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TNA Impact (Spoilers)


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Credit: PWInsider.com


The actual show will air tomorrow at 3pm on Fox Sports Net. Once again... SPOILERS!!!!!


*The taping opened with Jimmy Hart coming out and welcoming everyone and cutting a promo.


*Jonny Fairplay returned to NWA:TNA for the first time in several months, coming out with a bodyguard and cutting a promo.


*The actual Impact! Taping began at this point.


*The show opened with Sonny Siaki & Irish Pat Kenney & Desire defeating Johnny Swinger & Glen Gilberti & Trinity in a mixed six person tag as Kenney pinned Gilberti.


*Heavy Metal pinned NWA:TNA X-Division champion Frankie Kazarian in a non-title match.


They must be doing an awesome job at keeping the crowd hot as it's really loud to the point I can hardly hear my source over the phone.


*Sonjay Dutt & Hector Garza & The Amazing Red defeated Petey Williams & Bobby Rude & Eric Young.


*Abyss pinned Shark Boy.


*America's Most Wanted defeated Kid Kash and Dallas to win the NWA Tag Team championships.


*NWA champion Jeff Jarrett came out during a Dusty Rhodes interview. This led to Jarrett laying out Ron Killings with a guitar shot, setting up an angle for next Wednesday's PPV.


*AJ Styles won a four-way bout to win an X-Division championship match at next Wednesday's PPV, defeating Michael Shane, Elix Skipper, and Chris Sabin after pinning Shane.


*In a post taping dark match, Ron Killings won a Gauntlet bout. The Gauntlet came down to Killings and Monty Brown as the final two competitors.


Notes: As we noted earlier on the site, the promotion requested that the fans cheer the babyfaces and boo the heels, using that terminology....Mike Tenay and Don West did commentary live for the Impact! bouts but not the other matches. The Spanish announcing team was also doing commentary.

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My opinions - Great to see Fairplay back. Hopefully he will do an on air role soon. TNA seems to have put AJ back into the X Division and Harris back in tag, good or bad thing? I think bad. JJ and Killings really cant handle the main event themselves. What about Raven? Is this where the feud with Sabu will come into play?


They really seemed to cram alot of matches into a one hour show. Main event sounds real intresting. The crowd were meant to be HOT. We (TNAImpact.com) also heard TNA used Pyro (fireworks) on the show. Seems shocking due to the arena looking rather small on the pictures. I should have pictures from the event online soon.

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Yeah that seems a good card to me. I realy hope TNA could get further and further in the wrestling businnes. Then they could silence all the critics who say it is just an indy fed. Maybe if the show is good and lots of people watch it then FSN could give it a proper time. Then the wrestlers could be hardcore again rather than toned down. The time they have at the minute, 3, Is a poor time because they wont be allowed to show violence meaning it will become a kids show.
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AJ back in the X Divison is a bad idea... the X Divison hasn't needed him for ages and its safe to say doesn't need him now.... the only reason they are goning with the Jarrett/Killings fued is because casual fans will reckonise them from WWE tv, well they will if they have good memories.
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