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Premature nWo? *No way out spoilers*

Latino Reheat

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I found it really odd that all three came out at the very beginning.


They all got a nice pop, with a Hogan chant beginning (ehh??!!??) I admit to laughing when Hall said "we might even get to drink a few bears with the boys" with Hogan and Nash telling him no.


Hogan did talk alot of rubbish though.


Did anyone hear JR say "Who cares about America" When the nWo were leaving the ring.


By the way, why are tag team turmoil matches always first, well almost always. They should really give this sort of match a 6 month break.

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That was one of the worst WWF PPV's in quite a long time, did they book it whilst asleep?


"How should we end it?" "Oh erm, christ, now you ask me....erm, let's have a referee bump, no a run-in, no let's have both!"


Regal.....he was fighting grown adults at 15 for money, why the hell does he need a set of brass knuckles???


The Rock...carried through every damned match, then gets 5 minutes of very poor and very badly executed offence.


RVD....suplex somebody will you, either that or switch the order of your moves.


Lawler....just shut up, I mean it is possible to be funny without sounding like a sexual deviant all for 3 hours.


Steph...get lost!


Spike Dudley...I don't remember him being this one-dimensional in ECW.


Billy and Chuck...oh look, a foreign object.


The Referees...they should start no-selling bumps.


Workrate...it's not a four letter word.

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Guest Michaels
I too found the nWo coming out at the beginning odd. I found nWo's return weird from the start. Vince announced that they'd return which is strange. They should have made a surprise return which wouldn't be obvious. Someone with half a brain could tell that they'd screw Austin.
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Guest Alliance Mark
Did anyone hear JR say "Who cares about America" When the nWo were leaving the ring.


If you listen to it again he actually says "HOGAN doesn't care about America". I thought he said who cares about america at first.


Overall it was a crap pay per view, but RAW is supposedly one of the best in a long time according to the reviews at 1wrestling and the observer.


Another thing i noticed on the PPV is the bump that Mike Chioda (sp) took in the Rock/Taker match. It looked like Taker couldnt get the pipe off his bike so he shouted the ref over. Taker looked very angry and he pushed the ref pretty hard. He looked very sore for the rest of the match and looked very "vocal" after the match.

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I don't think they were supposed to be getting over as faces they were trying to gain heel heat by pretending to be trying to get over as faces, if you know what I mean. :?


Anyway I tought the whole nWo thing was handled well and came off pretty well too. It was obvious that they would attack Austin because a feud between Austin and the nWo has great potential in my opinion. Austin's best feuds are always when he's percieved to have the odds stacked against him, like in the legendary Austin vs McMahon feud.

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yeah guys need good runs with the belts to give them more credibility. if you break it down to individual matches, i don't think i wanted to see any of those title matches end with them changing hands.


tag titles - booker and test should go on to bigger and better things, and nobody expected spike and tazz to be a success as champs so it was good to see this one end with them still champs. i never really like two good singles competitors being the tag champs, prefer it to be a tag team which tazz and spike keeping the belts and dropping them to billy and chuck has allowed.


ic title - the whole point of regal and edge's feud is that regal cheats his way to victory over and over, infuriating edge and the fans. besides you know regal aint gonna get a huge run as the champ.


world title - they need to push y2j as champ to give the belt credibility, and make him stick as a main eventer. everyone had already decided austin and hhh were gonna win. was good to see y2j get the victory.


do i mind that no titles changed hands at the ppv? not one bit. slate it by all means, but not because of that

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