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*** WWE Bad Blood 2004 PPV Discussion Thread ***


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PPV Quiz and Chat


As is our monthly tradition here at Talk Wrestling Online, we will be holding our monthly PPV Quiz and Chat night. Head over to the TWO chatroom at 8.00pm to enter our highly popular quiz, with your host Colin!. Then from 9pm until 1am, why not stay along for a good ol' chat about the PPV with all the TWO regulars? The more, the merrier.


WWE Bad Blood 2004 Quiz and Chat

Sunday 13th June

(UK Times)


Quiz: 8.00 - 9.00pm

Chat: 9pm - 1am


For more info see:



PPV Prediction League


Post your predictions below – anyone can enter!





* Hell in a Cell

Triple H v Shawn Michaels


* World Heavyweight Championship

Chris Benoit v Kane


* Intercontinental Title

Randy Orton v Shelton Benjamin


* World Tag Team Championship

La Resistance v Benoit/Edge


* Women's Title

Victoria v Lita v Gail Kim v Trish


* Chris Jericho v Tyson Tomko


* Eugene v Coach


Preview article @ Wrestling 101


T3C: WWE Bad Blood 2004 Preview - by Stephen Ashfield


How to order the PPV




Live on Sky Sports 1 at 1am.




See: WWE.com - Bad Blood



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Seems to be the case for a lot of people. Currently the chatroom has 3 people including myself, to be honest it's not worthwhile if it's stays like this.


If it does stay like this, I know the quiz is clashing with the England game and I have a really bad cold, so if it does stay low I may try and put back the quiz till another day or some such.

Edited by Colin
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Seems to be the case for a lot of people. Currently the chatroom has 3 people including myself, to be honest it's not worthwhile if it's stays like this.


If it does stay like this, I know the quiz is clashing with the England game and I have a really bad cold, so if it does stay low I may try and put back the quiz till another day or some such.


Saying that though col you can let the underdog win for once it wont pick up now though


Shame such a shame


Oh wait me wanting the quiz to go ahead :lol :P

Edited by remlap
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Woo-hoo it's on in 10 minutes. Boyo is going to make a nice cup of tea, get some slices of crusty white bread with lashings of butter and Marmite on them, switch on the 32" widescreen and flatscreen TV in my room, and hope to see HHH "out-Eddie" Eddie.


I'm talking mega-blade.


Smell ya later.



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I didn't dig Bad Blood that much :( What did you all think? I hope its the last time I see HHH vs. HBK. My Fav. match was Shelton vs. Orton even that could of been better.




I thought it was really entertaining myself, HBK V HHH went on a little too long for my taste and I felt that the Eugene match was a bit too comedic (like those cookies, what the hell was that all about?). I did like the babe plant though, Randy Orton reacted nicely to her, which has changed my opinion of the guy, as did Eugene with the Care Bear she gave him.


The best match though was Kane V Benoit, had just the right amount to keep me on the edge of my seat.


Not bad at all



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I enjoyed the show as well all except the hell in a cell which I thought was way too long. I don't know I just don't think the new slowed down WWE Style works all that well in Hell in a Cell matches and by the end of the match I was just happy it was over because it had bored the crap out of me.
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Boyo's Bad Blood Report:


Not a bad PPV at all, I was pretty much thoroughly entertained throughout. Hell, even Batista vs Maven on Heat was an entertaining match. Batista putting in a very impressive performance!


La Resistance vs Edge/Benoit was a solid, entertaining match - I didn't guess that Kane was going to come down and whoop Benoit like he did - I thought Edge was going to cost them the match. Should have guessed about Kane, I suppose. Sylvain Grenier did his credentials no harm at all and is looking PPV material. I thought it was funny when Conway asked for his name to be pronounced "Robbair".


Jericho vs Tomko was another solid match with Tomko putting in a decent showing. A couple of sloppy errors but they improvised well enough. Bit of a hasty Y2J victory in the end and even old Boyo could have kicked out of that Inseguri (sp).


