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great new game idea

Guest crackerjack

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Guest crackerjack

a game kind of like def jam except rockstars are used

here are my characters





Zach Wild


Tommy Lee

Niki Six

Lead siinger of crue- sorry forgot

Axl Rose


James Hetfield

Lars Ulrich

Kirk Hammit

Sammy Hagar

David Lee Roth

Eddie Van Halen

Rob Zombie


Maryln Manson

Kurt Kobain

David Grohl

Angus Young

Brian Johnson

Alice Cooper


Dave Mustaine

Dave Navarro


Brett Michaels

Jimmy Hendrix




Pamela Anderson

Carmen Electra

Courntey Love


please tell me your suggestions and coments

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Something like this was rumoured for Def Jam 2. I did hear a while back that it would be a "Battle Of The Genres" game, probably Rap Vs Rock. So when Def Jam 2: Fight For New York was announced with only rap artists included, I was a tad disapointed.


Maybe they didn't want to do a Rap Vs Rock scenario because EA saw the problems that it caused in the Music Forum right here. So as for your idea, it's not happening, blame Jack Bibby, Boyo and AC. :)

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What I'd love in a game is something thats in Def Jam Vendetta. Y'know the way there's five girls in the game, and during career mode, they come up to you and you have to choose between your current girl and the new one? And then you have to fight as the girl you've chosen against the other one?


Well, I think it'd be really entertaining if they had a fighting game ala Def Jam, with about twenty over-the-top female characters, with trash-talkin', and moves like hair-pulling and nail-scraping. I think that'd be a funny game.

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E2K, I give you Rumble Roses, the PS2 game with just about everything you said due for a late 2004 release in the US, probably meaning an early 2005 date for the UK. It's busty ladies with little clothing cat-fighting each other in a wrestling ring. Of course, if you read the W101 Video Games Update every month, you'd have known about this game for quite a while now.


Boy, do I love this thread, it makes me look like some kind of Wrestling Video Games know-it-all. I should do a column about wrestling games some time. :)

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I didnt like Def Jam probably because of its lack of good rappers. The idea was right but Ill be getting Snoop Dogg boxing instead. Would be good to see create a rapper next time with all the best tattoos that stars have. Rock vs Rap would be good because rap wuld kick ass big style.
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