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Hi, I write columns for wrestling101 (The Three Count) and for the TWO Newsletter (The Main Event) and at the start of August, I’ll be launching a new wrestling fanzine called ‘Piledriver.’ I’ve been lucky enough to recruit some of this countries top wrestling writers (though I’m still looking for more, so give me an email at mageditoruk@yahoo.co.uk if you’re interested) namely Adam Sibley who writes the UK Scene report on this site, Julian Radbourne (2Sheds Review), Stephen Anderson (purewrestling.com) and WAW boss Ricky Knight is on board too to give the wrestler’s point of view. I’ve also got Linda Robin on board whose ‘Linda’s Thoughts’ column seems to be on every American wrestling website.


So what’s going to be in the first edition? It’s a mixture of British and American coverage. Here’s what I’ve got lined up:


Interviews with Ted Dibiase and American Indie wrestler Johnny Ova

The Rock talks about his 2004 film releases ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ and ‘Walking Tall.’

Tributes to Andre the Giant, Flash Barker and Kendo Nagasaki

The History of Summerslam

FWA: Past, Present and Future

The Southern Wrestlers Reunion Event

Strictly Smackdown and Totally Raw – reviews of the past few weeks shows

The PPV Report

News from the UK and USA (Including ROH, CZW, NWA etc)

DVD/Book Reviews

TV news including previews of two wrestling documentaries on The Biography Channel

Website reviews

Show reviews from the UK


There’s bound to be more as there’s still over a month till copy deadline. The first edition is out in the first week of August just in time for Summerslam.


The fanzine is going to be available through subscription. It’s going to be A5 b&2 and at least 40 pages. Twelve editions cost just £15 (the vast majority of which is printing/distribution costs). BUT the bonus is that each week there’ll be an email update with some news, a Three Count column (don’t worry Kam I’ll still be sending fresh material to this site) and news from advertisers etc. If you’re interested, contact me at: mageditoruk@yahoo.co.uk Cheques should be sent to Steve Ashfield, 29 Graham Road, Southampton SO14 0AX and made payable to “Solent Rainbow” A receipt will be sent immediately and the weekly emails begin the week after you subscribe.


I really can’t wait to get the first edition out, plenty of ideas for the coming months. Oh and if you’ve got something to sell or there’s a video/book whatever that you’re after line ads cost just £1.50.

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