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wrestlemania thoughts


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you know i wonder what the matches will be for mania



i still think tripper v jericho will be for the title, whether it will headline is up to how many ego's get in first.


then it looks like its the battle of alcoholics anonymous with last call scott hall v the ringmaster


then as for the rest, well id bet at sulk hogan taking on mr maivia, yet where this leaves anyone else is a mystery


nash has to take on a big face im guessing, yet erm there arent any, unless he takes on kane, or taker (if they turn him...again), or oh god the big crap paul wight.


then we've probably got edge v regal in a who gives a damn about thie feud on a pole match


the hardys vs father time, in the hospital's favourite match.


erm then apa v someone for the tag titles, in whats bound to be as classic as every funaki match on metal.


then rvd v whoever is left


and as for kurt angle? ooh crap we forgot about him, says the booking crew


they should really book in advance, cause this is what happens when they dont.

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I reckon it'll be something like this:

Undisputed championship:

Y2J vs HHH vs Angle


Austin and Kane VS Nash and Hall


Rock VS Hogan


RVD & Edge VS Regal & Goldust


Tag titles:

APA vs Whoever is tag champs


Hardyz VS Billy & Chuck VS Lance & Christian VS Dudleyz


Jazz VS Jackie


Test, Booker T, and any other 2 heels VS Hurricane, Tajiri, Albert and Scotty 2 Hotty

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