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UKPW in Hackney, London - June 24th 2004


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United Kingdom Pro Wrestling - June 24th 2004 in Hackney, London


United Kingdom Pro Wrestling comes to Hackney, London on Thursday June 24th 2004. The card will feature top UKPW Superstars including Ethan 'The Heat' Hayze, Chris Wyld, 'The European Icon' Andrew Coyne, Kid Regis, popular tag team The Green Machine and more.



The action takes place at:


Nye Bevan Community Hall

107 Nye Bevan Estate,

Overbury Street,


London. E5



The event kicks off early at 6pm and tickets will be available on the door or can be ordered online at http://www.ukpw.com.



Ticket prices:


Ringside - £7.00

Adult - £6.00

Children/OAP - £4.00



Doors open at 5:30pm with a 6:00pm start time.



A map of the area can be found by visiting Streetmap.co.uk.


For more information, please visit UKPW.com.

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United Kingdom Pro Wrestling at Nye Bevan Hall - June 24th 2004



UKPW returns to London on Thursday June 24th 2004. Matches have now been announced and are as follows:



Matches scheduled:


Ethan 'The Heat' Hayze vs Kid Regis


A rematch from the April 23rd event in Southampton, this will be Ethan Hayze's opportunity to avenge a tainted loss to Kid Regis in the first round of a 4 man tournament. The victor of that tournament, Kid Regis, will be looking to build on his recent success and prove that he can defeat Hayze on his own merit. Chris Wyld has been taking credit for Regis' victory after pushing Hayze off the ropes, allowing Regis to take the win. Not only do Wyld's claims not sit well with Kid Regis but should he make his way to ringside during this match, Hayze will be looking for payback and plans to light him up.


Marcus 'The Toad' Hiscott vs Chris Wyld


Despite having a vested interest in the Ethan Hayze - Kid Regis match, Chris Wyld will have to keep his mind on his own match if he hopes to defeat 'The Toad'. Marcus Hiscott is coming off a big win, having outlasted 10 UKPW Superstars (including Chris Wyld) to win April's UKPW Rumble match. A singles win over Wyld is something only a select few wrestlers can claim and would certainly further assist Hiscott in his attempts to leap to the top of UKPW.


'The Atomic Ant' Anton Green vs 'The European Icon' Andrew Coyne


All four winners of the recent UKPW tournaments will be in action on June 24th and this match will see two of them square off one on one. This marks the first time that UKPW tournament winners have clashed in singles competition and will no doubt be one of the most heated matches of the night. Andrew Coyne gave one of the most impressive performances in UKPW's short hisory when he not only won the 4 man tournament but came within inches of winning the UKPW Rumble on the very same night. His opponent, Anton Green, was the man responsible for eliminating him from that Rumble and Coyne intends to tie up that loose end en route to a triumphant victory.


Main Event:


6 Man Tag - Ethan Hayze & The Green Machine vs Andrew Coyne, Chris Wyld & Kid Regis


Following the earlier singles bouts, all six men will return to the ring in a six man tag match. This promises to be an action packed contest and will likely prove to be the battleground where grudges (which are likely to be furthered that night) will either be settled or intensify much further.




A new tag team will be introduced, comprised of two young, talented wrestlers from the current UKPW roster.




For more information, please visit http://www.UKPW.com

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UKPW at Nye Bevan Hall, Hackney, London - June 24th 2004


Before the first match got underway, ring announcer Gareth Lankshear introduced the newest tag team on the UKPW roster - Aaron Jason & Stevie James. Jason immediately took exception to the pairing and refused to ever team up with Stevie. When Jason ordered James to leave the ring, it appeared that Stevie would do just that. However, Jason soon found himself on the wrong end of a superkick as James levelled the man he was set to team with in the Main Event. 'The European Icon' Andrew Coyne came to ringside at this point and berated Stevie James for superkicking Jason. Coyne vowed to shove Stevie's English pride down his throat when they wrestled later that night.




Anton Green vs Aaron Jason


After being assisted backstage by Andrew Coyne, Aaron Jason's opponent, Anton Green, was introduced to the ring. Jason would soon follow, still reeling from the superkick of Stevie James. The match went back and forth with Jason constantly trying to humiliate his opponent and often getting into verbal confrontations with the fans. After Jason missed a legdrop, Green mounted an assault with a russian leg sweep and a series of knockdowns. As Green climbed to the top rope, Jason was able to regain his bearings and leaned on the ropes, causing 'The Atomic Ant' to fall to the canvas. Jason appeared to be back in control but as he charged at Green, he was met with a boot. Anton followed up with an ace crusher to score the pinfall win.




Stevie James vs Andrew Coyne


In a rematch from the finals of the 4 man tournament back in March, Stevie James took on 'The European Icon' Andrew Coyne. This match saw both men trade wrestling holds throughout the contest but it would be Coyne's frustration at his opponent's resilience that saw him not just bend and break the rules but also try to do the same to James' arm as he smashed it several times into the ringpost. Coyne refused to relent and the referee called for a disqualification. This infuriated 'The European Icon' who proceded to choke Stevie with the European flag until The Green Machine made their way to ringside to halt his attack.




Marcus Hiscott vs Anton Green


As Marcus Hiscott's scheduled opponent was unable to make it to the Nye Bevan Hall, Marcus requested to wrestle his tag team partner, Anton Green, in a substitute match. The request was accepted and The Green Machine wrestled each other in a sportsmanlike contest which was cut short by Andrew Coyne and Aaron Jason. Jason and Coyne jumped into the ring after Hiscott had hit a triple suplex combination and pummeled Hiscott and Green. With The Green Machine down, Jason grabbed Anton Green's "It's Go Time" t-shirt, wearing it in an act of mockery towards 'The Atomic Ant'. The match between Green and Hiscott was ruled a no-contest.




Main Event


The Green Machine vs Andrew Coyne & Aaron Jason


Following the interval, Stevie James came out to team with Aaron Jason in the Main Event against The Green Machine. Reiterating his comments from earlier, Jason refused to team with James and called out a replacement partner, Andrew Coyne. Stevie refused to relinquish his spot in the match which prompted an assault by Coyne and Jason. The Green Machine came out from the back to ward off James' attackers and were more than willing to take the challenge of Jason and Coyne. Stevie James was helped out of the ring and the tag match got under way. Coyne and Jason showed impressive teamwork as well as a penchant for illegal doubleteaming. After Green and Coyne collided with a double clothesline, the race was on to tag their respective partners. Both men were able to make the tag and Hiscott came in full of fire, bouncing his opponents around the ring. Hiscott scored the pinfall after driving Jason's head into the mat with a fame-asser as Green prevented 'The European Icon' from breaking the pin. After The Green Machine had left ringside, Stevie James made his way to the ring as Coyne argued with the referee. When Coyne turned his attention away from the referee, 'Wrestling's Cool Kid' blasted him with the superkick much to the delight of the crowd.


http://ukpw.250free.com/antonvsaaron.JPG http://ukpw.250free.com/antonvsaaron2.JPG http://ukpw.250free.com/stevievsandrew.JPG http://ukpw.250free.com/stevievsandrew4.JPG http://ukpw.250free.com/antonvsmarcus.JPG http://ukpw.250free.com/antonvsmarcus2.JPG

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