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Fantasy Warfare


Who Would Win  

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  1. 1. Who Would Win

    • Triple H
    • Killer Kowalski

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Basically i'm gonna do what RAW magazine does and start fantasy warfare threads each one will have a poll and be open for 1 week


First One


Triple H Vs Killer Kowalski


This would be a brilliant match pitting HHH against the very man who trained and molded him.


My Prediction:

Triple H because even though killer trained HHH, he has also learned from such mentor as Shawn and Ric Flair so i would go with Triple H.

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Killer Kowalski...in a hart beat!

He would just hit HHH with that steel rod in that leather strap he has laced to his fore-arm...Oh, hey wait...That was "Iron"Mike Sharpe wasn't it.

Killer Kowalski was the guy with the horrible cauliflower ears...Ah ha!...Let's see, Gross ears vs. giant Freekish nose...Wow! Those guys would make a great Tag-Team..."The Malformed!"...Maybe they could start a new faction called 'De-evolution'!

That would be GREAT!!!

They could take turns beating up on Darkstar and Boyo!

Only you couldn't put KK in a headlock...his ears would fall off...

and if you hit HHH in the nose to hard,he could bleed to death!

That's a cryin' shame...I think...than again,maybe not!

Oh well, in the end I voted for Killer Kowalski. Why not!


If HHH snezzes in a forest do all the trees fall...and is anyone around to care?


:devil "That's Twisted!"

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Beyond the shadow of a doubt the winner of this match would be....... the fans. Getting to see such a spectacle of technical prowess would be awe inspiring to anyone, especially if the match was fair and relied only on skill. (P.S. I'm gona say KK would win).
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