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***Official Raw Thread - 8th June 2004***


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WWE RAW Results (6/7): Albany, NY (Pepsi Arena)

Start of the Show:


JR reminds us that this Sunday will be Bad Blood and tonight's main events will be Batista vs. Shelton Benjamin along with HBK versus Randy Orton tonight!


Stacy Keibler hits the ring and it seems as if she may have something to say. She gets on the mic and reminds everyone that their chance to enter the Raw Diva search is almost over. The deadline is tomorrow night at midnight for all you ladies out there. She says along with being a WWE Diva, you must know how to make your own ring entrance so she shows everyone hers! Gail Kim hits the ring and grabs the mic from Stacy and says that she can show everyone how to be the next WWE Diva, but in her match with Lita tonight, she will show everyone how to be a women's champion.


One on One

Lita vs. Gail Kim


Start of the match:


The two women battle back and forth with clubbing blows and clotheslines. Gail Kim gains the upper hand when she gives Lita a unique drop toe hold onto the bottom rope. Lita is thrown to the corner and as Gail runs at her Lita gets a foot up but Gail catches it and drops an elbow on the knee of Lita.


Mid match notes:


Gail Kim is working on the knee of Lita by banging it off the apron as the fans chant for Lita to try and get her going. Gail wraps Lita's leg around the post and continues to go to work on it. Lita is down outside the ring as Gail taunts to some boos inside the ring. Lita is down for quite some time and almost gets counted out but she crawls back in. Lita goes for a kick and Gail catches her foot but Lita hits an enzeguiri. Lita builds some momentum with a monkey flip and a suplex followed by a nip up!


End of the match: Lita is in control until Gail Kim knocks her down and places her in an awkward looking bow and arrow leg submission, Lita is in much pain as she is crawling to the ropes, but she does make it. When Gail is waiting for Lita to get up Lita pulls her down on the ropes, Lita waits for Gail to get up and when she does Lita hits a sick DDT to pin Gail for the win!


Winner: Lita


In the back: Nitro and Eric are standing around talking when the Coach walks in. Easy E books a match between The Coach and Eugene for Bad Blood! Nitro starts laughing as he remembered Eric's face last week when Eugene won. Eric says that Nitro just gave him a good idea, in fact, it will be Eugene versus Johnny Nitro, tonight! If Johnny Nitro loses, he IS FIRED.


One on One

Batista vs. Shelton Benjamin


Start of the match:


Shelton is looking around to make sure Flair is not going to try something, and he starts punching Batista but that does not last long as Batista uses his power to whip him all over the ring. Batista throws Shelton to a corner and gives him a big splash. He goes to do it on the opposite corner but Shelton gets a foot up and then drop toe holds Batista on the bottom turnbuckle.


The two men are up and battling as Batista lifts Shelton over his head, Shelton slips out and runs off the ropes to hit a high cross body block. The two are back up again and they exchange blows. Batista again tries to pick up Shelton and this time he is successful as he hits a nasty powerslam. Batista is in control as he suplexes Shelton who is starting to wear down.


Mid Match Notes:


Shelton is down from the beating he is taking but as Batista goes to pick him up Shelton fights back with a ton of lefts and rights. Shelton reverses an Irish whip and hits a drop kick. Shelton then goes for his splash and he hits it! He then does it again! Flair gets on the apron but Shelton knocks him down with a right hand but as he turns around Batista gives him a spinebuster.


End of match: Randy Orton comes to the ring and stays at ringside, Shelton climbs the top rope and hits a big flying clothesline but as he goes to pin Batista Orton gets the ref's attention. Shelton notices and clocks Orton but as he turns around he gets a rough clothesline. Batista then picks up Shelton and gives him the sit down powerbomb for the pin.


Winner: Batista


After the Match:


After the match Randy Orton stands over the fallen Shelton and he slaps him across the face. Shelton then gets the beating of a lifetime that ends with a clock to the face from Randy Orton and his IC title.


Benoit and Edge get into it a bit: Benoit is shown in the locker room sitting down as Edge walks walks in and tells Benoit that he went for their request for a rematch for the tag titles but Eric Bischoff was not available at the time. Chris says "Eric, now that's a guy who deserves to get speared." Edge asks him what that's supposed to mean but Benoit calms him down by saying he only wants so see Eric gets speared. Edge says that maybe Eric is a guy who Chris can actually get to tap out to the crossface. The two get into it a bit but Coach comes in and tells Edge he has the night off but Benoit must face La Resistance in a handi-capped match because of his interference in Kane's matches as of late!


The WWE shows clips of the Rock on MTV's movie awards, funny stuff indeed.


We cut to the back where Eric is with Tyson and Trish and he announces that at Bad Blood Tyson will face off against Chris Jericho bad ribs and all. Trish goes on saying that is fine but she wants to plead her case for being the # 1 contender for the title. As she gets halfway through, Kane comes in and tells Eric that they need to talk. The door slams as we go to a commercial break.


