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No Way Out Thoughts (contains Raw Spoilers)


What did you think of No Way Out?  

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well i have to say, after all the build up and everything, it was quite crap.


No good matches, nothing of consequence, and as for the nwo?


jeez, can they take anything seriously?


they looked old, and just the same as they were in wcw


oh this is gonna be interesting

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NWO Anaylis


Tag team Turmoil: not bad but it was uninspiring, still i didn't expect the APA to win.


Brass Knuckels on a Pole Match for the IC Title: Edge vs. William Regal: Not bad, but why oh why did regal have to win, not that i don't like him, but i think it's time edge and regal has a new feud

with someone else.


Rob Van Dam vs. Goldust: thought it was a good match, though Goldust did spoil the match in the beginning part by going out of the ring and not coming infor abt 5-7 mins.


Booker T & Test vs. Spike Dudley & Tazz: wasn't surprise that it was tazz that pinned test. good but -no way near great- match


The Rock vs. The Undertaker: well what a surprise the rock won, oh and thanks undi for no selling us for part of the match, still wasn't a bad match


For the Title Shot at Wrestlemania: Triple H vs. Kurt Angle: possibly the 2nd best match on the card though it fell short of greatness thanks the interfrence that would make WCW blush


Undisputed Heavyweight Championship Match: Chris Jericho vs. SCSA: match of the night... though the waek run-in attack kinda spoiled it


maybe it's the fact that i've only been a wrestling fan for abt 2 years that i'm not calling this the worse PPV in a long time




Kickass promo by NWO, espically scott hall when he suggested a "drink or two with the boys"


where in the blue hell is DDP, i thought him winning the euro title would have the start of a push for DDP and he goes off for 2 weeks...what's up with that [just thought i'd point this out]


when Triple H lost i was kinda pi**** off because i thought that meant that Austin would win.


i hate to admit it but i [almost] agree with what TsuMirren said [in a different post], i felt disapointed with the event... or it was probably the fact that i didn't have two glass bottle cokes and my doritos movie bag chips

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Best match of the night for me was Kurt V HHH with Steph as referee. You see when Steph came out at first I said 'I'll just close my eyes for a 'minute'', lol i woke up to see the three count hence missing the whole match but I've seen enough of HHH and Kurt fighting so I think I can fill in the missing part :)
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Hmmm, this wasn't the best PPV ever.


nWo spots were a little poor. I liked the Goldust vs RVD match, it was pretty good, although Goldust looked like he was working too stiff with RVD, and both blew a couple of spots each.


Little disappointed HHH lost, Kurt Angle vs Chris Jericho in the main event at WM just doesn't feel/sound right. Not that theres anything wrong with them.

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Guest Michaels
I agree with Latino Reheat, I just don't think that Jericho Vs Angle can live up to all the other main events in the previous Wrestlemania's. I voted OK. I wasn't happy with nWo's impact from the beginning, they should have made a surprise return which wouldn't have been obvious. It was too obvious that they'd screw Austin.
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Ok'ish show, seen much worse but I was expecting something decent and they didn't build Mania up the way they need to/usally do.


nWo should not of been out first, if they had of left them till the end to do the run-in then they would of got awesome heat.


The ending of Austin/Jericho was lacking heat badly.


HHH/Angle didn't really bring anything that I hadn't seen before


Pole Match was poor(note Edge f'n up the blade job on screen)


Tag Team thing reminded me of why I dislike the Hardys


Rock/Taker seen it all before (but had great heat compared to the rest of the show)


Golduct/RVD some nice little spots but they did blow a few most noteably the throw the other person in the ring spot.


I was terrified for a few seconds during that Ice Hockey Tough Enough 2 advert as I was expecting the words XHL to appear and what a crappy sponser for Mania.


I'm expecting alot better next month.

Edited by Tajiri
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A below average show...


The nWo promo was pretty funny, and a nice mark out moment.


The APA always seem to win these Tag Team Turmoil things. That must be their 3rd win.


Goldust Vs RVD wasn't bad, although very slow paced and Dustin spent too much time on the outside. Gotta love his punches though.


Surprised by the Kurt win, although I doubt that we'll see Jericho Vs Angle at Mania.

I can see Triple H Vs Kurt Vs Jericho at WM X8 now.


WWF seems to be building up a Flar and Undertaker feud, probaby for a match in Canada.


As for the main event...Too many chops, but a pretty good effort by both men. Sportz Entertainment finish sucked though...Why couldn't the nWo use one of their own moves?

(Note- Watch when Austin takes the stunner...Hogan swings a punch at Austin, but he's falling due to the Stunner, so Hogan accidentaly nails Nash in the side of the head. What makes it funny is that Nash rubs his head and stares right at Hogan, hehe).


Worst PPV of the year....So far :)

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I absolutley hated this PPV i was bored silly through most of it.


