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10 Greatest Matches of all time


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I was just watchin the Ten Greatest WrestleMania Matches & it got me wonderin WHAT ARE THE 10 GREATEST MATCHES THAT YOU HAVE EVER SEEN!!!!! they don't have to be actually GREAT matches just the 10 that u most enjoyed to watch. here's mine


10)X-Tournament for the 1st X-Divsion Championship ' NWA/TNA - The match that introduced the amazing X-Dision to the world


9)Edge & Christian vs. Dudley Boyz vs. Hardy Boyz ' WrestleMania2000 ' the 1st real TLC match so many images of this match r still playin in my 2 this day Jeff's Swanton off of wat had 2 be a 25 FT ladder the Matt Edge ladder sandwhich in the corner these 3 teams helped make the Tag Team Division unbelievable.In unotherwords the exact oppisite of wat it is 2day.


8)Hulk Hogan vs. Vince McMahon ' WrestleMania XIX 'The match that was over 20 years in the making


7)Edge & Christian vs. Hardy Boyz ' No Mercy '99 -The match that was my personal favorite 4 a long time and that made the careers of 4 young rookies


6)The Rock vs. Austin ' WrestleManiaXIX' - The Final Chapter in 1 of the greatest rivalries of ALL time


5)Undertaker vs.Mankind ' Hell in a Cell ' King of the Ring '98 - "MA GAD IT KILLED HIM IT KILLED HIM!! AS GOD AS MY WITNESS HE IS BROKEN IN HALF!"

-JR.1 of the most famous calls in wrestling history, in 1 of the most brutal matches in WWF history


4)Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart 'Iron Man' 'WMXII' - "The Boy Hood Dream has come true" the whole thing was put 2gether perfectly the storyline the match everything


3)Undertaker vs. Kane ' WrestleManiaXX ' - All their matches were great but* the fact that I was there to feel the The Dead Rise.....Again defiantly put it in my top 3


2)Mick Foley vs. Triple H ' 1997-2000 '- Take your pick from wats gotta be over 30 great matches.


#1 Greatest Match Of All Time- Hulk Hogan vs. The Rock ' WrestleManiaX8 ' - Icon vs. Icon,We will never see Mike Tyson vs. Muhammad Ali We'll never Michael Jordan and Kareem Abdul Jabar but damn it we saw Hogan vs. Rock to watch this match with my dad. Me rootin 4 Rock (even tho I really didnt really like him) him rootin 4 Hogan gave more then 1 of those "Classic moments"

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10) Mike Awesome v Masato Tanaka - Heat Wave '98, any other match these two have is a duplicate of this classic...


9) Rock v Y2J - No Mercy 2001, Jericho wins the big one in a fantastic match that made the WCW title seem important for the last time ever...


8) Undertaker v Kurt Angle - Smackdown taping 2003, An awesome world class match, it had everything... both these men put each other through the wringer with high impact moves and sublime submissions, if the finish had been clean this would be higher...


7) Eddie v Rey Jnr - Hawoleen Havoc 97, crusier wrestling at it damn hell ass best... Mask v Title and how does Rey win? Turns Eddies super Black Tiger bomb into a pinning super rana! Springboard Moonsault DDT's! It has it all!


6) RVD v Jerry Lynn, pick any boys and girls this was wrestling at the pinnacle of the profession! They never had a bad match much like the next too...


5) Tajiri v Super Crazy, again pick any! Remember when Tajiri could actually wrestle, when he did all the best moves a jap cruiser could do with Lucha and American cruiser thrown in... no, well get any tape with these two tussling, its a certain enjoyment fest!


4) Chris Benoit v Kurt Angle - Royal Rumble 2003, they had to cheer the crowd up after Steiner v HHH, really all tey would have to do was fart and it would have been better, but they went ut and showed then actions speak louder then words... while the other two could talk a good game they couldn't match the ring game of these two ring generals


3)Bret Hart v Owen Hart- Summerslam 1994, two brothers, one cage, the wwf title, a family divided and the fact that these were two of the greatese natural talents ever made this the essitanal cage match in the history of the gimmick, yeah you heard.


2)Bret Hart v Austin - Wrestlemania XIII, a heel, a face, submission rules, Ken Shamrock as referee, add a double turn, a iconic final image, rabid crowd and pure wrestling skill in the ring... a tour de force, the set up for the Attutide era and the true dawning of Stone Cold Steve Austin


1)Shawn Michaels v Jericho - Wrestlemania XIX, yeah its recent, yeah I bet its not in your top tens but guess what this was amazing! The best match on the card it featured seemless action and sequences, a great story a fued that had simmered for months and a great upset finish... it would have been even better to see Jericho win and be crowded the new heartbreak kid but you can't have everything... And the fact is Jericho did a superkick up there with Michaels best, what a match!