The Orton promo before the match started was killer. It was golden stuff, and even when the crowd heckled him because he slipped on the turnbuckle he took it in his stride, acknowledged their jeers and carried on. That was Boyo's personal favourite bit of Bad Blood non-match wise. Orton was on a different level today. The match was good, with some fantastic wrestling at times, and Orton reversing a splash for the pin. Decent.


The Women's 4-Way for Boyo, was probably the best showcase of women's wrestling I've seen in a long time. Each woman did themselves proud tonight. You had Victoria just throwing everyone around easily (a massively powerful woman - didn't realise just how strong she is) and shaking her ass, Gail Kim getting Lita in a Brock-Lock, Lita's clotheslines were superb, and she executed a sick DDT. Trish, perhaps was the biggest let-down. I was really enjoying the match. Then, all of a sudden, 1-2-3 Trish wins!! Where did THAT come from!?! Lita and Victoria looked genuinely shocked. What is the obsession with this woman as champion I ask you? Gail Kim is much more worthy.


Eugene vs Coach was so-so. The comedy was FAR, FAR overdone. What the hell was the cookies thing all about? Seriously.


Benoit vs Kane was very decent - probably the match of the night. Kane was put over really well, not tapping out to the Crossface OR Sharpshooter, and Benoit getting the win via a roll-up after all his submission attempts failed.The good thing is that Kane's reputation was enhanced, yet Benoit's move-set was not tarnished.


HHH vs HBK was a great 25 minutes spectacle. Some great spots, some blood, some fan-dabby-dosey in ring psychology and some great wrestling, of course. The last 15 minutes was a bit of a chore to watch, and it just sort of peetered out, rather than end memorably. I'm glad HHH wins though - I do like him.


Other Stuff: what was all the Matt Hardy stuff about? He turns up with his girlfriend Lita, he was going to be at ringside. Then Bischoff comes in and tells him to leave the arena. That's all good: sets up a Kane spot during the Women's match. If/when you watch the Women's match it certainly seems like plans were changed halfway through the match. Lita was pretty much dominating and I was waiting for Kane to come down to ring and do something but then BOOM!! Trish wins. I honestly don't think the other women in that match expected Trish to win like that. Victoria and Lita look genuinely confused. Maybe they're not going ahead with the Lita/Kane thing any more?


Who was that black guy in the crowd??? Seriously! You guys must have seen him. He was sitting on the corner where the aisle meets ringside. He was a massively muscular man, dressed up in fancy dress. I honestly thought he was going to interfere somehow, and was waiting for him to do something. Seriously. He didn't do anything in Bad Blood, though...





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I seen that guy in the corner, some kind of freak for sure.


Maybe the PPV wasn't as bad as I thought (the Kane/Benoit match was good too), it's just these PPV's really don't feel like the "old" PPV's used to. It seems like a long RAW show at times.


Also I don't feel like the King and Good Ol' JR are up to par on the announcing, at times its good, but overall they put me to sleep. Especially the King. I did like the line from JR "He drove his elbow through the table, through his heart, through the canvas!!" - HBK/HHH match.

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I thought the Benoit match was the match of the night, he dragged Kane to a good match, not showstopping but quite good, espically the story with Kane breaking Benoit submissions and him having to fake out the cross face in to a half nelson roll for the win...


Enjoyed Gail Kim's submission work a great deal, the Six Second magic from the Headscissors is a beautiful move... and was annoyed at Trish winning again...


Orton was good and so was Shelton... I thought the Exploder was beautiful but did you hear the crowd boo when he put Ric in the Figure-4? Waiting for the day when he clutches the wrist and drops an Exploder '98 on someone.. mark out moment for me..


The Cell was alright but Michaels blade job sucked and HHH's was good but not as good as Eddie's Boyo... Plus Michaels needs to come to terms with the fact he's balding... Wanted a big finish though... not two tired men doing half arsed finishers on each other but not bad... Enjoyed the Elbow thru the table off the ladder.


