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***Official SmackDown Thread - June 8th 2004***

Steve V.1

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Dark matches

Funaki b Carlito Colon



Mark Jindrak b Billy Kidman

Billy Gunn & Bob Holly b ? & ? (we are looking for the names of these guys)

Spike Dudley b Akio

Rico b Jamie Noble




Kurt Angle demanded Booker T and John Cena apologizer over last week. Booker did, but of course Cena wouldn't. Angle then ordered Cena to wrestle Booker, RVD and Rene Dupree on the show and the first one to beat him faces him for the title at the Great American Bash.


Kenzo Suzuki b Scotty 2 Hotty. Suzuki was carried to the ring like he was a ruler. His wife was managing him.


Rey Mysterio b Chavo Guerrero when Classic's interference backfired


Paul Heyman and the Dudleys were in the secret place they are hiding Paul Bearer. Heyman said he was going to Nassau to confront Undertaker.


Cena drew Booker T


Cena drew RVD. These were 5:00 time limit matches and RVD had Cena beat when time expired


Cena drew Dupree. Angle ordered another 5:00. Cena used the FU to pin Dupree. Angle was so mad he said it didn't count, and ordered a four-way with Cena vs. Booker vs. RVD vs. Dupree for the U.S. title at the Bash.


Bradshaw arrived in his limo. He did a promo, and said he was headed back to the City. Eddy Guerrero was driving his limo as he left


Mordecai b Paul London


Guerrero drove the limo back, crashing the limo everywhere. Bradshaw was in the back, knocked out and covered in muck. Guerrero led the crowd to scream loud enough to wake Bradshaw up. As he stumbled out, Guerrero cut a promo on him while Bradshaw freaked out about his destroyed limo.


Paul Heyman came out and said Undertaker would either join him or destroy him. They teased Taker destroying him, but Heyman held up the urn, and Undertaker dropped to his knee as the show went off the air.


Undertaker destroyed Bradshaw after the show went off the air.

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This looks like better than previous weeks smackdown's (well, its not hard), and this angle with Heyman/Dudleyz/Taker/Bearer is starting to take my interest. The Four Way at GAB also looks intresting and good easily be MOTN, and hopefully it'll be given some build up over the next few weeks.


Kenzo looks like he's going to be squashing Crusiers over the next few weeks, Mordacai's is also in the middle of this, poor Paul London, will he ever get a break?


I really can't see where the Tag Title division's going,

Gunn/Holly - well..... we've already had that match

Kidman/London - Yeah, well we can wish

Dudleyz - tied up with Taker


The only other opponents I can see there being for Rico and Haas is a makeshift Cruiserteam or something

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Kenzo Suzuki debuting, another reason not to watch SmackDown!.


Paul London managed only his third ever appearance on SmackDown! and it was the third time he got squashed, looking forward to seeing him back in Zero-One and Ring of Honor before the end of the year.

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Kenzo Suzuki debuting' date=' another reason not to watch SmackDown!.[/quote']


Why exactly? I saw this guy on TWC and I was more impressed with the others but this guy has the look and I think he will go quite far if he can get through promos. Maybe instead of his wife he could get that guy who managed Yokozuna back or someone to speak

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You saw Kenzo on TWC channel, which show Bibby?


Put it this way go to Wrestle 101 and read his bio... he's a former pro athlete who turned to wrestling and got pushed because people knew him and it would gather attention from the media...


How do I know? I wrote the bio.

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The third man for the campaign! Oooooh yeah... To be fair though I don't know if Riki's just on holiday anyway... It just struck me as an idea...


But back to Kenzo... was it Noah or NJPW? Cos their is a Kotaro Suziki and MiSuziki in Japanese wrestling as well.

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I think it was NJPW but im not sure. I think it was a big crowd so thats what Im basing that on.

p.s. Riki hasnt been on in months I dont think, plus it could be temperarily


EDIT: i think Joanie Laurer was on the card aswell as Bas Rutten, which fed is that?

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When the Undertaker joins Heyman he will still be a face and will do a turn on them when he has got back the urn and Paul Bearer. As for him and Mordecai well I think Mordecai may be still a bit young to be fueding with Taker yet but I think it will happen soon
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