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oh my god :eek . I watched the movie Deliverance for the first time last night. im not the better for it. I was wondering have any of you seen it and what you thought of it. Ive seen a lot of films in my 24 years and im not easily phased, but as j.r would say " MY GOD MY GOD MY GOD". It was just one scene that got to me and im sure if you've seen the film you know the one im talking about. Well if i learned anything from watching it its this;


1. Im never and 'I mean ever' going canoeing

2. Im never travelling below mid American states

3. I dont care how badly i need to, but if im ever travelling and need to evacuate the bladder its staying in.


Sorry if you think im overreacting, but im with Ali g in that i feel very strongly that me exit hole should never becom me entry hole. On that note i'll leave you to ponder. any comments on the film are welcome.

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It's a great film which highlights the backwards nature, and poverty of redneck areas. True redneck areas in the middle of nowhere. Not places like Austin, Texas.


THAT scene isn't so bad, either. It's well acted but isn't graphic. I suppose the funniest/most disturbing part of THAT scene are the faces of pleasure the guy who's watching it pulls. And I don't mean "the guy who's watching it" - as in Boyo. As in, there are two rednecks...


Phew - can you imagine what would have happened if that group of peons, The Triad, and their stunted mouthpiece Evil Poncho, had exploited my double-entendre..?



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