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FA/Football League lose the plot.


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Division One is to be known as The Championship as the Football League looks to raise the profile of the three tiers below the Premiership.

Divisions Two and Three will be re-named League One and League Two.


With the top flight dominating media and public attention, the League hopes the changes will boost awareness.


"The Championship is a term steeped in the history of the League. It will place a new emphasis on its status," chairman Sir Brian Mawhinney said.


The standard of football in the lower divisions has been heavily criticised in recent years.


Teams promoted from Division One have struggled to survive in the Premiership - Wolves and Leicester suffered instant relegation last season.


But Mawhinney is a firm fan of 'The Championship' and wants to build on the fact that the League enjoyed its best attendances in 40 years last term.


"Not only is it a gateway to the Premiership, it is one of Europe's leading league competitions, in terms of the standard of football, the stadia and the numbers of supporters attending," he insisted.


"We want our games to become ever more attractive, not only to our core audience, but also to a new generation of youngsters on the brink of discovering the game.


"We also want a commercial audience to be encouraged to re-evaluate its perception of the League."


Ipswich chairman David Sheepshanks also backed the rebranding of the lower leagues.


"No-one is short-sighted enough to believe that we will close the gap on the Premiership but the long-term aim is to build revenue.


"It's not a sell-out, not at all. You've got to start somewhere. We've got a top sponsor, as well as the Carling Cup and the LDV competition.


"It's a whole new world, we've got to get out there and try and make some money for the clubs."


WHAT? How the hell will making a league sound like a golf tournament help the clubs out?

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"Not only is it a gateway to the Premiership, it is one of Europe's leading league competitions..."


Yes, all the top European stars are desperate to play at Turf Moor on a wet and windy Wednesday night in January.


But hey, aside from the classified results on a Saturday tea time, everyone will still call it "the first division".

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Papering over the cracks. Trying to glam up the stale old Division 1.


They are using words and a nice name to make it seem the gulf in wealth between the Prem and everything else is smaller than it is.


They are probably hoping to get more TV money.



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There is a couple of things they failed to mention there though. First of all the lower divisions will be the Coca Cola league instead of the Nationwide league, which in itself sounds absolutely dire, and a lot of the decent attendances came from the relegated Premeirship teams, for example West Ham regularly pulled in 34,000 every time we were at home, the best in the league for years!

No matter what it will always be known as division one, whether it be Natonwide, Coca Cola or The Championship.

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You say that people will still call it Division 1, 2, 3 etc, didn't we all say that when the Premiership came into force. Hell I've only just got used to not saying Division 2, when talking about whats now "The Championship", now the 3rd tier is Division 1, or League 1??? It's all strange and unnecessary, especially as the Champions come from the Premiership, rather than the Championship.
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That all changed when the premiership clubs split from the football league, hence the premiership champions come from the premier league the football league champions come from the "championship". They are 2 seperate identies so the football league have every right to call it what they wish.


I'm not overly keen on the new names but there is so much debt in the lower leagues that something has to be done and this shows they are trying

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What a load of crap. It's a stupid name, will just confuse people more (especially people abroad or who don't pay attention) and lead to LESS people paying an interest in the lower divisions.


It was ok when Div 1 became the 2nd one down because a "Premier" division means first or top, so that was ok. "Championship" doesn't mean anything as far as status goes, so it makes no sense to rename the leagues below it.


So now the old 3rd division is the 1st division?! What a load of bullshit, and whoever thought it up should be sacked immediately, beacause all the thousands of pounds it's going to take to set up this crap could easily be better spent on improving the profile some other way.


One thing that did make me laugh though was:


Wolves and Leicester suffered instant relegation last season


That was a bit unfair, shouldn't they have at least waited to see what results they got? :lol



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what struck me most was how the team that finishes top of the league will now be the championship champions. it just sounds ridiculous.


you'd think with so many clubs in financial trouble that instead of wasting a load of money like this, they'd actually put it to use in a more positive and meaningful manner.

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