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NEW FCW Chatroom


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Hey all,


Me and Draven have been working over the last 2 days trying to prepare this new chat room for FCW. Well, I have finally been able to get it online, and now its ready to go. We are using an IRC server, so you will need to download some software to get into the chat. You need to go to http://www.mirc.com to download, its only just over 1Mb to download so all internet users should be able to dl it easy enough. Even though it says you have a 30 days trial, you can continue to use it freely after this.


After downloading and installing mIRC, just click the link below and you will automatically be taken into the room!


FCW Chatroom


Hopefully, we can make this a chat room that everyone will be able to use round the clock and talk about FCW, wrestling or anything else!


Hope to see you in the chat (these instructions will hopefully be added to the FCW website shortly)




P.S. I wanna give a 'voice' to the wrestlers of FCW, so can they please contact me on MSN/AIM and I can forward them instructions. Thanks

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Just a few points...


1) If it takes a while to load up and finally comes up with a pop-up saying you may be unable to connect, chances are you will connect right there and then, so just disregard the message. That's what happens to me.


2) For those who know mIRC well enough, 'X' is not a person. Don't speak to him :P


3) If no one is in there, maybe get a few people in on MSN or something. I'll try and be in as many times as possible.


4) My username is 'M1TCH3LL'


5) We need a chat night :)

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Guest TDoK Fixer

Just to let you know that in your link to the chatroom it's missing an # before the FCW, such as:



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