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Raw and SD split


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When the split first happened after WMX8 wwe had the first draft Ric Flair as Raw GM and Vince McMahon as SD GM. First of all they both shared PPV's then they started to to have a Raw event then a Smackdown event then both shows would join together on the thired event then it would go back round. Now they are both starting to have events in the same mounth.Bad Blood and The Great American Bash so i'm starting to think that they are going to go there seperate ways. Do you lot think that sooner or later they will go different ways and make two wrestling buisnesses.
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The Great American Bash was a WCW PPV that sarted way back in 1988 I think, and I think the main event was Flair v Luger but not sure.

Also there was talk of doing 2 PPV's in October as well the new PPV being Halloween Havoc another old WCW event, not sure if that will still happen though.

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i think alot of u r 4gettin that the WHOLE reason 4 the split was 2 make them go seperate ways & bcome different feds thats Y they were origanily goin 2 use a WWF WCW brand split O & dont 4get this wont be the only month that there will be 2 PPVs October will host the newest RAW PPV there is no deffinate name yet but they R pullin 4 Halloween Havoc to fit the month






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I don't se them spillting up in to defrints brands.

they way they are working now is just fine, they just have Raw and SmackDown, because it would be tomuch having 40+ wrestlers under one roof, all wanting some air time.

And it gives WWE a better chance of get alot of famous wrestlers, which they then can make money on, buy selling merchandise and so on. and money is what they want ;)


but I'm hoping there don't come any more PPVs, it will become to much.

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Originally Posted by ROB






yeah I saw that, and when I said I hope there won't come any more PPV's. my point was that I hope the new RAW PPV, is the last one they will ad to the PPV list :)

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