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Showstapes Update

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Hey Guys

Welcome to the latest colorful Showstapes update, Thanks to everyone

who took the recent TNA and OVW offers up and expect more special

offers to come up in the next few months.

Im still waiting for the Hustle 3 Show with Mick Foley vs Kawada to

come in aswell as TNA 99/100, should hopefully both be in the next

couple of days. I will also be getting a copy of The Great American

Bash from the states if its not shown on sky. Ill also be stocking TNA

Impact, At the moment ill probabley be doing 4 blocks on 1 tape.

Here are the latest tapes on offer


Ring of Honor...ROH Reborn: Stage One- St. Paul, MN 4/23/04

Matt Stryker vs. Nigel McGuiness.

The Carnage Crew (Loc & Devito) vs. Dunn & Marcos

John Walters vs. Justin Credible

Alex Shelley vs. Jimmy Jacobs vs. Jimmy Rave vs. Masada vs. Danny

Daniels vs. Jack Evans (Six Man Mayhem Match)

BJ Whitmer vs. Colt Cabana

Matt Sydal vs. Delirious

Jay & Mark Briscoe The Havana Pitbulls (Non Title Match)

Bryan Danielson vs. CM Punk (Guest Referee-Ricky Steamboat)

Samoa Joe vs. Homicide (ROH World Title Match)

Quality 1 3HRS


Ring of Honor...ROH Reborn: Stage Two- Chicago Ridge, IL 4/24/04

Ace Steel vs. BJ Whitmer

Justin Credible & Masada vs. Shawn Daivari & Delirious

Chad Collyer vs. John Walters

Nigel McGuiness vs. Jimmy Rave vs. Rocky Romero vs. Austin Aries (Four

Corner Survival Match)

Homicide vs. Bryan Danielson (Awesome Match)

Ricky Reyes vs. Danny Daniels

Jack Evans & Matt Sydal vs. Jimmy Jacobs & Alex Shelley vs. Loc &

Devito vs. Dunn & Marcos (Tag Team Scramble)

Samoa Joe vs. Matt Stryker (ROH World Title Match)

Jay & Mark Briscoe vs. CM Punk & Colt Cabana (ROH Tag Team Title Match)

Quality 1 3HRS


WWE Hall Of Fame Ceremony 2003 DVD Conversion 2 Tapes for £10 or LP.

On March 13, 2004 - the night before Wrestlemania XX - World Wrestling

Entertainment held a very special ceremony to induct 11 legends,

Jesse "The Body" Ventura, Greg "The Hammer" Valentine, Don Muraco, Big

John Studd, Junkyard Dog, "Superstar" Billy Graham, Sgt. Slaughter,

Tito Santana, Harley Race, Bobby "The Brain" Heenan and Pete Rose, into

its hallowed Hall of Fame. These are the highlights of that ceremony.

Tape 1

"Superstar" Billy Graham

Greg Valentine

Pete Rose

Big John Studd

Sgt. Slaughter


Superstar's career (WWE Confidential - 09/06/03)

WWE Championship Match: "Superstar" Billy Graham vs. Bruno Sammartino

(Graham wins title, Baltimore, Md. - 04/30/77)

"Superstar" Billy Graham Promo (06/14/77)

Wrestlemania XIV (Boston, Mass. - 03/29/98)

Wrestlemania XV (Philadelphia, Penn. - 03/28/99)

Wrestlemania XVI (Anaheim, Cal. - 04/02/00)

Buddy Rogers' Interview (All Star Wrestling - 04/20/83)

Big John Studd vs. Andre the Giant (04/25/83)

Alley Fight: Sgt. Slaughter vs. Pat Patterson (05/04/81)

Alley Fight with Alternate Commentary by Michael Cole, Sgt. Slaughter &

Pat Patterson

Sg. Slaughter: "I Want my Country Back"

The Hall of Famers at Wrestlemania XX (03/14/04)

Tape 2

Bobby Heenan

Tito Santana

Harley Race

Don Muraco

Junkyard Dog

Jesse Ventura

Vince McMahon


Bobby Heenan

Atlantic City (Prime Time Wrestling - 03/21/88)

Yacht (Prime Time Wrestling - 11/22/88)

At Busch Gardens (Prime Time Wrestling - 12/12/88)