The Rock promo and the opening NWO promo were great and were the best parts of the PPV in my opinion


The tag team turmoil match was going ok but why the hell did the APA win the damn match. I hate the APA and IMO they have got to be the worst tag team in the WWF. **1/2


RVD V Goldust was good, Goldust looks like he hasnt misses a beat while RVD still looks sharp *** 1/2


Tazz & Spike V Booker & Tazz, this was were the boredom of the PPV set in. Thye have gotta turn Booker T face as he absoultey sucks as heel. Also i hate Tazz`s new music **


Edge V Regal was terrible in my book id reunited Edge and Christian. I really hope that this feud is over now. *


Rock V Taker was average and i enjoyed the ending, im hoping we dont see a taker V Flair match down the line though. **


HHH V Angle Not bad but not that good either, HHH looks really slow since his comeback. I hated the ending aswell ** 1/2


Stone Cold V Jericho, the crowd ruined this match, Y2J absolutley has no good heel heat, the crowd didnt even make a sound when he hit the lionsault or when Austin had Y2J in the walls of jericho. Good NWO run in at the end but shame about Halls blothced stunner ** 1/2


Overall a terrible PPV

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Worst PPV in a long time. Just seemed like a 3 hour Raw.


Rock vs. Undertaker was a car crash, Trips hasn't got ring rust out of system yet, and Angle looked scared to do anything strenuous, Austin Jericho was just an excuse for a run-in.


Don't get me started on the undercard...

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I thought the PPV was ok, nothing too special. It had so much hype it would have been very hard for the WWF to deliver.


I liked the way the NWO started the show. RVD/Goldust was a good match – goldust impressed me more, he had some great moves. The other matches were ok, although I really thought Triple H would win.


Usually the WWF have the main event for Wrestlemania ready by now – and its pretty obvious it wont be Jericho/Angle – so I’m expecting big things to happen on this weeks Raw/Smackdown.


I hope the NWO get a few more members soon, as at the moment the WWF roster can kick their ass quite easy!

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The only good things about No Way Out were Stephanie looking hot, and the class nWo promo at the start. (Nice to hear "Hey Yo" again).


Really though, a poor PPV, summed up for me when Scotty 2 Hotty and Albert came out after Hogan, Hall and Nash. A disappointment.

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I suppose after the dismal Rumble, it made NWO look...well better.


The 3 big matches, while all having hmmmm-ish endings, kept you watching, and I'm basically giving the WWF an excellant for making it unpredictable (nobody predicted the outcome of the 2 main matches on this forum anyway)


I wouldnt really have said excellant, its just that "Good" wasnt a choice. The big matches i believe really pulled you in cause you didnt know who was gonna win...Although i did find the NWOs appearance a tad well.....dissapointing. Rocks sketch with them backstage was of course hilarious though.


In conclusion, not bad, not excellant, but a damn sight better than the Rumble was. And it kills me to say that, cause the Rumble is my favourite PPV. I thought it was good, but it hopefully wont end up being one of this years better PPVs....


Dont hate me ;)

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I thought the pay-per-view was decent. Nowhere near as bad as people here have made out. Popped big time for Kurt beating Triple H. Main Event was somewhat predictable. Jericho not getting the clean win again. Undertaker and Rock was somewhat predictable. Undertaker not jobbing cleanly again. Not bad pay per view, but like BRM, maybe I'm easily pleased.
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thought on wwf


i think this nWo will genarate intrest for a while although im not sure how long hall will last hollwood hogan better turn back a hulkamania cos i will lose all intrest if he does.

im sure both steve austin&the rock will be looking for revenge on the nWo.

Wrestlmania coming up its gonna take a hell of a effort to beat last years amazing event jericho vs hhh will be a good match Y2J should get a good pop since he is canadian and wrestlemania is in canada i do expect jericho to drop the belt to hhh although its not impossible jericho could walk out of wrestlemania.


The I.C title division is a the worst its ever being at the moment with only 2 contenders Edge&willam regal there brass knuckles on a pole match had to go down as one of the worst i.c title matches ever can this years wrestlemania i.c title match be to the standards of past mania i.c title match like micheals vs hall at 10 and savage vs steamboat at 3 we will have to wait and see.

guys plz reply to this cos i wanna see what other ppl think

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Unless youve just ruined Raw for me by saying that HHH is going to Wrestlemania over Kurt (which would annoy me very much so) then i dont see what you mean with HHH v Jericho.


I'm still hedging my bets, sorry, i should rephrase that, I'm praying for a tournament for the WWF titles.


Btw It really is getting to the stage round here when you might as well not read the forum until Raw and Smackdown have been shown, people keep slipping in the odd hint which can easily ruin peoples enjoyment...I'm talking in general round here. Oh look i blabbered onto another subject. Doh.

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Guest Michaels
Originally posted by Simon



I'm basically giving the WWF an excellant for making it unpredictable



So it was unpredictable that the nWo would interfere in Austin's match, screw him so that Jericho would win? LoL! :lol

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