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Well got back from download earlier today and had a great weeked. saw loads of bands and had great fun - though i am reminded why i dont camp!


the bands i saw were - Metallica, Korn, Machine Head, Slipknot, Damage Plan, Soulfly, Turbo Negro, Monster Magnet, Instruction, Million Dead, Biffy Clyro, Sum 41 and Linking Park


The best bands for me were Linkin Park (never really rated them but they put on a great show), Monster magnet (dave is a great frontman) and Machine Head - lots of crowd interaction. Metallica were good though i left early - theyre ok but im not a big fan - James is a great front man though. i was quite pelased taht Lars didnt turn up - i dont rate him as a drummer and the guy from Slayer and Joey from Slipknot were much much better.


most disapointed by Korn - i was so so looking forward to seeing them and they were just bleh. they played well enough but there seemed to be a lack of effort from them - esp Jon Davies. i was expecting the drowd to go wild when they played here to stay or freak on a leash and nothing really kicked in.


biggest suprise was a band called Instruction on the Game on Stage - totally brilliant and well worth checking out. also Damage plan who are a band made up of old members of pantera were very very good. Slipknot pit on a good show tho i dont like their music - was cool though when the clown face and pig mask bloke were on their drums headbanging in unision and the rest of the band joined in to - that was pretty cool.


was gutted that static X cancelled and Soil were late - i missed them when they resheduled. was annoying how bad the time slots were out of sync - meant i missed some bands i wanted to see cos i was stuck waiting on the main stage.


one of the best bits was when everyone was waiting for Korn to come on and people started to throw bottles. was so funny how it became people down on the flat infront of stage v the people on the slopse = some people can throw them really far!


i paid the estra for loaded camping cos im a wimp and it was the best fiver ive ever spent - the showers were lovely on sunday. also the kotex powder room was a great suprise - having attended toilets and flushing toilets was lovely! even without that the loaded toilets were better as they were emptied more regulalry.


one thing that was annoying as hell was the queing - waited for 2 hours just to get in on friday cos they had like 10 people checking bags at the gate. i was lucky that i got there early cos i managed to get both my wrist band for camping and arena entry. i know people who had to queue for hours on saturday morning cos even tho they were there the night before they werent given the band for arena entry. not a very good system at all


overall tho despite the qing and cost of food it was a great festy = saw some brill bands and had a great laugh. looking forward to reading now!

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Heya Popsi! Glad you enjoyed the weekend at Donington. :xyx


I went as well and arrived back home at about lunchtime. I only went for the second day because there were only about a half dozen bands I wanted to see, my mate and I liked the same bands and weren't interested in anyone else so there were no 'You see them, I'll watch these other guys' situations which was good. Because we only wanted to see a limited number of bands it also meant that we didn't have to arrive early and so we didn't really have any problems with queues or waiting when we did get there.


We turned up just before Soulfly came on, they were excellent. Eye For An Eye is my mate's favourite tune, while Seek And Strike is mine, they played both and Roots Bloody Roots as well so we were psyched. Great start to the day, that is unless you count the start to the day as being those steaks we had before we went to Donington...mmm, they were good!


They announced the Slayer thing with the slots moving. I wasn't sure whether to go to see Damageplan on the second stage beforehand as I'm not fussed about Korn, but I didn't want to have a poor view for Metallica so I wasn't sure what to do. This took the decision out of my hands. Damageplan on next and I wasn't going to miss Slayer on the second stage when they played later, so I was going to see all of the bands I wanted to see rather than thinking about missing someone while Korn were on and thinking nothing special about their songs. Cool.


Didn't that guy take ages to set up Dimebag's guitars? I know they have to coordinate the instrument mixes, volumes and the like but it was ridiculous. You set the dials, plug the thing in, switch on the power, then you tune the guitar and make sure the tone is right. It's not hard, it takes about two minutes at the very most. Dimebag even had to come out early before the guy had finished. Anyway...


They were great. I was thinking about picking up their album before, but I plan to do it for definite now. Great to hear them play 'Walk' from Pantera as well, even if it meant getting my ribs crushed, but that's what happens when you're right near the front. :) The thing was, that guy had spent so long sorting Dimebag's guitars, and then Dimebag just abused them mercilessly! Great to watch, seeing any real guitar master at work is something I love and this was one of those occasions. Brilliant.


