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Battle Of The Bands - Round 1 - "Battle Of The 90s"


"Battle Of The Nineties"  

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  1. 1. "Battle Of The Nineties"

    • Oasis
    • Radiohead
    • Happy Mondays
    • Blur
    • Stone Roses

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Battle Of The Indie Bands - Round 1 - "The Battle Of The 90's"


Right guys round 1 of the indie battle is here. This is the first of 5 groups for round 1 and the two bands with the most votes from each group will go through to the next round (just like the world cup).


This is the first group of bands for you titled "Battle Of The 90's". Though it was Blur and Oasis that were in the headlines through the nineties i have a feeling that another band in this group will top the vote.


Anyway guys get voting and let battle commence.

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I've liked a lot of stuff from Oasis, Blur and the Stone Roses but Radiohead are the obvious choice for me. Pablo Honey was a very decent debut album with some very good songs (Lurgee, Creep, Thinking About You, Anyone Can Play Guitar) and they improved dramatically with their second album The Bends. The Bends is probably their best "songs" album - songs like "Fake Plastic Trees", "The Bends", "High and Dry", "Just", "Street Spirit(Fade Out)". Probably my favourite album in terms of lyrical content.


OK Computer is probably my favourite album of all time. The songs have great depth to them and the music is particularly haunting. Just a really fantastic album.


Kid A was a progression still and whilst it didn't have many "songs" its a wonderful album. Theres a great atmosphere to it and its magically textured and lovely.


I thought Amnesiac had some very good songs like "Knives Out", "I Might Be Wrong" but it is probably the weakest of their albums in my opinion. Just some of the electronic stuff didn't really work as well as in Kid A and their last album Hail to the Thief.


I think Radiohead will probably not get through this which is a shame as I really do think as musicians they are much better than anyone on that list and Thom Yorke has the voice of an angel. They've managed to shift millions upon millions of albums and yet they still remain hugely influential and relevant, something which I don't think you can really say about the other bands in this group, as much as I like some of them. They've changed with each album which I think bands should do otherwise it gets predictable and boring.


They've also got that great knack of really cheering me up when I feel down which is why I've never understood the whole "depressing" or "boring" label of them. The music generally isn't joyous but that doesn't instantly make them depressing. It isn't joyous but I certainly find it uplifting. I think those are two entirely different things.


Anyways, thats my case for Radiohead. It'll probably fall on deaf ears although I hope it doesn't. :)

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What Cripps said, but I hoped The Manics would be here.


I miss Richey James.


Will MSP be in the next poll?


Check the other thread i did about the battle of the bands. It gives you the list of bands :xyx

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Ok, for me it was a straightforward choice between Oasis and the Stone Roses. I had to vote for the Stone Roses, simply because I personally think that they were one of the best and most important bands of the last twenty years, and I like them just that little bit more than Oasis.


However . . . . I don't want it to seem like I'm getting on your case, Sharpshooter121, cos this is a great idea and you've obviously put a lot of time and effort into it, but I really think the Stone Roses should have been classed as an eighties band rather than a nineties one. Their best stuff was released in the eighties, and they also spent about four years in almost complete inactivity between 1991 - 1994, before breaking up in '96. Plus, much as I love Second Coming, it isn't as good as their earlier stuff.


Its gonna be a damn shame to see them go out so early, cos its looking like they will.

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If you wait to see the other polls before judging then you would see that i have an eighties group poll. Problem was that i only had 5 in each poll and i had no room for the roses.
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