One on One:

Chris Jericho vs. A-Train


Start of the match:


A-train goes for the injured ribs early with some knee shots. A-train lifts Jericho over his head and slams him to the mat. Jericho gets some offense when he ducks a clothesline and hits two flying forearms but A-train does not fall down. Jericho runs at train who lifts him over his head with a gorilla press and he drops him over his head to the mat. A-Train follows up with a backbreaker.


Jericho gets some momentum when he evades a few A-Train moves and gives him a drop toe hold to the ropes followed by his running squash on the back on A-Train. Jericho runs at A-Train who gets him in the chokeslam powerbomb for a two count.


End of the match: Jericho hits an enzeguiri but the A-train just will not fall down. A-Train goes for a backbreaker move but Jericho evades it and sweeps the legs out from under A-Train! Jericho puts on the Walls of Jericho and A-Train taps out!


Winner: Chris Jericho


HHH in the ring: HHH says that tonight he will witness the beginning of the end for HBK because Randy Orton will tear him apart. HHH says this weekend, Michaels will enter his world and he is undefeated in Hell in a Cell matches and he will stop at nothing to end HBK's career. HHH touches on HBK's faith and he says that even Jesus Christ had his moment of doubt and pain and on Sunday he will look HBK right in the eyes when he has his. HHH says he could give a damn if he ever goes to heaven, because this Sunday they will go STRAIGHT.. TO... HELL...


A video package is shown of all the things HHH has done to HBK over the years. Then they show HHH heading to a sky box as JR and the King lead us into a package of all the things HBK has ever done to HHH!


Handi-Capped Match

Chris Benoit vs. La Resistance


Before we can start the match Sylvan Grenier gets on the mic and starts to sing O' Canada in French. Benoit butts in and heads to the ring for a two on one match.


Start of the Match:


Benoit calls for both men to come in at the same time instead of just one! However it does not go so well for him as La Resistance gets the upper hand. Rob is in the ring with Benoit as Benoit starts to chop away but to no avail as Rob gets in some good shots taking Benoit to the mat. Grenier is tagged in and he whips Benoit into the turn buckle sternum first, he then follows up with a headlock. Benoit gets up from the headlock but Grenier pulls him back down to the mat and makes a tag as the two double team the champion.


Benoit almost builds some momentum but he again gets shut down as Rob Conway gives him a neckbreaker. This allows for more double teaming from La Resistance. Benoit is in the corner of La Resistance as he tries to chop his way out but again he cannot get free. Benoit is thrown into a turnbuckle and then placed in a full nelson on the ropes but the ref is distracted and the hold stays for quite some time until the ref notices. Grenier takes Benoit to the outside and punishes him a bit by throwing his shoulder off the ring post.


End of Match: Edge hits the ring as Benoit is being double teamed. Edge works on La Resistance and clears the ring of both of them to cause a DQ. Eric Bischoff comes out and says that he understands Edge and Benoit wants their titles back, but that can happen this Sunday as Benoit will wrestle two matches! He then says he understands that they want to fight tonight and they can, but it started as a handi-capped match and will end as one, and La Resistance has a new partner... KANE.


Winners by Disqualification: La Resistance


Handi-capped Match

Kane and La Resistance vs. Benoit and Edge


When we come back from break Edge is fighting with Grenier and he hits a cross body and goes for the tag but he gets held off as Rob conway gets tagged in and puts Edge in a rear chin hold close to the La Resistance corner.


Edge finally gets a break when he hits his flying armbar slam on Grenier. Benoit is tagged and so is Kane. Benoit chops Kane down and then runs at Conway and punches him. Benoit runs at Kane but Kane gets the chokeslam on Benoit! He goes to lift Benoit up but Edge hits a spear to save his partner! All hell breaks loose in the ring as people are flying everywhere. Benoit climbs the top and hits the flying head butt on Kane but Kane sits right back up!


Kane and Benoit meet up again and Benoit gets Kane in the crossface, a La Resistance member comes to try and break up the move but Edge comes in and helps out as Benoit is able to hold the crossface. however, Kane uses everything he has in him to power out in fashion. Kane slaps the choke on Benoit and this time Benoit goes up easy and down hard. A chokeslam by Kane allows him to cover Benoit and get the 3 count.


Winners: La Resistance and Kane


One on One

Eugene vs. Johnny Nitro


Start of the match:


Eugene goes for the classic hand shake but Nitro slaps him in face, but Eugene follows up with a big hip toss, Eugene works Nitro on the mat and up giving him a one armed monkey flip. Eugene then wraps his legs around Nitro and rolls him around the ring several times and then stops and rolls the other way. The Coach is ringside talking junk on Eugene as Eugene continues to pull classic moves.


Eugene has Nitro wrapped up and he lifts him back with a full nelson and drops Nitro on his ass two times. The crowd is going wild as eugene continues ti impress with old school moves. He then mimics the Junk Yard Dog by crawling in the ring like a dog. He crawls over to Nitro and pretends to pee on his face! Nitro gets up mad and he starts to club Eugene on the back but Eugene responds with a shoulder to the ribs.


End of the match: Eugene picks Johnny Nitro up and give him the helicopter spin followed by a fireman's carry roll through. Eugene climbs the top rope and comes down with a double axe handle on Nitro to pin him for the victory!


