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Remember When...


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Let us look back at the adolescence of the men and women of sports entertainment. What did they used to be like? What were their hobbies, their jobs, their thoughts?


For example:

Batista - 6' 3", 100 pounds until he started working at a pharmacy that carried steroids. Voted most likely to be blown awaay by a strong wind.

Ric Flair - Wheelin' dealin' kiss stealin' limo ridin' jet flyin' silver spoon WHOOOOOOOOOO son-of-a-gun.

HHH - Spoiled rich punk, 2nd string football player, waiting for his trust fund.

Sable - Class Skank, expert mattress tester, voted most likely to not be wearing underwear.

Undertaker - School bully. In 8th grade he was running all the playground extortion and gambling rackets, ruling the school with an iron fist. Voted most likely to kick your **s.

Kane - Voted most likely to do time in prison. Scary loner whos hobbies included raising the devil and holding sceances.

Rey Rey - Daredevil.

Angle - Super jock who loves his country, hates underacheivers and secretly waxes his butt crack.

Trish or Torrie - School hotty. Voted most likely to succeed by relying successfully on her looks.

Cena - Bad boy that all the ladies loved. Used 'em and moved on. Most likely to go to jail OR get a rap deal.

Rico - Naaaaaaaaah... Too easy.

Randy Savage - Slim Jim Fan club president. Many students thought he was blind as he always wore sunglasses. Voted most likely to have his head explode when he gets too excited.


I think you get the point .

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