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Lack of Tag Teams in the WWE


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I've been thinking lately about how the tag division is the weakest it has been in a very long time, back in 2000, there was tag team's everywhere, DX (X-Pac, Dogg), E&C, Dudleyz, Hardyz, APA, and a few others. But in 2004, after WCW merged, which in itself brought in tag teams e.g. O'Haire, Jindrak, it's the weakest its been. 2 tag teams were broken up at the hands of this years Draft Lottery. Those being WGTT, which held the tag titles numerous times in their 15 short months in the WWE, and Cade/Jindrak, who started to have a mini push as a tag, wrestling at WMXX, which many people thought of them as serious challengers going in. Below is a look at the tag teams on both Raw and Smackdown.



Champions - La Resistance

Well these guys won them last week, they have been around since mid 2003 as their current pairing, before one of them suffered an injury. I can see them being champs for at least 2 months, neither can I see the pair splitting in the foreseeable future. But its going to be Heat-ville for them when their reign ends.


Edge & Chris Benoit

Lost the titles last week, Benoit is still the Champ, and holding the tag titles seemed to take away his World Champ duties, and his feud with Kane seems to have been dampened due to other storylines and Benoit being in tag matches week in, week out. I very much doubt these 2 will be tagging before the end of the month.



With Randy as IC champ, the Evo tag team has been Flair and Batista, and have held the belts on 2 occasions, but Ric has already says he is going to cut down his wrestling duties. There has also been a lot of talk of Evo splitting up, which will of course bring the end to this team. Batista, in my opinion is really starting to develop as a singles competitor, and thats where he needs to be.


Hurricane and Rosey

Hurricane and the S.H.I.T. have been tagging for over a year now, and seems to be no where in gaining the belts. They also do a fair share of putting people over, and seem to be on heat every week. Really can't see them getting the belts, maybe a split upcoming.


With La Resistance now being champs, it means Benoit and Edge can go back to singles duty and I feel its good that the belts are with a proper tag team that can defend them weekly and not take away from other duties. However, it seems that new teams will need to be formed, it seemed Jindrak and Cade would be ideal for the belts in March and could have had a decent run with them, but the draft stopped that one.




Champs - Rico and Charlie Hass

The odd couple won the belts in April, after Charlie split from his tag partner, got paired up with Rico, and won the belts on their first time tagging together. Whilst both are seasoned wrestlers, a good majority of the opening of the match focuses on Rico's gay gimmick, that can take away from the wrestling ability. However, saying that they are very over with the crowd, and I can see they reign continuing for the near future.



The ECW veterans have held all 3 tag titles over 18 times, and how long will it be before they capture these. I'm going for not too long, after this angle with Taker is over, they'll be going after these titles, and will more than likely capture them. However, some fans find their style very boring, and this may hold them back


Basham Bros

Seemed to lose all sense of momentum after Shaniqua leaving in Feb, we occasionally see them on Smackdown, doing job work to Eddie last week. Again, can't see a title reign in their future, need a new gimmick despratly.


Kidman & Paul London

Both cruisers use the SSP, but haven't had a sniff of being shown as a tag on Smackdown. We all know, Vince doesn't like cruisers, so no gold in the near future for these two. It wouldn't suprise me if either of them are released in the near future, more likely London due to billy being married to Torrie


Billy Gunn and Hardcore Holly

A new tag team on the scene, and had a title shot at JD. Very powerful tag team, but I can't tell if their heel or face. Possible reign in the future, doubtful.


I can only see the next move of Tag titles in SD going to the Dudleyz, possibly at Summerslam.


Well they are my thoughts, just like to hear yours now,


Adam :)

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great thread i fully concur on this thought back in 2000/2001 theyre was an over whelming amount of tag team talent and possibly the greatest era of tag teams ever. Teams that you mentioned were great teams and I loved to see Tag Team wrestling on a regular basis. Theyre was a lot more happening as well then like The stories were more foucsed like E and C vs The Hardyz the matches were built up rather than like RAw just having La Resistance beat Edge and Benoit and the match wasnt even built up. Of course though if they turn Edge Hell, it would start the rumours of an E and C reunion which I would love of course but there certainly is a lack of tag teams at the moment.


La Resistance are a great team but stuff liek the draft and WWEs current plan to push lower starts like Shelts has left a lot of space for tag teams like WGTT who were excellent together. The lack has indeed shown a lot int he way WWE have been putting the strps on main Event singles stars rather than actually ful time tag wrestlers, I feel a tag team should be about wrestling as a team more often than as singles like teams liek the Hardys , DX and the APA etc used to. They used to wrestle as Tag Teams but it never went stale because they used to give them te occasional singles match to keep it fresh. Now theyres two sets of tag belts and a lack of teams back then theyre were a load of great teams and only one set of belts, WWE needs to rectify the problem and fast

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I agree. The tag divison seems to have dived in the last year or so. I was excited with the buy ouut of WCW and the young tag teams they had. Well as we know nothing really came of it.

