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Hitman Hart - Wrestling With Shadows


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This documentary follows Bret 'The Hitman' Hart as he wrestles early in 1997, showing his home-life and reaction to the increasingly controversial angles he was appearing in on WWF programmes and how the relationship between him and WWF owner Vince McMahon deteriorated over the following weeks and months.


After only a few months into filming, vince informed Bret that he can no longer honour the 25 year contract that the Hitman had with the WWF because of financial difficulties and that Bret wasn't "paying off". It soon became apparant that Vince wanted the Hitman out of the WWF...for good!


This video is the true story of Bret Hart's struggle with Vince, followed by the tale of the biggest, real double cross in the history of pro wrestling at Survivor Series 1997.


Buy it:



DVD: £9.99 - SendIt - Free Delivery



VHS: $14.95 - Amazon.com

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Once I have this on dvd i think ill have 3 of the best wrestling documentarys ever


The unreal story of pro wrestling (alot better than beyond the mat and doesnt brake kayfabe which id rather)

Beyond the mat (no introductions needed)


Good one clear/silvervision

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I have had this on video for a good few years now, and i was hoping it would be released on DVD (to keep up with the times). I found the whole thing very absorbing and emotional, it made me look at Vince McMahon and the WWF in a completely different light. I must say Silvervision/ClearVision have done the right thing bringing it onto DVD, and with its release it will no doubt catch the attention of many fans who missed it first time round.
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