. Yet somehow, I feel they won't be.


Prediction to win: Trish. She's getting pushed a bit.



Eugene vs. Coach



Scary as it is, these two guys are probably two of the best entertainers on Raw at the moment. Well the feud's been more interesting than watching HHH and HBK punch each other all night. Eugene is a character that the WWE have had to be very careful with, and they've handled him brilliantly. He's more over than HBK right now, and because Nick Dinsmore can actually wrestle, the matches are good fun. Hopefully we'll see some wrestling from Coach like at Backlash, but I certainly wouldn't bet on this being a long match.


Prediction to win: Eugene. I can't go against the guy. I think someone will cost him the match though.



La Resistance Tres vs. Chris Benoit & Edge



Well Eric Bischoff always has been a genius, so putting Benoit on the card twice is just another example of this. Unfortunately, Benoit and Edge will have to carry Sylvan Grenier to a half-decent match (Conway's good enough to be on his own). The fact that La Resistance is now in its third combination shows that the gimmick is stale, and Conway should be pushed as a singles guy. And Grenier should be pushed into a cupboard, and the door locked.


Prediction to win: La Res 3. It seems daft for Benoit and Edge to regain, especially as their being touted to main event Vengeance against each other.



Randy Orton vs. Shelton Benjamin



Say what you will about Orton (and in the past, I have), but his reign as Intercontinental Champion has definitely increased the prestige of the belt. The main reason for this is that people WANT him to lose. His matches with Mick Foley were of a good standard, and because he beat a guy like Foley, he has elevated not only himself, but the belt. And now, I believe, it's time for him to sacrifice the belt for better things. And I can't think of a better champion than Mr. Benjamin.


Prediction to win: Shelton, for Randy's sake. And his.



Chris Benoit vs. Kane



Poor Chris Benoit. The best technical wrestler in North America really is stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to the 'marks'. Half say he's a crap champion because he can't cut good promos, and the other half say he's a crap champion because they find his matches boring. Meanwhile, his fans think he's a good champion because his matches are superb, and his mic work is improving. Unfortunately, he gets booked in an awful feud with Kane, and immediately it's the marks who want him hung out to dry, and for the belt to go back to Hunter somebody. Give the guy a break.


Prediction to win: Benoit. I BELIEVE IN YOU CHRIS~!



HHH vs. Shawn Michaels



And so we come to the Hell in a Cell match. Every year we get one or two, and every year they feature HHH. Why? Well it was decided a year or two ago that the HIAC match was 'HHH's match'. Don't ask me why. His claim to being undefeated in the match is, of course, rubbish, as he lost the Armageddon one. Except that probably doesn't count in Hunter-land. Anyway, hopefully this undefeated streak will end at Bad Blood, as this feud REALLY needs to be packed in for good.


Prediction to win: HBK. It can only be him. Can't it?


Well if I had to sum up Bad Blood beforehand, it would be 'poorly booked'. Just like Judgment Day, most of the matches have been thought up in the last two weeks, with only HHH vs. HBK, and maybe Orton vs. Benjamin having any real build. The matches on paper look reasonably good, but I wouldn't expect too many fireworks.






US Scene News - By Saracen

UK Scene News - By Goldy

TWO Newsletter Main Event - By Stephen Ashfield

Bad Blood Preview - By Chris2K


Thanks for reading!


Post any feedback below...






Some of the news stories included in the TWO newsletter are taken from various sources around the Internet and is not necessarily exclusive TWO news.


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