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Nintendo DS


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I want this thing now!


Just picked up Nintendo Official Magazine to occupy me during a lazy Friday at work and this machine and its games look superb. When I first read about the thing a few months ago it looked interesting - "Two screens, one with a touch screen? Fun gimmick but what'll they do with it?" They've come up with some of the coolest ideas for it, though.


The obvious things - having a map display on one screen and the playfield on another being the most obvious - are there in abundance but then there are the clever-clever things that only Miyamoto-san and co could come up with. A BRAND NEW 2D SUPER MARIO GAME! As in previous Super Mario Bros games you play on the surface and under ground - the catch is that you travel between the screens when you go underground. Not clever enough? How about a PacMan game played on thepage of an excercise book? The ghost move around and you have use the stylus on the touch screen and DRAW PACMAN and then DRAW THE LINES HE FOLLOWS to catch the ghosts! Another PacMan-related marvel is a Marble Madness style game. These never worked well without a track-ball but in this iteration you drag the stylus across a "ball" on the touch-screen (the ball being a smily PacMan face) to roll it in the directions, and at the speeds, you want!


There's a kreb-load more - pages and pages of the stuff - and I highly recommend picking up the mag. It even includes a DVD of videos from the E3 show; I'll be drooling over these this evening.


So, roll on Spring 2005, the tentative release date. :music1

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