Machine Head next. My mate wanted to save himself for Slipknot so he was avoiding the pit, but I stayed in there while he watched from further back from the stage. Great stuff, got destroyed in the pit though, especially in the massive circle pit at the end. Pits are one situation in which you're glad for it if you're a fat bastard like me, you need to be a big bugger otherwise you end up getting even more destroyed than I was, it was pretty brutal in there. I wanted to see Machine Head last year and didn't go, then heard about how big the pit was and how good they were, so this made up for it. The fact that they stuck to the first two albums and the most recent one, apart from 'The Blood, The Sweat, The Tears' which is a quality tune anyway, made it a great set for me as those are the albums I prefer. Great stuff. Then...


Slipknot. I have wanted to see these guys for so long and then when finally there was talk of them splitting and the Stone Sour/Murderdolls thing took off I thought it probably wouldn't happen, so this was a big thing for me. The only thing that took the shine off it was that there was pressure because of the set slot time delays to leave sharpish when they were done to get a decent spot for Slayer. Last year apparently when Metallica played the second stage only so many people were allowed in and the thought of missing Slayer while they were right there was too annoying to contemplate. I started to edge towards the side at the end of Slipknot's set but I really enjoyed them, they were loud, the guitars were heavy, Corey sounded great (better even than I thought he would be) and the drumming was superb, it just all came together. There was some good moshing going on as well, I took a savage beating during a few songs, including my personal favourite, The Heretic Anthem and Disasterpiece, which had the heaviest pit of the set I thought. Because I was heading to the side I missed the pit for Surfacing, which was a shame but you can't have everything and I really enjoyed finally getting to see them.


Time to go to Slayer. There were huge delays before they could get them on in the first place, but my leaving promptly from Slipknot meant I had time to get a good position near the front for some pit action and a good view of the band to see Hanneman and King abusing their poor guitars. When they started, the crush started as well, but in particular there was this one quite tall bloke in front of me who manage to get his whole boot right across my whole right foot every bloody time. Every couple of steps. He wasn't fat and didn't look heavy, maybe his body was made of iron or something, but bugger me, that was sore. No exaggeration, he must have stood on my foot more than fifteen times. That made me think to go back a bit! Of course, going back by this time meant going into the pit, where I was at least beaten and abused through choice, and without my right foot being exclusively singled out for pain. Anyway, great set from Slayer, they were my highlight of the day even though everyone else was brilliant as well, for a shortish set they got in a lot of what I wanted to hear, stuff you'd expect like Angel of Death, Raining Blood, War Ensemble but also getting in some that I wasn't sure they would play like Postmortem (one of my favourites), Dead Skin Mask and South Of Heaven (which I suppose I should have expected but wasn't sure if they would play). Fantastic. Apparently they are supposed to tour the UK soon with Slipknot, were that to happen I would be doing my best to get to one of those shows.


I didn't know about Lars pulling out until after arriving back at the main stage with my mate. With that in mind, the huge delay was understandable. It did make for a very special moment, having said that...


As Popsi was saying, there was bottling going on throughout the day, but on a scale I had never seen before. Just empty plastic bottles, so it was all in good fun apart from the odd unsavoury shot, but not really many if any full bottles being thrown so it wasn't really bad at all. Anyway, we were at the bottom of the hill while others on the hill threw bottles at us and people at the bottom threw them back again. This wasn't a few people, I mean something like a couple of hundred people throwing bottles where we were, then further across more sections of people were having massive battles as well. Anyway, the special moment came when someone with a whistle blew it to try to stop the bottling. I don't know if he thought that would work or that a couple of people would try to get him but he'd dodge a couple of bottles and look clever, but the bottling continued until he blew again. At that point everyone sort of continued but in the back of people's minds they must have been wondering, as I was, who the whistler was. Almost right away though the guy blew again, stood between the people on the hill and those at the bottom. Suddenly, after a 'there he is!' moment, EVERYONE bottled this guy MERCILESSLY, somewhere between a hundred and two hundred people all pelting the same guy with plastic bottles until they knocked him to the ground, then continuing to pound him as he was on the floor trying to shield himself in the foetal position. The best thing was, people had fired stray shots all day, but when they turned on this guy, some of them changing from where they were going to fire their bottles just to turn their wrath on this guy, NO-ONE missed. No-one was stood right next to the guy either, which meant everyone had a full 360 degree range to bombard this guy. As they knocked him to the floor, the trajectory of the bottles even went down simultaneously with him. No-one seemed to miss him out of all of those people, they just bottled him until they had no more bottles left to throw. The pile of debris left in their wake gathered around this one space where the guy had been was an awesome sight, he got up and decided that maybe it was best if he walked away from there for a while! It is quite possibly the single funniest thing I have ever seen in my entire life. I know that must sound sad or twisted but you had to be there, it was one of those situations where you think to yourself 'hang on, if they do that won't this happen?', you can see it coming a mile off, but when it does happen that just makes it even funnier. I had really enjoyed the music up until that point and the atmosphere, but even so that moment was worth the money alone, it could well be the main thing I remember in years to come about being there! Fantastic.


