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One WWF original to trade

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Its not much but I have the following for trade:-


WWF-Capital Carnage



Gangrel vs. Al Snow


The Headbangers vs. Droz & Animal


Val Venis vs. Goldust


Tiger Ali Singh vs. Edge


Sable & Christian beat Jacquelyn & Marc Mero (4:49) when Sable pinned Jacquelyn.


WWF I-C Champ Ken Shamrock beat Steve Blackman (6:51) via submission.



Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Jeff Jarrett


WWF Tag Champs The New Age Outlaws vs. D-Lo Brown & Mark Henry


WWF Champion The Rock vs. X-Pac


Steve Austin vs. Kane vs. Mankind vs. The Undertaker in a "fatal four-way" match Gerald Brisco was the special referee.

Also has a shot of Jodie Fleisch in the crowd.


Will trade for

ROH- Night of the grudges

CZW- Tournament of death 1

Or make an offer

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