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Dream Matches: All Done?


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With a number of stars leaving the WWE over the last few monthes ie Lesnar, Austin and Goldberg and with HHH and HBK due to take their hiatus, who are we left with to cheer on. I personally cheer on Benoit and 'Taker but I am beginning to not be able to see viable main event competition for Benoit after Kane and Jericho on Raw and 'Taker has fought everyone before in one capacity or another, so this is kind of like a nostalgia trip for me on SmackDown. So Igots to thinkin' and have tried to find viable main eventers of the future and possible Dream Matches/Fueds.

1 The Rock if he ever works a full programme again and John Cena, man that would be funny and intense.

2 Bob's Boy Orton and Ric Flair the Ultimate Legend.

3 Benoit and if they could get him AJ Styles, beyond sublime.

4 Batista Vs Albert/A-Train in a cage match.Kane special referee.

5 Chris Jericho Vs Dean Malenko. Once more for the road.

6 Tajiri Vs The Great Sasuke/Kenzo Suzuki

7 JBL Vs Tyson Tomko. Lets just see.

8 Kane Vs Abyss.Hell in the Cell....

9 Jody Fleish (needing a miracle) Vs RVD.

10 Burchill Vs Big Show.

Can you think of any more?



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Mordecai vs Undertaker

Orton vs Everone from the Wm17 gimmick match

Paul Bearer Vs Jim Ross

Sting Vs Bret Hart

Ultimate Ultimate X Match:

-AJ Styles

-Christopher Daniels

-Rey Mysterio

-Billy Kidman

-Teddy Hart

-The Chavos

-Kenzo Suzuki

-Low Ki

-Amazing Red

-Frankie Kazarian

-Sonjay Dutt

-Rob Van Dam

-Big Show (just for intrests sake)

-The Hardy's

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I never got RVD v Michaels really... HHH robbed me of this by squashing them both so I want that...


Orton v AJ Styes if they could hook up with AJ then I'd love this match...


Kurt Angle v Yuji Nagata... NJPW and WWE have been talking... check out the Wrestling 101 Int. Scene news section! This may be a possiblity


Rey Jnr v Red... If the WWE gets bored of Rey I can see TNA scooping him up and running this program for the X title...


And just for fun on an indy show one day... GOLDBERG V GILLBERG, can you smell the money rolling in!

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Ive got to go for Austin vs Hogan WM21. Austin as heel have no matches before and make it as a one of match so we have no clue who will win. That would be the pinnacle of wrestling for me. Does anyone know if Austin can wrestle now? I heard he was off to Japan to do some shows with Goldberg
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Hey Jack


Austin is indeed in Japan at the moment discussing possible matches with his new friend Mr Goldberg. This is because it is easier for them to both make more money and because since Vince has become paranoid about stars he "created" attempting to put him out of business he has become somewhat of a control freak. Austin however does have a serious neck problem, much like Kurt's but as you may know it is a different game in Japan and whilst it may be a stiffer product Austin and Goldberg wiill work out a strategy to enable Austin to go a few more times. I personally am not particulary fond of Mr Austin but out of respect I hope he comes out ok.



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after what I have hear, it should be allmost imposible for Austin to wrestl, have heard that doctors have told him not to do it again. but then again, it's Austin, so he probebly don't care ;)


but a match I would love to se, is goldberg vs Brock Lesnar. I know they had a "fight" at mania, but it sucked!!! and I know they can do it better, would really like to se the 2 freaks go crazy and fight a power match for 20 minuts or so. would be great :)

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my dream matches


here are some matches for ya!!!!



rvd vs. booker t-hell in a cell

randy orton vs. kane-world heavyweight champ match

shelton benjamin vs. eugene-loser leaves raw match

regal vs. bischoff-winner is gm match

shane mcmahon vs. paul heyman-streetfight match

trish vs. lita vs. gail kim-triple threat title match

jericho vs. tyson tomko-cage match

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I know it has happened a couple of times (with fantastic results I might add) but Taker vs HBK. Every match they had in '97/'98 had a crappy interferance finish,I'd like to see em go just once with a definite finish to the match.


I'd also like to see Taker vs Goldberg at some point.


Oh and I agree with Dan,HBK vs Kurt Angle would be an incredible match!

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Ok, well Jericho vs Benoit is one of mine. Goldberg vs Austin is a dream match (in theory at least). And of course, if Bret could wrestle, then Angle vs the Hitman would be the ultimate. I think Rock & HHH could give it another go with fantastic results. And I'm sure AJ Styles vs HBK would be great too.
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People might laugh, but I'd pay good money to see Ric Flair Vs D-Lo Brown when both were at their peak. Flair, playing the perfect heel from the 80's, trying to cheat his way around Late-Ninties D-Lo's powerful offence, with a wild crowd buying into all kinds of crazy near falls in a 20-30 minute match would be a true dream. If they had a month or two to build up to the feud with incredible promos from both men (D-Lo is seriously under rated on the mic), then had D-Lo dominate the match with his huge variety of moves, before Flair turns the tide with some cheating, then moves onto working the leg of D-Lo. It all leads up to a red hot finish of roll ups getting 2 and nine tenths and both men looking to get their signature moves in.


You might think that there could be better opponents for Flair, but D-Lo at his best could give anyone a run for their money.

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The Honky Tonk Man Vs. Randy Orton - Who is the best Intercontinental Champion?

Ricky Steamboat Vs. Shawn Michaels - To show Flair that Michaels is not, and will never be the wrestler Ricky Steamboat was.


Tajiri Vs. Jushin Thunder Liger

Yuji Nagata Vs. William Regal - Ultimate Mat technician/submission match

Amazing Red Vs. Rey Mysterio Vs. Ultimo Dragon Vs. Tajiri Vs. Paul London - Ultimate cruiserweight match.


That's about it for now.

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Ricky Steamboat Vs. Shawn Michaels - To show Flair that Michaels is not, and will never be the wrestler Ricky Steamboat was.


Excellent call. :xyx I also like:

Angle vs Hitman

Cena vs Rock ('cause the promos would be hilarious)

Bruiser Brody vs Batista


Gail Kim vs Me vs Torrie Wilson, 3 way bikini match, in a kiddie pool filled with tapioca pudding with Evil Trish as the special, interfering referee.

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