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Scw Scw Scw!


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I was on hand to witness the rebirth of wrestling in Scotland last night.


It was a great night with a good mix of wrestling, a good crowd and a great atmosphere.


Marco di fiore was excellent and seeing the iceman steve walker trade full on blows with 2 bins looked very sore! they had a great brawl.


The king of scotland battle royal (rumble) was great too with conscience being crowned king of scotland.


I'd highly reccomend anyone to make the trip to see the next show, if it's anything like last night then you won't be dissapointed, well done kenny!

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It was a great night of wrestling, and the crowd were red hot with loads of SCW chants in the old ECW style. There was a healthy mixture of age groups there as well. The standard of wrestling was outstanding, each and every wrestler gave it there all. Iceman was a FACE lol, mainly due to Justice his oppenent coming out first and establishing himself as the heel due to his promo. In fact the biggest pops were for Iceman, The Great Scot and the eventual King Of Scotland winner Conscience.


Hopefully this is the first of many shows and future venues are easier to get to (grrrrrrr I got lost and ended up in Asda buying food). Kenny put on a very professional show and the wrestlers were excellent. I have already seen people in chat knocking him and to those individuals I say shame on you, you don't know what you're talking about, you weren't there. Frankly if you consider yourself a wrestling fan, support SCW whether you like Kenny or not, you can't take anything away from what he has done and what he is trying to do.

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Well done


I really had fun at the show, it was great. Despite all those last minute setbacks, and 4 no shows, (as far as I know at the moment, only one of them was though injury) it went really well. I hope all the you sucks chants shaun and the rest of us started were loud enough.


After much driving we eventually got back home safe, and chris has now earned the name 'roadkill'.


Get in touch man, I'd love to here from you about plans for your next show.................

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