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Internet Help Required


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For the last few weeks, whenever I'm on the internet, when I start typing I often get a message coming up saying something like "Iexplorer has detected an error: user.exe, Iexplorer will now close" and then the Internet closes down and I have to load it up again, and sometimes the computer crashes entirely. It only seems to be when I start typing as well for whatever reason, although its ok sometimes.


Anyone know what the problem is/ how I can prevent it?

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To me it sounds like most probably a virus. I doubt you've edited the program or associated files yourself and the registry keys are likely also correct. A sudden change in the program's running such as this would consitute a high probability of a virus. I would suggest trying to find some freeware virus scanner and giving your system the once over.


I had a problem very similar to this a month or two ago. My computer crashed often but it only seemed to happen when I was online. So, I decided to change my firewall. I'd suggest you try and get your hands on a good free firewall, such as Zonealarm or Outpost.


If it is not a virus then it is likely to be a problem with the software. A corrupted file or sharing violations maybe. There are an abolute ton of things it could be. But my money's on a virus. Try to find a free virus scanner (AVG is a good one) and scan your computer. If no virus is detected try getting a firewall. If this still doesn't solve the problem.... well, hopefully it will.

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