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Will we Ever See These Stars Again?

Guest nWo Hogan

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Guest nWo Hogan

I have comprised a list of stars i'd still like to see wrestling but whom I don't think we'll see again, with a pro's and con's guide to there return:



Pro's: Great in the late 80's-2001, would still generate ratings today, One of a kind. Would be a great guy for Flair to bring in to combat the return of the nWo.

Cons: Age (43),Religion and other ventures, Also doesn't want to wrestle a full schedule anymore. This combines to make him very doubtfull to ever return.



Pros: Gets huge pops,major 'name',Big Draw, the star of the late nineties, still young (35).

Cons: Doesn't seem keen on the WWF, getting paid big bucks for nothing on existing Time Warner contract. Doubt he'll ever resurface unless McMahon breaks the bank or Goldberg suddenly decides he 'loves' wrestling again.


Ultimate Warrior

Pro's: Big Star of the late 80's-mid nineties, unique character, has the physique to still 'hang' with the big boys.

Cons: Dislikes and is out of favour with the WWF, Characters popularity seemed on the wane on last appearances in both WWF and WCW, hasn't wrestled for years, used to make outlandish money claims. Having not wrestled for so long and with his character losing popularity it seems likely that he'll never return.


Lex Luger:

Pro's: Good physique, popular in the late 80's and nineties.

Cons: Age (43), still on Time Warner contract, character had lost direction by the end of WCW. All things considered Luger wont return to Indies and he isn't a big enough name anymore for the WWF to sign him, so unlikley to be seen in the ring again.


British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith

Pro's: Good Physique, Popular in 80's and nineties, good heel and face.

Cons: multiple misdemeanours and personal problems, injury prone, unreliability,bad attitude. Just too erratic and troublesome for the WWF to gamble on again.


Bret Hart

Pro's: Good performer,Good face or heel, multi faceted,popular in 80's,and 90's, good technical skills.

Cons: Age (44) long term injury still not 100%, seems happy in role of commisioner in WWA, Hates the WWF, seems to have let himself 'go' physically a little, seems to not want to return to the rigour of full time ring action. Extremely doubtfull to wrestle again.


Mick Foley

Pro's: Extremely popular, great risk and bump taker, great mic skills, variety of 'crazy' persona's, Still young.

Cons: Wants big money to go back to wrestling matches again, seems content to write books and meander about, has fallen out of favour with the WWF. Looks unlikely to return in the current climate.

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Guest Michaels

Sting: No, doubt we'll ever see him


Goldberg: Doubt we'll ever see him


Ultimate Warrior: Same, doubt it


Lex Luger: Same, doubt we'll see him


British Bulldog: I doubt we'll see him


Bret Hart: No way, he won't return


Mick Foley: Maybe we'll see him doing something else in the WWF but not wrestling.

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Sting: i very much doubt it.


Goldberg: ratings would be up but no he won't get off his lazy backside cos he is getting paid big money to sit at home.


Ultimate Warrior: GOD I HOPE NOT!


Lex Luger: same as above, probably the only wrestler i've ever really hated with a passion!


British Bulldog: again i can't see it.


Mick Foley: i would think he will be back at some point but not as an active wrestler.


Bret Hart: now this one is interesting cos i still think the whole montreal thing was one big work, we could see him return at wrestlemania as it's in canada, you see it's funny how many cameras were backstage for the wrestling with shadows film, if Vince was going to really screw him don't you think he would not let the camera guys back there?????

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Sting: Very Doubtful but if he did come back, i couldn't see him in a wrestling role


Goldberg: hmmmmmm... well we possibly won't see him until his contract has expired (espically if he's seen how DDP's career has taken a nose-dive since deciding to join the wwf instead of doing a Goldberg), but if he did come back the WWF locker room might suffer more then it will when the NWO come


Ultimate Warrior: errrrrr.....maybe if VInce is REALLY REALLY desperate...but i still say no


Lex Luger: unless you wanna have a reason to change the channel....NO way in hell


British Bulldog: after everything he's been through it will be doubtful for him to come back... VERY doubtful. also if bret hart came back, there would be no chance of British Bulldog comming back


Mick Foley: now...Foley was released by the WWF after a dispute so him comming back is actually quite slim... but out of all these lot he is the best chance of comming back


Bret Hart: while i don't know if the SS screwjob was a work or not, but even if it was, Bret Hart has a concussion so if he did come back, it would be doubtful to be in a wrestling role. Also if (and i mean IF) The British Bulldog came back, it would be doubtful Bret Hart came back

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Sting: Didn't he announce his retirement recently? Don't really want to see him back. I'm probably his biggest fan but it's good to see him call time on his career before his in ring performance gets too bad.


Goldberg: Great for ratings, awful for the locker room. Depends on Vince really, personally I'd avoid like the plague.


Warrior: Nah, always been a problem wrestler, and both his in ring product and gimmick are really dated. All his comebacks since leaving WWF first time around have been a disaster.


Luger: Dear God I pray twelve times a day we don't.


Bulldog: Unlikely, a push as a main eventer in WWF after a poor spell in WCW never really worked. Was once a great star, but hisin ring stuff is pretty awful these days, and his mic work aint that great either.


Foley: Would be nice, but in a similar way to Sting, I want to remember him the way he was. Had a long career and is a great star, would love to see him in a non wrestling role.


Hart: Had WCW survived it already looked like he wouldn't have been back in the ring, now they didn't it looks even less unlikely. Thing is if the SS screw job was all a work, having Bret come back is almost as good as an admission of that. The ammount of main event talent at the moment it seems silly to bring him back.


Bottom line is I want to remember all these guys (bar Luger who was awful, and Goldberg who could have plenty of time left if he has the desire) as the legends they are, I wanna remember their great matches. Not see Bret made to look awful in a match against RVD, or Sting having to job to guys like Edge and Test.

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Originally posted by Tanya

Bret Hart: now this one is interesting cos i still think the whole montreal thing was one big work, we could see him return at wrestlemania as it's in canada, you see it's funny how many cameras were backstage for the wrestling with shadows film, if Vince was going to really screw him don't you think he would not let the camera guys back there?????


You make a dam good point there, but it was way back in 97, and theres always the crap that came up with over the edge 99.

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