Winner: Eugene


After the match:


Coach is going crazy as he cannot believe how good Eugene just was in the ring, he calls Eugene out who is waving at him and yelling "Hi Coach!" Eugene jumps from the stage to the announce table and coach gets scared and falls off the platform onto a speaker box (only a 3 foot drop) Eugene and Regal laugh as the Coach looks quite ticked off.


Lita Calls Matt: Lita is on the phone with Matt Hardy and she is asking how he is and she tells him she misses him and she will be home soon. She tells him the good news about her chance to win the Women's title this Sunday. When she turns around, Kane is there. Kane tells her that he was the one who told Eric to put her in the match so after Bad Blood they can both be champions! Lita says she thought this was all over. Kane gets close to her and says, "I lied."


One on One

Shawn Michaels vs. Randy Orton


Start of the Match:


HBK wastes no time as he throws rights and lefts at Randy Orton followed by a back body drop. HBK then sends Orton to the outside. HBK looks up at the Evolution sky box and HHH and HBK point at each other and say stuff for fun. Back in the ring, Orton gains control in the corner when HBK runs at him, Orton follows up with a clothesline. Orton whips Michael's around a bit and he throws him in a corner and kicks him.


The two exchange rights and lefts when HBK gets up but Orton gets the upper hand again when HBK runs at Orton and misses him in the corner hitting the post with his shoulder. Orton works the shoulder as the two go back in forth for a bit until Orton whips Michaels to the ropes so hard he falls down. Orton covers for a two count. Orton picks HBK up and whips him off the ropes but HBK hits a swinging neckbreaker and starts to gain control with chops to the chest of Orton.


Mid match notes:


Back and forth action again until Orton goes to the outside hard. HBK steps out with him and gives him some chops before throwing him back in the ring. In the the ring, Orton gains control with a near low blow and then he starts to work HBK down hard with wristlocks and elbows to the back.


The two battle back and forth again until Orton hops over an HBK bodyslam to hit a single arm DDT on the injured shoulder of HBK. Orton then gains control with european uppercuts in the corner of the ring. HBK responds when he takes dummies a run and Orton misses a dropkick. HBK places Orton in the figure 4 as he stares at Flair up in the skybox! Orton finally gets to the ropes and HBK breaks. HBK then starts to work on the hurting knee of Orton as JR and the King mention that both these men have matches this Sunday!


HBK goes on to control as he climbs Orton for a 10 punch, he gets a few in until Orton goes for an atomic drop but HBK flies off and knocks Randy Down with a right hand! HBK follows up with a suplex and it looks as if he has Orton in control until he is shoved into the ring post yet again! HBK though is able to get back up and clothesline Orton to the outside! HBK goes to the ropes and then dives to the outside right on top of Orton!


As this happens, HHH is in the sky box telling Batista to head to the ring to aid Orton! When we come back from break HBK is thrown to the outside by Orton and Batista throws him against the ring post and HBK is busted WIDE open.


HBK is woozy and has no idea where he is and Orton brings him in the ring and pins him for a two count. HBK gets some shots in but then gets thrown at the buckle where he flips up, and when he falls down Orton is waiting with a suplex. HBK gets pinned but kicks out again! HBk finally gets some offense in when he nails Orton with a flying forearm sending both men to the mat. The referee starts the 10 count and when he gets so far HBK nips up! He takes Orton down and climbs the top rope to hit his elbow drop! HBK calls for the Sweet Chin Music but Bastista comes in and grabs HBK causing a DQ.


Winner by Disqualification: Shawn Michaels


After the match:


After the match HBK goes absolutely nuts and he starts to whoop ass on both Evolution members in the ring, he hits the super kick on Batista and Randy Orton grabs a chair but HBK kicks him in the gut and then gives him a superkick! HBK goes to pick up the chair but the ref grabs him but HBK knocks him out and then goes buck wild hitting Orton and Batista with the chair in the back at least 4 times each. HBK drops the chair and looks up the sky box pointing to HHH saying "YOU AND ME." HBK then climbs out of the ring and starts to head up to the skybox! A security guard gets in his way but he knocks him out! HBK then starts heading up further but Flair comes down. HBK easy takes him out too. He reaches the Sky Box and he and HHH go at it like wild dogs until the cameras cut off the air!

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I just can't seem to keep myself from cheering on Eugene!

The big softie touches me...right here(taps on chest).

Nice DDT Lita!

Batista is a lumbering 'roid freek!

Benoit vs. Edge in the future...Hmmmm!

HBK vs. Randy Orton...good match HBK did on hell of a job at getting Orton over!

In the end, I found myself cheering on HBK as he brought down those chair shots on one half of Evolution!


A good Raw, I enjoyed it!

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I think she wants to be part of the womens title picture again according to that.... but Kane made the Bisch rule in favour of his girly and so we have a three way... Although they could always add Trish at the last second although I doubt it due to her role in Tyson v Jericho...
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So Triple H is undefeated in Hell in a Cell. Hmmm. Are we meant to forget the one Kurt Angle won or something?


Decent enough show I thought. Nothing spectacular. They've built towards the Hell in a Cell match well, sadly the other matches weren't built quite as well.

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