I think it will start to gain pace again in a year or so, everything can only go so low before it begins to pick up. How low though is the question.



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Agreed about the great thread :thumbsup I would definetly like to see more PROPER tag teams aswell as factions. RAW put together Benoit and Edge and it was in my opinion the worst team in a while. If I was Vince I would start to build the foundations now for next generations Demolition, LoD and The Bushwackers :lol ok well maybe not The Bushwackers then :P
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At the moment i'm not a huge fan of tag team wrestling, out of the 8 tag teams you have named, only 3 of them could be considered proper tag teams, La Resistance, Dudleyz and the Bashams.

The remaining 5 come across as just single wrestlers put together to fill a void in the desperate tag team ranks.

This could have been avoided though with a little more carefully thought out booking, i mean how hard is it to take holly and gunn of the sd roster for a few weeks, i dunno, maybe have had the bashams and dudleyz double double team them, and then bring them back wearing matching outfits, decent ring music and present them as to badass muscle men,who are taking no more sh!t.

London and Kidman could have had run ins with any of the under utilised cruiserweights on sd, and have them to come out and double team cruiserweights, then eventually start double teaming non cruiserweights, at least this will give off the aura that 2 well teamed men no matter how big will always get the advantage over a singles wrestler.

This is just of the top of my head aswell,

why not have a crusierweight tagteam title on sd and move the other tag teams to raw, so we still have to tag belts, one for the cruisers and one for the heavtweights.

random points....

why not dump rosey and put shannon moore with helms as a super hero contingent!!

its easy to solve, just takes a little planning.

why not bring back skinner and have him team with the stalker (barry windham)

why not have outback cumback and have him team with nathan jones as the new ding dongs!!!!

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WWE needs to get back to the old fed days approach. Remember back then they had a massive amount of teams!!!!!! I wouldnt be suprised if they went down this road, as we have already seen similar fed days traits elsewhere: stereotypical over the top charactors being introduced, like: JBL, mordicai, Rene dupree. Now we also have theadore Long back as a manager!!!!! More managers, more tag teams, (not hastily thrown together pairings.) and a few more razzlers really doing a good bit of roleplay.

One can only hope the fed days are coming back, though hopefully with a modern day attitude. If you dont think its a great idea....then try going down to your local car boot sale and picking up a few old tapes to see what were all missing out on. great stuff!!!!! quality matches!!!!!! Believable as Hell.

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I must admit, I am pretty exasperated at the lack of decent tag teams but am now warming to La Resistance - I think they are worthy champions.


I agree that the rest just seem like singles competitors thrown together, and not proper tag teams.



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What makes a team good is that they have a common bond. Edge and Benoit are both Canadian, but that's not enough to do it. It has to be something like LoD, British Bulldogs, the Moondogs, the Freebirds, etc, in order to make it really work.


Being over as a singles competitor doesn't work. Okay Vinnie Mac?

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were edge and christian not labelled as brothers?


i was a fan of la ressitance from the start despite the pleas that sylvain is talentless which he isnt he just isnt as good as a lot of other guys on the roster but then again goldberg was worse than sylvain and look where he got-world champ- its all about pushes and getting over- i think both members of the current la res pairing could do that

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I totally agree. The Tag Division is the weakest it has been in a while. They should form tag teams and not then break them up after 6-12 months. That is the problem. With rumors that Jeff Hardy could be coming back to WWE that might make the creative board think. Well they should try and do something ASAP cause at one point the tag divison was the most exciting region of WWE with TLC & Ladder matches you would have to agree that now it isnt
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i read somewhere that jeff still wrestles...just not telivised matches because he has his band going and his matchs were getting to demanding for him, and also that his story line was just weak, no-one wanted to see jeff vs. matt they just wanted hardyz vs. dudlyz, back to how it should be!!

but we carnt leave out edge and cristian


and now for those with the benifits of flash photography!!!!!! :worship


ooooooo taka and funkoki ( poor spelling) indeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed! :devil


ah the good old days :(

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O.K. guys...

Vince bought out all of his compitition right.

Then where is all the talent!

Out of all the tag-teams that existed in the WCW and the ECW what do we have today...

The Dudley Boyz...

and...uh, wait let me think...Nobody!

That's right, Nobody!

I don't understand what happend here...Tag-teams use to be prevalent in wrestling everywhere you looked!

Now we have to resort to watching The World Champion be a co-holder of the Tag-team titles for RAW...thats pathetic. I think a reworking is in order...


La Res is a good team, they're finally getting a well deserved push.


I agree with most of you, Helms needs to ditch Rosey and team up with Shannon More again, maybe not as Three Count, but maybe work the superhero gimmick as previously stated.


We need more factions as well. Like in the good ole' days...

Remember all the gang faction warfare everywhere you looked!

We has Crush and his biker gang!

Silvio Vega and his gang of Puerto Ricans :lol Makes me laugh each and every time


The Ministry of Darkness/The Brood!

The Corporation!

The Union!


WWE needs more teams and factions to gut over with it's current fans and to gain new ones!

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