Grape squashing with Andre the Giant (Prime Time Wrestling - 02/25/91)

Bobby Heenan Tribute (WWE Confidential - 06/15/02)

Bobby Heenan's 1st night in the business

Greg Valentine & Title Santana

WWE Intercontinental Championship: Greg Valentine vs. Title Santana

(Santana wins title, Baltimore, Md. - 07/06/85)

Junkyard Dog & Harley Race

Junkyard Dog vs. Harley Race (Saturday Night's Main Event - 01/03/87)

Harley Race Promo (World Wide Wrestling - 06/15/83)

Gene Okerland interviews Junkyard Dog (Wrestling Challenge - 07/18/87)

Don Muraco

WWE Intercontinental Match: Don Muraco vs. Pedro Morales (Muraco wins

title, Philadelphia, Penn. - 06/20/81)

Vince McMahon interview (03/20/83)

Jesse Ventura

WWE Championshop Match: Jesse Ventura vs. Bob Backlund (03/14/82)

Pat Patterson interview (All Star Wrestling - 01/16/82)

Quality 1 7HRS


ECWA...Super 8 Tournament 2004

Austin Aries vs. Shawn Daivari

Mike Kruel vs. Ricky Reyes

Christopher Daniels vs. Rocky Romero

John Walters vs. Nicho (Psicosis)

Christopher Daniels vs. Mike Kruel

Austin Aries vs. John Walters

Tag Team Summit Battle Royal

The Valedictorians vs. Ace Darling & Striker (ECWA Tag Team Title


Christopher Daniels vs. Austin Aries (Super 8 Finals).

Quality 1 3HRS


PWG: Tango and Cash Invitational, 2 Tapes or LP

Night 1: Quicksilver & Chris Bosh vs. Zokre & Phoenix Star

Joey Ryan & Scott Lost vs. MDogg20 & Babi Slymm

Havana Pitbulls (Ricky Reyes & Rocky Romero) vs. Hardkore Inc.

(Hardkore Kidd & Al Katrazz)

Super Dragon & American Dragon vs. Excalibur & Johnny Storm

Samoa Joe & Puma vs. The Ballard Bros. (Shannon & Shane Ballard)

B-Boy & Homicide vs. Disco Machine & Rising Son

Sal & Vito Thomaselli vs. Sara del Rey & Apolo Kahn

Chris Hero & CM Punk vs. Messiah & Chris Daniels

Frankie Kazarian vs. Adam Pearce - PWG Heavyweight Title

Night 2: Joey Ryan & Scott Lost vs. Quicksilver & Chris Bosh

American Dragon & Super Dragon vs. Havana Pitbulls (Ricky Reyes & Rocky


B-Boy & Homicide vs. Samoa Joe & Puma

CM Punk & Chris Hero vs. Sal & Vito Thomaselli

American Dragon & Super Dragon vs. Joey Ryan & Scott Lost

B-Boy & Homicide vs. CM Punk & Chris Hero

Frankie Kazarian vs. Babi Slymm vs. MDogg20 vs Jonny Storm -

Elimination Match for the PWG Heavyweight Title

B-Boy & Homicide vs. Super Dragon & American Dragon

Quality 1 6HRS


PWG: An Inch Longer Than Average - 15.11.03

Ballard Brothers & Topgun Talwar vs. Lil Cholo, Chris Bosh & TJ Perkins

M-Dogg 20 vs. Jardi Frantz

Scott Lost & Funky Billy Kim vs. Excalibur & Disco Machine

Super Dragon vs. Joey Ryan

Adam Pearce vs. Colt Cabana

Somoa Joe vs. CM Punk

American Dragon vs. Frankie Kazarian

Quality 1 3HRS


PWG: Are You Adequately Prepared To Rock?! - 14.10.03

TARO, Mr. Excitement & Phoenix Star vs. Lil' Cholo, Topgun Talwar &


Chris Bosh & Quicksilver vs. Team Chismo

Hook Bomberry vs. Scorpio Sky

Briscoe Brothers vs. Super Dragon & B-Boy

Pinoy Boy vs. Airborne Vito Tomaselli

Ballard Bros. vs. X-Foundation

Joey Ryan vs. "Scrap Iron" Adam Pearce

Frankie Kazarian vs. "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels vs. AJ Styles

