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First lot of details for Raw vs. Smackdown


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From IGN.com Ithese details have been confirmed;


- Six-person simultaneous play, for instance, has once again been brought back so that players can make the most of a pair of Multi-tap peripherals


-And every single one of 2003's game modes have returned to action too; with match types like Hell in the Cell, Slobber Knocker, Table Matches, and First Blood back and bigger than ever. Much to our chagrin, THQ would not confirm any of its new modes or gameplay features in time for us to meet our deadline; though the company representatives did assure us that Smackdown vs. RAW would boast several of them before all is said and done.


- Legends will be included, "We're told that the updated roster will be comprised of some of the biggest classic names in the industry too; but because of ongoing contractual negotiations, can't be named"


- Visually the game has been imporved with more detail.


- As for the roster both THQ didn't give too much away "Specifically, players can expect to see Randy Orton, John Cena, Triple H, Chris Benoit, Shawn Michaels, and Eddie Guerrero. Unforunately we couldn't confirm whether or not Tag Team champ Edge or the oft-wanted La Resistance would be in there


-November 2004 is the scheduled release date


The article also feature some of teh first screenshots.




The article is also reporting that the game may be fitted with PS2 Network Adapter: Online connectivity, but that hasn't been confirmed

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Apparently the roster isn't the only thing remaining covert, though; as THQ has an absolutely massive undisclosed gameplay option that will be announced sometime over the next couple of weeks. And while we can't get official confirmation as to just what that secret may end up being just yet, the word on the street is that it's that it's the one extra that everyone has been waiting for since the advent of PS2 Network Adapter: Online connectivity. And from what we understand, that's not so far off from the truth.


That is the crucial bit for me. Update the roster etc get a couple of small add ons but I NEED online on this so I can kick online ass!

Could on these games have a clan? that would be great, the TWO CLAN!!

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