Finally, Metallica, without Lars. Kirk, Rob and James came out, Hetfield explained what had happened and that they would be using different drummers, then they disappeared and came out again after being introduced by a clip from 'The Good, The Bad And The Ugly', which got me psyched and wanting a spliff at the same time. They played a decent set even though they didn't do Master Of Puppets or One which I had expected, but they stuck pretty much with stuff up to the black album (no ...And Justice For All songs though, but Kill 'Em All and Ride The Lightning contributed a decent amount to the set along with the black album). Hetfield was on good form, although one unintentional comedy moment was when the crowd were chanting during Creeping Death and he was telling us to chant louder 'so that Lars can hear you, give him your best'. Very sentimental from James. There was only one problem. Metallica were playing Creeping Death and the crowd were chanting 'Die! Die!'! I think if we could chant loud enough for Lars in the hospital to hear us, he might not appreciate that particular chant! The drumming was good, the roadie did an OK job on Fade To Black, Dave Lombardo from Slayer was great as you would expect at the start, while Joey Jordison from Slipknot doing the rest of the songs was brilliant. I'm sure they would have been better prepared with Lars and maybe mixed up things more because of that, but technically Joey sounded better drumming and if you just heard the songs without knowing who was on them, you wouldn't have spotted anything amiss on the songs, a couple of bits here and there were performed differently but well and nothing was noticeably wrong or badly done. The set was quite short with no encore though, Hetfield telling us that was all the time they had (presumably to do with the license rights from the festival organisers), so the whole thing finished at about quarter past eleven.


All in all, a great day. The delays in the set slot times were a bit annoying but not too much really as having waited a long time to see some of those bands, a few extra minutes on the end of that wait weren't too much to bear. All of the bands I saw were top drawer and the atmosphere was great. All in all, a big thumbs up from me. :xyx

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yeah it was definatly worth it - even though i discovered my tent wasnt waterproof on sunday! the atmosphere was very very good - everything just felt really chilled and like everyone was having fun. i remember that bloke you were alking about MLM. did you see the blokes with the Welsh flags too - at one point there was a break in bottle throwing and then suddenly everyone turned round and chucked hundreds at these blokes - was so funny!


such a great weekend - i got to see bands that ive always wanted to and discovered some new ones!

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There was only one problem. Metallica were playing Creeping Death and the crowd were chanting 'Die! Die!'!


But surely that's what one chants during Creeping Death? I have every time I've seen them. :)

I know what you mean though.

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But surely that's what one chants during Creeping Death? I have every time I've seen them. :)

I know what you mean though.


Yeah I know, I just found it perversely funny that he wanted Lars to hear that from us! Him being ill and all, perhaps he might have wanted to hear something more encouraging directed at him.


Also Popsi I think I did see those guys with the Welsh flags, I didn't see everyone bottling them though, but I do remember the guys at the bottom of the hill who would take some bottles being thrown at them from the people on the hill without firing back for a while, then when you thought that things had calmed down suddenly loads of them would all fire together in waves at the people on the hill! That was really funny as well I thought.

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Glad you had a good time guys. I wanted to go for Slipknots new stuff, but i couldnt make it.


Someone mentioned Instruction.. i saw them about a year ago supporting either Hell is for heroes or Kinesis. They were bloody dreadful.