Quality 1 3hrs


Ian Rottem Shoot Interview 2004

Ian Shoots on:


Favorite Matches

Tag Partners

Being Rotten

Hardcore Style

The Indys


Quality 1 3HRS


OVW TV Shows February 2004

The month of February has been one of the most tumultuous in OVW

history as we set the stage for March Mayhem! February pays witness to

the return and destruction of Matt Capotelli and John Hennigan as a tag

team. John Laurinitis tries to gain a larger foothold in OVW with the

formation of The Team Players. We see brief appearances of Damaja and

Conway. And this month marks the triumphant return of Sean O'Haire as

WWE's Jim Ross tries to keep Laurinitis at arm's length of OVW!!!

Feb. 7th - Matt Capotelli and John Hennigan are together once again

after a full recovery by Capotelli, but Hennigan splits the team apart

over bitter jealousy!... John Laurinitis and Inspector Impact form The

Team Players to get a stronger foothold on OVW!... And Damaja returns

one last time to take on Nick Dinsmore for the OVW Heavyweight Title!

Feb. 14th - Stevie Richards and John Laurinitis make a surprise visit

to OVW for different reasons... OVW presents the official check to the

WHAS Crusade for Children... Dinsmore and Magnus take on Adrenaline in

tag team competition!

Feb. 21st - WWE's Ivory comes looking for some competition... Chris

Cage and Tank Toland are officially awarded WWE Developmental

Contracts... Jim Ross announces Sean O'Haire's position in OVW as his

official enforcer... O'Haire goes right to work taking on Inspector

Impact and putting him in his place!

Feb. 28th - The fans get their first good look at Bolin Services team

of Carlos Colone and The Beast as they take on Adrenaline... Nova &

Idol challenge Adrenaline for the belts at March Mayhem... Matt

Capotelli is attacked again by John Hennigan as he recovers from

Hennigan's piledriver!... And Johnny Jeter is set to take on Inspector

Impact until he's attacked by every member of The Team Players, and

every last wrestler in OVW gets involved in all out war.

Quality 1 4HRS


PWW-1: Revisited - 08.04.04

Ricky Landell vs. Simon Diamond

Guillotine LeGrande, Mana & Los Maximos vs. Mark Mest, Greg Spitz,

Rockin' Rebel & Rapid Fire Maldonado

King Kaluha vs. Alex Law

Minoru Fujita vs. Low-ki

Ikuto Hidaka vs. Spanky

Steve Corino vs. Kohei Sato

Christopher Street Connection vs. Matt Striker & Josh Daniels

CW Anderson & CM Punk vs. Homicide & Masato Tanaka

Justin Credible vs. Dusty Rhodes Jr.

Quality 1 3HRS


PWW-1: Revisited - 09.04.04

Rockin' Rebel, Mark Mest & Jack Victory vs. Ricky Landell, Greg Spitz &

John Cabbie

Kohei Sato vs. Alex Law

Justin Credible & Simon Diamond vs. Christopher Street Connection

Ikuto Hidaka & Minoru Fujita vs. Matt Striker & Josh Daniels

Low Ki, Spanky & Homicide vs. Los Maximos & CM Punk

Dusty Rhodes Jr. vs. Mana

Steve Corino & CW Anderson vs. Guillotine LeGrande & Masato Tanaka

Quality 1 3HRS


PWW-1: Revisited - 10.04.04

Mana & Guillotine LeGrande vs. Christopher Street Connection

King Kahula vs. Eddie Guapo

Simon Diamond, CW Anderson & Justin Credible vs. Ricky Landell, Alex

Law & Greg Spitz

Los Maximos vs. Rockin Rebel & Jack Victory

Josh Daniels vs. Homicide

Matt Striker vs. Kohei Sato

Steven Corino vs. Dusty Rhodes Jr.

Low-ki & Spanky vs. Ikuto Hidaka & Minoru Fujita

Masato Tanaka vs. CM Punk

Quality 1 3HRS


Jimmy Garvin Shoot Interview

"Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin was always a main player everywhere he went.

