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Anyone Remember what the In Your House match with Goldust v Warrior was like?

Guest nWo Hogan

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If your only reason for buying In Your House 7 is the Warrior vs Goldust match then dont do it as if was a stinker!.

Goldust was indeed injured and a match as such never took place.From what I remember Warrior sat on Goldusts directors chair in the ring smoking a cigar and wearing Goldusts wig,you can work out for yourself what happend next.


The tape does however contain the Shawn Michaels vs Diesel (Kevin Nash) No holds barred match which was pretty good and one of the WWF's first 'hardcore' style matches.

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oh dear god the fact that you asked if a warrior match was any good shows your total lack of sence, once you stop smoking what your smoking then maybe just maybe you will see warrior for what he is, an egotistic, no-selling, no jobbing, talentless waste of space!


The only reason he had a good match with Hogan was because they trained and rehursed six months in advance so they knew move for move in the match so they didn't screw up and then kill TV ratings the next week.

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