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Kurt Angle at SummerSlam


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With Kurt Angle being probably my all time favourite wrestler, I was excited to hear that...


In a recent interview for a UK Radio Station Kurt Angle said that he had set himself the goal of returning to the ring for SummerSlam.


He also said that when he returns to active compition he will not be working a full schedule. Instead he will more then likely just work PPV matches in the hope of pro-longing his career.


Who can see him working a programme with Big Show?

And would he be face/heel?


But because he blamed Torrie for what happened to him, maybe Kurt wont bother with Show.


I would like to see him go further with Eddie because there is so much left to do between the 2.

Mania could just be the tip of the iceberg for what could develop in a heated rivalry, seeing Angle V Guerrero in titles matches.


Any thoughts on Angle's return or suggestions of who he could feud with and how?

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Well I know he's needed a third neck op and hasn't had it yet... his neck is knackered so I wouldn't want him to rush back like he did at first.... Angle's neck needed complete fusion when he first did the injury, how bad is it gonna be now?


I love to watch Angle in the ring but I don't want him to come back and end it with a bad bump on a shot neck... I want Angle to have proper goodbye when he's as near to healthy as he can get now.

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Angle is not gonna have necksurgery. He stated that on a press conferance - where he updated the public about his current status.

But no one know why the neck surgery has been cancled...

I dont realy know if this is bad or good news :-/

But he is still set to return at Summerslam, and i beleave he will ....and its problerbly gonna be with a match against Eddie...

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If he doesn't have that neck op then one bad bump and thats it... He won't have to be pushed round in a wheelchair for the sake of a work it'll be his life... worst case scenario he gets hit the wrong angle by even a little move then its bye bye Angle all together... he may die, just like he may have if Brock had have dumped him wrong at Mania XIX...
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Yep :-/

But i just dont get why he cancled his necksurgery... what could be the reason?

Maybe the injury werent as bad as first estimenated, maybe? ...but i dont think so...

Or else he just chose to keep on wresteling with the injury, and thinking he will be able to keep going with it, when not wrestleling full schedule.

But why the hell would Vince let him do this? ...as Vince stated in an interview, its not a great buissines decission to let wrestlers wrestle with injurys, because one wrong move and they are gone, and thats deffenetly not good for company.

I just cant figure this out ....

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I like Kurt Angle in and out of the ring. I think he's a great wrestler and a valuable asset to SmackDown (and they need it). Outside of the ring, he's a loving family man, which I respect very much.


His current GM roll SUCKS big time. Like I said, I like the guy as a wrestler, but this whole GM roll has got to stop!


At first I thought it was going to be great. Kurt could have his surgery and still participate in WWE activites as a GM, but it's not working for me.


I'm surprised to find out that he didn't have the surgery and very concerned. As it has been mentioned, it could be very bad news if Kurt gets back into the ring without this surgery. If something happens to him, it's too early of an end to a great career and it could be terrible for his family.


If he does comes back to take that risk, I have to agree with bob greenberg. The logical match would be Angle -vs- Cena. Angle's angle (ha ha) right now is that he hates Cena with a passion (can't blame him). Everyone that Angle sends out to beat Cena fails, so the best way to do the job right, is to do it yourself. Angle will recover from his "leg Injury" and face Cena at SummmerSlam. I just hope Kurt doesn't do anything stupid.


In other threads it was asked what you would say to Batista or Triple H if you could email them or what ever. What I would say to Kurt Angle is...... For your fans sake and your families sake.... be careful.

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