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Actually I am listing some of my favorite moments. Here they are in no particular order, except for my number 1:


Flair vs Race for his 1st NWA title :worship


ICW championship series Savage vs Ronnie Garvin. :thumbsup


Ronnie Garvin feud with Prof. Boris Malenko in Mid-South, early 70's.


Savage vs Steamboat (the ring bell incident). :eek


Ric Flairs 1st NWA title defense vs Jay Youngblood. He broke Jay's leg on TV and refused to break the hold. Instant heel turn with lots of' "I'm the world champ. I don't have to break!" :worship .


Ronnie Garvin vs Andre the Giant sometime in the early 70's. Garvin, a super-face, lost his temper, hit Andre with a chair and then repeatedly dropped top-rope knees and fists onto the prone giant. :evil :devil :evil


Mick Foley falling off the cage vs Undertaker :oops


Ric Flair giving up the US title to defend the NWA tag titles with Blackjack Mulligan. :thumbsup :worship :thumbsup


Hogan's heel turn to join the Outsiders. Didn't see that coming. :eek


#1 ALL TIME FAVORITE MOMENT - Al Snow vs Ricky Morton in a scaffold match for Smoky Mountain Wrestling. Al freakin' HUNG Morton with a rope. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! I wish I'd taped it. I'd watch it over and over and over and over...... :thumbsup :lol :eek :lol :eek :thumbsup

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1. Bret V Owen - Wrestlemania 10

2. Shawn Michaels V Undertaker - Badd Blood

3. Shawn Michaels V Mankind - Mindgames

4. Stone Cold V Rock - Wrestlemania 17

5. Randy Savage V Ricky Steamboat - Wrestlemania 3

6. Triple H V Cactus Jack - Royal Rumble 2000

7. Rey Mysterio V Eddie Guerrero - Halloween Havoc

8. Shawn Michaels V Diesel - Good Friends, Better Enemies

9. Ric Flair V Ricky Steamboat - Wrestlewar 89

10. Triple H V Chris Jericho - Fully Loaded 2000

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10. Bret Hart vs Bob Backlund-Submission-Family fueding at its best

9. Bret Hart vs Owen Hart-Cage Match-Great Stuff

8. Ric Flair vs Ricky 'The Dragon' Steamboat-Great match but i wasnt born to understand the rivalry

7. Undertaker vs Mankind-HIAC-Classic stuff

6. Yokozuna vs The Undertaker-(Yokozuna wins)- Great match especially the ending of it with the green smoke coming out of the coffin

5. Royal Rumble 94-My favourite era of wrestle brilliantly done in this rumble

4. Stone Cold vs Bret Hart-Submission Match-Classic match that made the blood trickle down his face not pour Darkstar :P

3. Stone Cold vs The Rock-WrestlemaniaGreat match and the promos were excellent

2. Cactus Jack vs Triple H (royal rumble 2000)-Simply great

1. Hulk Hogan vs The Ultimate Warrior-Greatest match ever

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10. Rock Vs Mankind RR99 - I quit

9. Brock Lesnar Vs Eddie Guerrero

8. Undertaker Vs Kane WM14

7. Undertaker Vs Mankind HIAC

6. Stone Cold Vs Bret Hart Survivor Series 96

5. Sting Vs Cactus Jack Bash at the Beach (cant remember the year)

4. HBK Vs Bret Hart WM12

3. Cactus Jack Vs HHH RRY2K

2. Rock Vs HHH Backlash 2000 (Personal favourite, nothing to do with the actual wrestling)

1. Rock Vs Stone Cold WM17 (The Peak of WWF)

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Here are my top 10 in any order


Undertaker vs Mankind - Hell in a Cell - King of the Ring 1998

Stone Cold vs The Rock - WrestleMania 17

Triple H vs Cactus Jack - Hell in a Cell - No Way Out 2000

Undertaker vs Kane - Inferno - Unforgiven 1998

Undertaker vs Kane - WrestleMania XX

Shawn Michaels vs Triple H - Street Fight - Summerslam 2002

Randy Orton vs Cactus Jack - Backlash 2004

Elimination Chamber 1 - Survivor Series 2002

Team WWE vs Team WCW/ECW - Survivor Series 2001

Stone Cold vs Undertaker - Buried Alive - Rock Bottom 1998

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Loved 'em all


no particulars just loved the feuds and buildups to:

Jake "The Snake" Roberts Vs Rick Rude

Jake "The Snake" Roberts Vs Macho Man

'Taker Vs Kane Mania 14

'Taker Vs Underfaker

Benoit Vs Booker T Nitro Best of Five Classics

'Taker Vs Mick Foley anytime

Brett Vs Austin Mania 13

Goldberg Vs NWO any of them Nash, The Giant, Hogan etc...

Rock Vs Hogan

The Final Four 'Taker, Brett, Austin and Vader.



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