From innovating the use of valets in wrestling to feuding with all the

top players in AWA, NWA and World Class, you'll hear Garvin talk about

it all in this RF Video Shoot Interview. Garvin is open in talking

about the start of his career all the way to his retirement. This Shoot

is not just a must for Jimmy Garvin fans, but it has lots of inside

information on all the famous promotion's he worked for and all the big

names he worked with. Hey, this Shoot Interview is worth it just to see

what Garvin looks like now!!!Topics include:

-Getting into the wrestling business -Training -Working for Nick Gulas

in Tennessee -Working for Jerry Jarrett in Memphis -Working Florida in

the early 80's -Thoughts on Eddie Graham -Why he left Florida -Going to

World Class -Being paired with Sunshine -Making Precious his valet -

Memories of his series of matches against Kevin Von Erich -Feuding with

Chris Adams -Similarities & differences between the Von Erich brothers -

Thoughts on Fritz Von Erich -Favorite matches in World Class -Why he

left World Class -Thoughts on the tragedy that surrounded the Von Erich

family -Going to AWA -Wrestling Rick Martel -Teaming with Steve Regal

to win the AWA Tag Titles from The Road Warriors -Thoughts on Verne

Gagne -Why he left AWA -Did Vince McMahon have any interest in him when

he raided all of Verne's talent -Favorite matches and angles in AWA

Going to the NWA -Initial impressions of the NWA locker room ,Did

Crockett make him any promises -Feuding with Wahoo McDaniel & their

strap match series from Bash '86 -Thoughts on the angles with Magnum TA

prior to his accident & where the program was headed -How Jimmy found

out about Magnum's accident -How it effected morale in the locker room -

Thoughts on being turned babyface -Memories of the series of matches

against The Midnight Express -Memories of the angles with Precious to

set up the feud with Ric Flair -Talks about the series of matches with

Flair including the cage match at Bash 87 -Was there ever any talk of

putting the belt on him -Being paired with Michael Hayes in late '87 -

Memories of the angles setting up the feud with Kevin Sullivan & The

Varsity Club -Memories of the Prince of Darkness match at Crockett Cup

88 -Talks about the Tower of Doom match at Bash '88 -Why he disappeared

from the NWA shortly after the Sullivan feud -Thoughts when he found

out Turner bought the NWA from Crockett -What could Crockett have done

better to compete with Vince -Returning as a member of The Freebirds at

the Clash of the Champions -Memories of Terry Gordy -Memories of the

War Games at the Bash 89 -Talks about doing commentary with Lance

Russell? -Feuding with The Steiners -Thoughts when he found out The

Freebirds were left out of the Iron Team Tag Tournament at

Starrcade '89 -Memories of the series of matches against Tom Zenk &

Brian Pillman for the U.S. Tag Titles -Memories of the fued with The

Rock N Roll Express -Talks about Ric Flair as a booker -Thoughts on Jim

Herd & Kip Frey -Was he surprised when WCW brought Bill Watts in -How

did the locker room react & was he surprised Watts didn't last long -

Why he never went to WWE -What led to his decision to retire -What he

is currently doing

Quality 1 3HRS


JAPW Revolution (2/28/04)

Sonjay Dutt vs. Roderick Strong

Slyk Wagner Brown & April Hunter vs. The Dirty Rotten Scoundrelz

Corvis Fear & Rush Margera vs. The Outkast Killaz

Balls Mahoney vs. The Solution (Handicap Match)

Azrieal vs. Jay Lethal vs. Jack Evans vs. Insane Dragon

Kaos vs. Justice Pain

Homicide vs. Teddy Hart

Christopher Daniels vs. Jerry Lynn

Dan Maff vs. Monsta Mack

Quality 1 3HRS


MLW: Rise of the Renegades

"Dr. Death" Steve Williams & The Sandman vs. Extreme Horsemen

MLW Title: Steve Corino vs. Mike Awesome

Terry Funk vs. Abdullah the Butcher

CM Punk & Michael Shane vs. Norman Smiley & Raven

Rich Criado vs. Nosawa

Mikey Whipwreck vs. Sabu

Simon Diamond vs. The Sandman

Homicide vs. Jerry Lynn

Dr. Death" Steve Williams vs. C.W. Anderson

Samoan Island Tribe vs. Da Hit Squad

Josh Daniels vs. Rich Criado

Los Maximos vs. Jimmy Yang & Tony Mamaluke

Quality 1 3HRS


Site should be updated fully with all these listing aswell by the

weekend just ask if you need something and cant find it on the site.


All the best




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