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EWR WWE Newsletter Column: Your Input


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If you haven't read this week's newsletter, then READ IT:




If you have, you'll know that I'm asking you to suggest some PPVs for me to do when there are no current ones to do. I can only do them from a few years back due to the time needed to sign people and change stats.


So if you have a PPV you'd like me to cover from 2000-2003, let me know here :)

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Trying doing the tour of Defiance in Birmingham card below if u need it


Edge Vs Batista

Rhyno & Lita Vs Trish & Tyson Tomko

Victoria Vs Molly Holly

Stacy Promo

Eugene & Jericho Vs Cade and Nitro

Flair Vs HBK

Benjamin Vs Orton

La Resistance Vs Rosey & Hurricane

HHH VS Batista

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