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WWE Champion on the day you were born

Bob Greenberg

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WWF - Hogan... 1st of August 1985... Is right I'm sure he didn't drop it till 1988 against Andre on the TV special....


NWA - Flair was in the middle of his 5th reign as champ.... Held it until he lost to Dusty in '86


AWA - Ric Martel... think he lost it to Stan Hansen later on in the year...


NJPW - Antonio Inoki, but he didn't have a title belt, it was a league back then or something weird...


AJPW - The top title before the Triple Crown was the NWA International Title and it was held by Jumbo Tsuruta...

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Some of you that were born in the Late 80's early 90's I apologize!

You guys missed some greatness...granted you all probably saw it, it was a much different feeling to watch it live and when it was current. Wrestling gave me a much greater sensation back then, when the ultimate warrior would come out, commercials would go up, and you would sit there waiting for the program to come back on, while your ass was on the edge of your seat.


Papa Shango used to give me nightmares! Now that is a gimmick that got through to scaring me crazy! I wish I could still get those feelings, but sadly, wrestling today simply bores me!

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