Oh and one last thing... Someone give Jericho a proper finisher please!

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I really enjoyed the show, and I admit it.


I truely think Benoit helped Kane to pull of his best match ever, really enjoyed that match.


Before that it just reminded me of a shabby raw show with promo cutting like wtf this is a ppv all matches not orton walking around.


The womens match went down really well, the snap on the DDT by lita jesus new finisher there. Jake Roberts might be pleased with that how she snapped it, good idea to push Gail as a submissions wrestler now they found out she isnt a female Rey Misterio Jr.


The Hell in a cell was really, really normal this gimmick match has played its course, and HHH is the king whoopdy do, nearly sent me to sleep and thats hard these days, so im happy of that.


Good show.

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Warning this is a review so contains spoilers.







Overall I think this PPV easily deservers a 9 / 10 rating.


I will rate the matches in order of what I thought was the best first & so on. First of all as good as the HIAC & World title matchec were they are not even close to being match of the night.


No that honour goes to...


Randy Orton Vs Shelton Benjamin stole the show from under the 2 main events. Mind you it almost went wrong after Orton's entertaining speech he blew most of the credability he had built up for the last 5 minutes when he slipped of the turnbuckle.


Still once the match started it was non stop edge of the seat entertaininment & there was barely a wasted move or minute in the match. This match should make it obvious to any Orton doubters that still say he doesn't have what it takes, clearly he does & Shelton is not far behind him.




Second Best but almost as good was the Damn fine match with Kane & Benoit. Again it was a perfectly booked title match with Benoit playing an underdog of sorts & Kane playing the 'monster' who had to be stopped. Kane's best match for years without a doubt but not Benoit's best, but only because he has so many great matches.



The Hell in a cell was also good but not as good as past cell matches or as good as some of the past Shawn / HHH matches. Still while it may not have being a sceintific fest it was still more than enjoyable for what it did.



Also worthwhile were the undercard matches all of which were at worst good.


Eugene Vs Coach was the best of the undercard matches & the character of Eugene is one of the best gimmicks in years. Mostly booked as a comedy match is was never the less a good match.



Chris Vs Tomko was slightly worse than most of the matches on offer mostly because Tyson is stil a bit green but still they worked quite well & made the best match that one could hope for with these two.




La Resistance Vs Edge & Benoit was booked to follow the big book of how to book a tag match from page one to the last page. Everything expected of a 'classic' tag match was here. Still that makes no difference as it was still a good way to open a PPV & was in no way a bad match




Thw Woman's Title match was a bit disjointed at times wit all the action going on it was hard to know where to look. Still all Four impressed me at one time or another & the match knew not to outstay it's welcome & was short & sweet.


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Great to see HBK putting over some young talent :lol


Seriously, decent ppv. Benoit again proved himself to be one of the best workers around, and Orton and Benjamin had a great match.


Lot of positives to be taken from Bad Blood.

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Woah! That was definetely a good PPV. The Batista v. Maven was a nice way to start things off. Best match of the evening for me, was Benoit and Kane. I was knackered, but that match kept me watching. HIAC was a bit mediocre, nothing that I didn't expect, and Eddie's blade job has yet to be matched.


Kurt Angle and Smackdown, hope you're watching, thats how a PPV should be done!

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well i decided not to watch the whole show, but stirring in my sleep at 3:15 i thought i would watch the HIAC. wow that was a barrel of laughs is the slow style just there to stop HHH looking slow fat and overweight? I can't understand the result either although with them pushing the "un-defeated" thing it makes some sense.


seems like i missed out on a good ppv, any idea when the encore presentation is on sky?

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Probably Thursday or Tuesday knowing Sky at around 9pm but I'll also check tonights listing because like I said you never know...


The reason HHH actually won is because his movie project has been put on hold and he is avilable all summer so they made Michaels look like he had a bad back so he can have an angle to leave and then HHH will go on to Summerslam to probably bring the gold back to daddy...

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