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Vampiro, they put a sign on the screens by the side of the stage saying that there will be a joint UK tour between Slipknot and Slayer to be announced soon, so if you want to catch them then keep an eye out for any news of that if and when it is announced fully. At Donington they had about an hour for their set, from the new album they played Duality, Three Nil and Pulse Of The Maggots that I can remember, but if you catch them on that tour if it happens then obviously you could expect a longer set from them. :) Edited by MillionLiraMan
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Damn.. that was quick..


Slipknot and Slayer

Date Posted: Wed 9 Jun

The Unholy Alliance Tour

Slipknot and Slayer are teaming up for one of the most ferocious tours to hit the UK in years. Both bands played riotous sets at last weekend's Download festival and this tour sees them teaming up again. Slipknot's new album 'Vol 3: The Subliminal Verses' is due to gatecrash the UK Top 10 album chart this week whilst Slayer have finally released their new live DVD. Tickets are on sale now for most venues, more will be announced later this week.


05 Oct Birmingham NIA

06 Oct Manchester Evening News Arena

08 Oct Cardiff International Arena


i cant afford tickets though :( coz im buying my blink ones on saturday instead.

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Favourite moments discluding music:


Destroying a spliff, shotgun style in under a minute, infront of our friends' mum, in the queue to get in!


A guy coming up to us asking to buy weed, we tell him we have none to sell but offer him a bong, which he takes, says "Thanks very much" with a cheeky smile then ****s off again! It was hilarious!


Then when my friend was inhaling a guy that kind of resembled Lemmy shouted over "GET IT DOWN YA!". It was just a really cool moment that you realise would never happen anywhere else but a rock festival!


Anyway, first band we saw were Breed 77. The music was kinda rockin but the singers' voice really pissed me off and I wasn't too keen to stand up and cheer for him but did anyway cos I could tell he was really glad to be there, which is good.


Ill Nino were up next despite Turbonegro being on that slot. They're a band I think are quite good and I would've usually gone in the pit for them, but it was still early and I was smoking and wanted to save my energy for some other bands later on. The singer said "smoke weed" before he left the stage which made me laugh!


The only thing I remember of Turbonegro's music is "a woh oh woh oh woh woh!"! I didn't really watch them, but got quite annoyed with his shit-talking that was just totally boring.


When Soulfly came on, they were like the first band where I was quite shocked that they were there. Max Cavalera is obviously a metal god and I just watched and smiled it was really cool. Then I went for a piss, lost my friends then went towards the pit to see them closer up and they ****in rocked. Seek N Strike and Eye For An Eye were the best songs they did.


I think it was supposed to be Machinehead next, but Damageplan came on. I really wanted to see them, just to witness the demon himself play guitar, but they were on the other stage like right before Metallica came on so I was just gonna watch Korn. This change of events was really convenient and when Dimebag came on stage I nearly shat! The set was cool, and screaming "**** YOU" and never having heard the song before was good, and finally when they played Walk it was just one of the best moments ever... when loads of people in the crowd fell down I was right at the bottom screaming like an idiot! Dimebag's been going ages and he's still an absolute metal god! WOW!


Machinehead next and I was kinda still awe-struck from having seen my hero play live right before. Was expecting a killer set and got it, Rob Flynn's way better on guitar than I thought he was! Also he was like the most appreciative of the crowd and the whole situation which was really nice. And the circle pit was brutal I almost got killed! I've wanted to scream LET FREEDOM RING WITH A SHOTGUN BLAST in unison with other metalheads for a long time too which was very memorable!


Slipknot was the first band where I was in the pit the whole time, and ****ing hell I felt the effects of it, and I still am! The new songs got a really good response and the whole band was going crazy it was just a ****ing good set! People=Shit, The Heretic Anthem and Duality were all amazing. It's a shame Corey decided to do the jump the **** up thing when a girl right by us passed out though!


Korn were really good and played a really solid set, which all my friends loved. I was in a resting kind of mood after being destroyed in the Slipknot pit, so we were just smoking again, when the heavy riff in "One" came on and in perfect timing me and my friends were screaming "Darkness, imprisoning me!" etc... one of my favourite moments of the festival.


