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IWF Traning

Smokey Joe 1

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hi Joe.

i asked that same question and i was told 2 pop along 2 training and see either Eric or Judge.

im at the show 2morra and will be at the jnr academy show on sunday.

you wont start managing at shows straightaway but in time u cud do,but if ur serious like myself u shud first learn how 2 take bumps and help out at shows and all the lads and lasses are great,friendly ppl.

so if ur there 2morra keep an eye out 4 a shaven headed guy with a walkingstick and that'll be me.

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wZw don't focus on Management training, we train wrestlers. I think it would be a little unfair to charge people to train to manage, anyone that asks me about managing I tell them the same thing (which I dont remember you asking) is go to acting classes first, as thats the sort of role you want, once you can act, then come for a try out. Why pay a wrestling school to learn how to act when thats what acting schools do.



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