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IWF - NOBODY MOVE!!! Gateshead, Sat 5/6/04


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The Independent Wrestling Federation presents NOBODY MOVE!!! At St. Joseph’s Church Hall, Gateshead (Next to Gateshead Metro Station) on Saturday 5th June. Doors open 6:30pm for a 7pm start; tickets cost £5 with reductions for groups of four.


The main event will be the long awaited IWF British Heavyweight Championship match between champion ASSASSIN and ‘BAD BOY’ JED MASTERS. Masters earned his status as number one contender on April 3rd when he defeated Jimmy Blade and Weapon X in a three-way-dance. Since that that time, Assassin has thrown roadblocks in his path in the form of Jimmy Blade and Lee Kyle. Having overcome those formidable obstacles and with momentum on his side, ‘The Bad Boy’ heads into the biggest match of his career with his confidence sky-high. The Champion himself has also been busy as of late, scraping victories against some of Britain’s top competitors such as Paul Vault, Cameron Knite and Korrupt. All three men were brought in by IWF owner ERIC SCARBORO in an attempt to find a dignified champion to represent the company. Sadly, Assassin’s manager JUDGE MENTAL has managed to interject himself into many of his client’s matches and will do anything in his power to keep the belt within his stable.


Judge Mental has stated that he is looking for another wrestler to come under his jurisdiction by becoming a member of Mental Management Services.


The Career of JIMMY BLADE has been a strange one, for a long time he served as the bodyguard of Eric Scarboro and more recently, has acted as the enforcer for IWF Champion Assassin. As of late however, Blade has begun to set his sights on personal glory, culminating in him hiring a manager in the form of COURTNEY SYNN. NOBODY MOVE!!! will see Blade come face to face with former Northeast Champion WEAPON X in what should be a brutal battle between two explosive heavyweights. X is determined to return to the main event and has beaten Blade in the only previous match between these two IWF stalwarts. The deciding factor could be Courtney Synn who has managed Weapon X in the past and will have passed her inside knowledge on to her new charge.


The 21st of May was a great day for the team of 2 HOT 2 HANDLE (Hot Ed and Bobby Jackson). As, in their hometown of Consett, they defeated The Avery Brothers to finally become IWF Tag Team Champions. Their first defence will be at NOBODY MOVE!!! against LEE KYLE and HARRY PAIN. 2H2H defeated Pain and Kyle on 3rd April but the challengers are said to be extremely confident of winning the rematch, especially with the title on the line. There will be more from Lee Kyle later to explain this sudden surge in confidence.


IWF management recently received a petition signed by the following members of the IWF Junior Academy:











The petition contained three demands:

1) That Liam ‘The Player’ Atkinson be stripped of the IWF Junior Academy Championship as he is now too experienced to be considered a true Junior Academy member.

2) That members of the IWF Junior Academy are given improved roles on IWF shows.

3) That ‘Deckham Radgy’ Paul Dalby be paid in cider to save him having to wait outside of shops until somebody who looks 18 will go in to get served for him.


Demands 1 and 3 have been refused, however, as a result of demand 2, a member of the Junior Academy will get the chance to match his skills against the big boys when LITTLE DRAGON goes up against former IWF Tag Team Champion YOUNGSTA. This is certainly a huge test for Dragon as Youngsta is considered one of the very top performers in the IWF and will be the hot favourite in this one.


The Avery Brothers will always be considered one of the top tag teams in IWF history, but having recently lost their Tag Team titles to 2 Hot 2 Handle, it seems that Shaun and Youngsta are ready to make careers in singles their main priority. As we already know, Youngsta is slated to face Little Dragon at NOBODY MOVE!!! but SHAUN AVERY will also be in singles competition. His opponent has yet to be named but Shaun will be eager to kick off this new phase of his career with a victory, whoever he faces. All we know of his opponent is that it will be somebody that Avery has never faced before.


IWF Junior Academy Champion LIAM ‘THE PLAYER’ ATKINSON had been scheduled to face Pac in defence of his championship, sadly Pac recently suffered a facial injury that will keep him sidelined for several weeks. Instead, in Consett, a match was booked to determine the new number one contender. Little Dragon fell to ‘ALL THE TIME’ CHRIS PRIME, who will now face Atkinson at NOBODY MOVE!!! Prime and ‘The Player’ broke into the IWF at the same time and it was a feud against each other that made management sit up and take notice of these talented youngsters. The feud never had a conclusive winner and it will be intriguing to see who comes out on top between the master of the ‘Prime Time’ Shooting Star Press and the IWF Junior Academy Champion.




I recently received the following email from Lee Kyle:


‘As you know, I am a born leader, yet sometimes even the likes of Lee Kyle get a wee bit excited and ahead of ourselves. I have come to realise that my group ‘The Lee Kyle Experience’ is dead; the main reason for this is because I was, and remain, unwilling to share my spotlight. The men with whom I wished to reform the group were all bona fide main eventers and wanted to share the power in the Experience, obviously I could not do this. After a rethink, I have created a new group, which will go by the name THE KYLE COUNCIL. The purpose of this group is two-fold, firstly, to help ‘The Biggest Heel Since Ian Beale’ (Me) to gain well deserved main event status and secondly to allow me to pass some of my wisdom onto talented younger grapplers whom I deem worthy. The first member of The Kyle Council (It’s a pun on The Style Council, Paul Weller’s post-Jam beat combo for those of you who do not know) is Harry Pain. This may come as a surprise to some of you, and I am the first to admit that Pain and myself have shared a certain mutual hatred for each other for some time now. But after facing him in a series of matches, I realised that he is more than a comedy act in a schoolboy costume, but is in fact a wrestler with the potential to be not only ‘The Hardest In His School’, but also ‘The Hardest In The IWF’. Pain has the potential to one day be even better than (gulp) me! I will also be making an approach to another promising but under-utilised IWF star at NOBODY MOVE!!! as well as holding a random draw to determine a member of the Junior Academy to come under my wing and join The Kyle Council.


Lee Kyle


IWF Women’s Champion PHOENIX and her main rival ‘THE ANGEL’ SHARNA O’NEIL are both not yet booked to appear at NOBODY MOVE!!! but when I spoke to each of the ladies, they seemed surprisingly unconcerned. They each mentioned something huge they had planned which would take place soon but both of these fine competitors were very sketchy on the details.




Dan Lewis IWF

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