Metallica. **** me! They were like an hour and a half late which ended up being a bit shitty, but there was an insane bottle war right by us and we were watching people get smashed with these bottles, some of the blows sounded like craniums cracking and I was on the floor laughing at some points! When they came on the place went ****ing crazy and I couldn't quite believe it but it was a very cool moment! When I heard Lars wasn't gonna be there I wasn't too disappointed really, I thought having Dave Lombardo and JOEY JORDISON (!!!!) fill in was even cooler! ****ing awesome set, loved every song and my head was banging 99% of the time. An experience I'm proud to say I was part of, ****ing ace. The Four Horsemen, Seek And Destroy, Fade To Black, Sad But True and BATTERY, actually **** it, EVERY SONG was insanely good! When James said they couldn't play anymore songs due to time limits, I thought **** that they HAVE to do an encore, but after a while it was like, ":( shit where was Master Of Puppets and One?!" That was a bit disappointing but not enough to ruin one of the best days of my life, so enjoyable!


Having to be up at like half 7 the next day was a really big slap in the face though! haha

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I wasn't sure if I saw you during Machine Head Pete. I saw a guy I thought looked like you just to the left of the centre of the stage just slightly back from the front, round about where the Ten Ton Hammer pit started. He had blond hair just above shoulder length, no top on, not muscular but sort of lean and toned, quite young looking. From what I've seen of you though I wasn't totally convinced it was you or I'd have gone over and said something. Was it you?
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wooooo i went download to.....only the second day though...me and my mates left about 8 in the morning to get there so queing was not that bad


now its the 3rd time ive seen soulfly and the 2nd ive seen slipknot


i was quite disapointed about the whole slayer thing..i chose to stay and watch korn though because they were the main band i went to see


machine head where amazing


i didnt think much of damageplan though...and why did they play walk twice? did dimebag forget how to play pantera's other songs?


reading you lot talking about the bottle fights brought some fond memorys...... does anyone remember the fat bloke in the blue top who thought he was invincable? , well that was untill someone ran up and dunked an icecream on his head.... were people on top on the hill waving scotland flags? or was i imaging things?

people getting stoned everywhere was great, but why the hell did the pit stink of poppers...it gave me a bloody headache all day...and some stupid woman next to me didnt help, she couldnt throw at ended up hittin me square in the head while i was sitting there happily minding my own business, i got scared after that because the stood up with a 2 litre bottle full of water to throw, so i hid in a very manly fasion behind the nearest fat man, who happened to be my mate right next to me


was the mettalica bassist the old megadeath bassist?


i eint a fan of metalica anyway so i left after the rammones cover they did


im so glad static-x didnt turn up...IF I EINT SEEING THEM NO ONE IS!!!


definatly going next year!!!! possible the full weekend if the line up is good

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Nah my hair's like a dirty dark blonde, I had a Metallica shirt on all the time and am not lean and toned, borderlining anorexic more like! :D


I have no idea what you look like so this is a bit strange but I was kind of expecting a random Scotsman with ginger hair to come up to me and introduce himself! lol

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Ah right Pete, wasn't sure but didn't quite think it was you so I'm glad I didn't make a fool of myself! Would have done though had I been more convinced!


It looks as though quite a few people watched Korn. Was there as big a crowd as for Slipknot? I thought everyone would have made a beeline for Slayer but I'm not complaining, it was packed by the time they came on but at least I had already found a good position near the front by that time.


Cheers for the info on the Slayer and Slipknot tour Vamp, shame you can't go mind you, although thanks to your early heads up I have bought tickets already, so thank you! :xyx


Plug RKO, the Metallica bass player isn't the old Megadeth bass player (Dave Ellefson), but Robert Trujillo did play previously for Ozzy Osbourne and Suicidal Tendencies, so you may have seen him before from one of those bands. He was with Ozzy just before he joined Metallica.


I wonder who they'll get next year. I enjoyed this year but don't know that I'd go back again unless they got a whole load of bands that weren't there this year like Rammstein, Megadeth, System Of A Down, AC/DC and Fear Factory.

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i was wondering who will be there next year - the line up last year was very good and a number of bands like audioslave, deftones, soad will have new albums out. i will only go if theres a large number i want to see like this year.


has anyone else seen the highlights on scuzz? not a very good highlights package i think. the vocals on the show sound awful and yet when i was there i could hear them perfectly well - linkin park esp sound terrible on the programme.

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